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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Next Urologist Appointment

Well, I've got another urologist appointment coming up and I'm sure to be disappointed again.  One of my testicles, according to medical protocol, should be removed due to cancer risk.  However my urologist minimizes that in saying it's just one chance in a few thousand.  It's still a cancer risk for me, not for him no matter how much he blows it off.  The other problem is pain in my other testicle (Orchalgia).   My GP gave me antibiotics thinking it might  be an infection but, if anything, I hurt worse after the antibiotics.  I'm sure my urologist is going to blow off the pain just like he did last time.  Again, he's not the one sitting watching TV and feeling nauseous because it feels like the aftermath of a blow to the groin.  If he just minimizes everything again, I'm going to look for another urologist.  I've heard from others who have had the pain problem that, strangely, women urologists tend to be more sympathetic about the pain than men do.  I thought I had found the perfect urologist the other day.  She is female and a specialist in abnormalities like I have in the one testicle.  Then I noticed under her profile that she had announced her retirement and was not seeing any new patients.  Well crap.  So I guess I'll have to keep hunting for another urologist who will take the cancer risk and pain into account and do a bi-lateral orchiectomy (castration).   Hell with my low levels of testosterone, it's not like they are serving any purpose other than giving me problems.  Wish me luck finding someone. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner

OK, most of my posts are either self-deprecating regarding my sissyhood, about my wife and her many, many lovers or about both.  And for the most part, my posts are 99% the truth although I do, in some instances, change just enough to protect the identity of the guilty.  However, this time I want to talk briefly about something quite serious.

Something I've never talked about is I am, or maybe I should say was at one time, very well known in the transgender community.  When I say well known, I mean nationally and in some cases even internationally.  That's why I wanted to say something about Caitlyn Jenner and her speech at the Espys.  First, I think Caitlyn's coming out is going to be a huge boost for the TG community as a whole.  But I hope she will continue working on what she brought up in her speech regarding the murder and suicide rate in our portion of society.  This is something that, if my health were better, I would be trying to address myself.  It's a horrible thing to get a phone call from someone who tells you a friend just gave up and took her own life.  I know what that feels like.  It's heartbreaking to watch a friend die due to an illness not diagnosed soon enough because doctors didn't want to "offend" other patients by having a transgender person in their waiting room.  I know what that feelsl ike.   Or to watch the six o'clock news, see a photo of a friends front yard and learn that someone had killed her.  Believe me, I know what that feels like.   You see, I've had one good friend and two acquaintances commit suicide.  Not only that but a very dear friend was found face down in her front yard, shot twice in the back of the head.  All evidence pointed to a hate crime but the local police wrote it off as a robbery gone bad and moved it to a cold case as fast as they could.  So bless you Caitlyn Jenner for putting it out there and hitting the public square in the face with it.  But please, please, please don't let it be a one time thing.  Please use your celebrity status for good and keep pounding on this theme the way you pounded your way to Olympic gold in "another life."

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Three And A Quarter And Counting

My wife and I had an early supper this evening as we usually do if she has a date.  They were to meet up for coffee and a desert at 7 PM before heading back to his house and his bed.  Before she left, my wife mentioned that he would be number 325 by her count.  I mean think about that.  Probably somewhere around 8:30 or a few minutes from now a man will be thrusting his hard cock into my wife's pussy and will be the 325th man to fuck her since we've been married.  Plus when you add in all the times with her regular lovers, she has spread her legs for men well over a thousand times.  I am such a lucky cuckold to have her as a wife and I am so proud of her!

Monday, June 1, 2015

WOW! My wife did that and wrote about it?

I've mentioned before that my wife has a toy bag she takes on many of her sexual encounters.  It contains her dildos, vibrators, boxes of condoms, lubes and other miscellaneous stuff and occasionally I got through it to clean it out for her (well yeah, I'm snooping too).  But seriously it does collect old depleted condom boxes, boxes that bottles or tubes of lube came in, stockings with severe runs or holes and occasionally a condom wrapper.  Once when I cleaned it out I found a pink dog collar like you could buy at Wal-Mart and a leash which of course piqued my curiosity.  However, when I asked about it, I got a an evasive brush off that basically said don't ask again.  So fast forward to this weekend.  She and her lover left early Friday morning and didn't get home until Sunday after dark after spending the weekend two states away.  I noticed her toy bag sitting in it's usual place in her bedroom so I decided to clean it out, wash the toys and see if it needs restocking.  Well, it does need restocking so this evening when I stop to pick up some prescriptions, I'll pick her up a couple of boxes of condoms and a bottle of K-Y.  Her bag was down to two regular size condoms and no magnums and there's just a tiny bit of K-Y in the bottom of the bottle.  Normally I don't bother with the side pocket but I noticed something it it so I cleaned it out also.  What I noticed was a tube of lipstick that, for lack of a better name, should be called Slut Red (she likes to put on red lipstick before a blowjob). It's what else I found in the side pocket that blew my mind.  There was a piece of notebook paper folded several times and it obviously was not a new sheet of paper (corners bent, wrinkles, etch).  So naturally being the snoopy little bitch I am, I unfolded it and read it.  Holy Crap.  It's a description of her wearing the collar, tied to the headboard by the leash, wearing nipple clamps with weights on each clamp, the chain on the clamps attached to the collar and she's bouncing up and down on a 9" dildo.  OK, first of all the nipple clamps are in the toy bag and each clamp has a metal cock and balls attached to it as a weight.  I don't know how much each one weighs but they aren't light.  Second, the clamps are adjustable so you can go from very light to painful pressure.  The clamps were adjusted all the way out and I'm sure that's how she had them on since she has always loved rough play or clothespins on her nipples.  She talked about how, the more she bounced on the dildo, the more the weights bounced putting more pressure on her nipples which sent pulses to her pussy, which made her bounce even harder on the dildo, which made the weights bounce more, which....  Well you get the picture.  Apparently she bounced herself into a massive, massive orgasm while her lover, whom she doesn't specify watched.  I don't know but I have a suspicion who it was.  I don't remember his name but one of her past lovers would buy her toys for whenever they met and then let her keep them afterwards. He never repeated the same scenario so she ended up with a lot of different toys.

Anyway, next time she talks about a past lover, I'm going to ask about the collar and I'm not taking a brush off as an answer.  I want to hear her tell it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just A Plain White Shirt

sissie teri who writes the blog A Married Sissy Cuckold wrote the other day about how she and her dominant wife were laced into their corsets by her wife's lover.  It does seem that many men do love a woman in a corset and my wife is pretty much proof of that.  It's amazing the number of her lovers who have and still do request her to wear one of her corsets when they meet up for some hot fucking.  However, there is another piece of clothing that men seem to like seeing on a woman according to my wife and what we seen in movies or on TV.  And that item is a simple men's white dress shirt.  Usually if she's just going to visit a lover, fuck and then leave, she will make few preparations other than sticking a pair of panties in her purse to wear on the way home. However if she's going to be hanging around his house/apartment for a while, many times she will take her way oversized men's white oxford cloth shirt with her to wear instead of a robe.  She said she gets the "best results" when rolls the sleeves up between her wrist and elbow, buttons one or two buttons at her breasts and wears a pair of simple white bikini panties.  Oh, by the way, she considers "best results" as him taking her panties off and pounding her a second time into several more orgasms.  The funny part is she said she wondered why seeing a woman wearing a men's shirt is such a turn on for some men.  I had to think to myself, "How should I know, I'm not a man.  I don't think about how hot a woman looks in a men's shirt.  I think about how I would look in just the shirt and panties.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Found A Sex Questionnaire My Wife Filled Out

Quite some time ago, I gave my wife a questionnaire regarding sexual experience.  At first, she didn't seem interested in filling it out but I told her to go ahead and have fun with it because she didn't have to show it to me.  A little while later, I noticed she was sitting across the living room filling it out.  Fast forward to yesterday.  I was moving some papers on her desk looking for something when I found that questionnaire.  One of the questions was who fucked her with the biggest cock.  She had written down a name I had never heard before (I usually know all her lover's names) and out beside it she had written 10 inches with three exclamation points behind it.  WOW!  I've seen her take nine inches once and 8 inches several times but I really would have like to seen that.  Oh, by the way, guess who was the answer to the question to who had the smallest she had sex with.  Yep, yours truly, her wimp sissy cuckold husband.  I have to say I'm quite proud, out of the over 300 cocks that have fucked her, to be the smallest.

One thing I did find interesting.  The only question she didn't answer, "Have you ever been pregnant by anyone other than your spouse?"  Hmmmm.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ask A Silly Question

The other day I asked my wife why it was I never knew when she had an orgasm?

She said that was easy to solve.  Next time she had one, when she got out of his bed, she would call and tell me about it.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh This Would Be Cruel

I noticed a sex toy online called an Adonis.  Basically it's a gel sleeve with a lot of exterior nubs and designed to fit over a man's erect penis with a two inch gel extender tip.  Now to use this, obviously a man would need an erection for the sleeve to fit over which of course leaves me out.  But I got to thinking.  Some couples keep the cuckold husband in chastity because he can get an erection and might get designs on his wife who only has sex with her boyfriend(s).  But what if the wife were to allow the cuckold to wear this sleeve and have sex with her?  Only before the sleeve was rolled on to her husband, it was filled with lidocaine ointment.  I have some of this and believe me, it will deaden the skin of the penis.  Can you imagine the frustration of the cuckold having an erection, sliding in and out of his wife, but unable to feel anything while the wife is having a blast riding the Adonis.  He should be able to maintain the erection for as long as the wife wants but still be totally numb and unable to cum.  Wouldn't that be marvelous.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

How I Knew I Would Make A Good Cuckold - Part 2

When I wrote the first part, I hadn't even thought of this incident until my wife happened to mention it the other day.  One of my wife's coworkers, Shirley, not only worked with my wife but also lived about a mile away from us on the other side of our subdivision.  Shirley had been asking my wife to go with her for a girls night out doing a little drinking and dancing.  I finally stepped in and got her to go with Shirley so she could get a little time away from being mom to, at that time, a 18 month old.  They went to a nice hotel near the Interstate that had a live band and a dance floor.  She got home about midnight and I could tell she really enjoyed herself.  I also knew that she hadn't had more than one drink as she was the driver.  Since she seemed very relaxed I encouraged her to make it a regular thing if Shirley wanted to do so.  That began their Friday girls night out and it was routine that they would leave about 6:30, have dinner, get to the hotel about 8 and dance until about 11:30 before they left.  My wife would drop Shirley off and get home right at midnight.  I might mention here that Shirley had caught her husband cheating on her and one of Shirley's motives was to work up enough nerve for a revenge fuck.  Anyway, they started staying a little later but were still getting home by 1AM.  One Friday night, I had some trouble getting our(?) son to sleep and therefore was about an hour and a half late getting started on some work I brought home.  I finally had done all of my project I was going to do that night and was startled to realize it was 2:30 and I hadn't heard from my wife.  I started to worry and then thought about the possibility Shirley had finally got up the nerve for her revenge fuck and my wife was waiting for her.  About 3:15 my wife came in the door and was surprised I was still awake.  This is the story she told me.

They met a guy that evening and the two of them spent the evening dancing with him although she said he seemed more attracted to Shirley.  When it got to their usual time to leave, he invited them to his apartment just a couple of blocks away so they followed him home. They ended up sitting in his living room with a drink talking and occasionally he would kiss Shirley and was trying to get her into the bedroom but she was resisting.  He was talking to Shirley and he said to her he bet if he asked my wife she would go into the bedroom with him, turning to my wife saying, "Wouldn't you."  To which my wife replied, "Sure." ( Let me interject here I had told my wife sometime earlier that if something happened, I wouldn't be angry but don't hide it from me.  This was due to a couple who were having difficulties for that exact thing.)  Back to my wife's answer of sure.  He looked at Shirley, she shook her head no and he took my wife by the hand and led her to the bedroom.  According to her, it didn't take long before they were kissing, his cock in her hand, her bra over her tits with a nipple in one of his hands and the other under her skirt fingering her.  My wife had just sat down on the bed to suck his cock when Shirley knocked on the door and asked if she could change her mind.  The guy looked at my wife and she nodded yes.  She mentioned to me they had been going out for Shirley to find a guy and that the guy really was more interested in Shirley that my wife.  So my wife went back out into the living room and Shirley got her revenge fuck.  As she's telling me this, my wife is leading me back to the bedroom.  I was rock hard from listening to her story and found myself disappointed she didn't get fucked by him.  In the bedroom, I knew I was going to go off in under a minute so I ended up eating my wife's pussy and fingerfucking her to a couple of orgasms.  And I was right.  I don't know for sure but I think it might have been the fourth or fifth stroke into her when I started cumming.  I would be willing to bet I didn't even last thirty seconds that time.

While my wife is telling me the end of this, we were in the bedroom and she was undressing.  I looked at her as she took her skirt off and asked her, "Where are your panties?"  She looked down, laughed and said, "On the floor of his bedroom at the end of the bed."