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This is based on an approximate date of August 15, 2008 at 8PM as the last time I fucked my wife.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Gallons

I have mentioned in earlier blogs that my wife has fucked over 200 real men besides the times she has fucked me, her tiny dicked, sissy faggot husband.  I was interested in another sissy faggot's blog where she was trying to calculate how many gallons of cum had been pumped out while masturbating to her blog. Well, I decided to apply the same math to my wife's dalliances and see about how much cum other men have pumped into her pussy.  So back to those over 200 men who have slid between her legs and gave her something I can't...a manly fucking.  Some of those men were one night stands but others fucked her 10, 20, 30 or 40 times and one of them I'm sure fucked her at least 200 times but for simplicity sake, lets say she fucked each man an average of 10-20 times.  This would mean overall she has been fucked by real men anywhere from 2000 to 4000 times.  Now let's say that 400 of those times those men were wearing a condom so let's estimate that real men have pumped cum into her pussy anywhere from 1600 to 3600 times at the average of 12 milliliters volume per cum.  This would give us a total of 19200 to 43200ml of cum with one gallon equaling 3785ml.   If you divide that out, it means that she has had somewhere between 5 and 11.5 gallons of cum injected by men into her cunt. Even if you deduct the times she has spent one, two or even three nights with her lovers at their home or in a hotel room out of town from her volume, I really don't think that would be enough to affect her total. Now, while I have never made a special thing of cream pies like some cuckolds do, I never minded eating her pussy after someone fucked her.  Hey, I'm a faggot!  If I'll suck cum right from someones cock and swallow it, why would I object to sucking second hand cum out of her pussy.  Getting back to our numbers though, if we go for the middle ground in the numbers, we would be looking at average of 8.25.  So just to round it off, lets say my wife has brought home a total of 8 gallons of cum since she started fucking real men instead of me. Now if you figure that I ate her pussy one in seven times she came home with cum in it, it would mean that I have swallowed at least a gallon of real men's cum secondhand.

One thing for sure is that about 40 men have contributed to her total since the last time I slid my little dick between her pussy lips almost 3 years ago.  Not that I would contribute much to her total if I still was able to fuck her.  I take a prescription med that has the side effect of reducing ejaculate and I take a low dose of estrogen which over the years has shrunk my testicles to the size of marbles and my dick to the size that it will fit in a 35mm film canister along with a drastic reduction in volume so, if men  pump out 12ml of cum, then my sissy volume is probably less than half a milliliter if that much.  She even commented on how little cum I made after one of the very few mercy blowjobs she's given me since that last fuck in July of 2008.  She didn't come right out and say it but the implications of her comment were that any one of the four guys she was fucking then was a lot more man than me.  Since I consider myself a sissy faggot instead of a man, not being as much of a man as the guys who fuck her is just fine with me.


Have you ever known anyone who could not orgasm?  It is actually a medically recognized condition complete with the name anorgasmia.  Nick was one of my wife's early lovers (probably only about the twentieth man to stick his dick in her) and no matter how long he fucked her or she sucked his cock, he couldn't orgasm.  Couple that with the fact he had tremendous stamina since he was a marathon runner and it meant you were going to be a while.  Most of the time my wife loved fucking him as would most women considering he was usually good for long bouts of sex.  Generally the only time my wife didn't like it was the times she would get sore and didn't want to or couldn't fuck her other lovers for a couple of days.  But, despite the fact that he couldn't orgasm, Nick did love to fuck and was sometimes frustrated that my wife couldn't go as long as he could.  That's part of how what became the usual arrangement came about. One Saturday morning, Nick and my wife were taking a break in the motel room to lube up with some more KY.  While doing that, they were talking about things they hadn't done but would like to try and Nick mentioned he would like to fuck a guy in the ass.  My wife asked if he was serious and when he said yes, she simply picked up the phone and called me at home.  Needless to say I was not expecting her to call me while she was out getting laid, much less out of the blue tell me that Nick wanted to fuck a man in the ass and ask if I was up for some cock.  After I picked my jaw up, being a good sissy faggot I answered "well yeah."   What we set up was for them to finish fucking, then Nick would go get lunch while my wife brought me the key to the motel room.  So there I was at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon in the same motel room where my wife had spent the morning with Nick pounding her pussy.  He had made it clear that he didn't want me dressed with makeup and jewelry because he wanted to fuck a guy in the ass, not some crossdressed sissy faggot.  Nick also made it clear that he didn't want ANYTHING other than to fuck me in the ass which really disappointed me when I got a look at his cock because I really, really, really wanted to suck his dick for a while.  Nick had probably the most beautiful cock I have ever seen.  It was long, most likely somewhere between 7 and 8 inches but it was really slender; actually my little dicklette, abut half his length, was thicker that him.  I don't know why I considered it so beautiful but I did.  Anyway, soon I was on my hands and knees with a good bit of KY in my ass*, Nick's cock was lubed and he was sliding into me.  I must say that, because he was so slender, Nick was probably the most comfortable at the start of any man I've fucked before or since.  No pain, just a nice feeling as he slid it up my ass.  Plus he was just so gentle and made sure that everything was ok before he began stroking in and out of me.  I started out on hands and knees but before long it was arms folded with my ass up and head down finally ending up laying flat, face down, with Nick all the time stroking his dick in and out of my ass.  One thing about that, I could smell my wife's perfume still on the pillow and it kept me thinking about the dick that was fucking me right then had been fucking her that morning.  It wasn't the first time we had both been fucked by the same man but it was the first time on the same day and in the same bed.  That somehow became our usual arrangement after that.  Nick would fuck my wife in the morning and fuck me in the afternoon but, and he never said why, he wouldn't have both of us in the room at the same time.  I'm sure that disappointed my wife since she seems to adore watching someone shove a dick up my ass.  I know Nick was married but I don't know if he could cum with his wife or not but my wife and I did compare at home and in the 20-30 times he fucked her along with the 5-10 times he fucked me, neither of us ever got Nick to cum.

*Note about the "good bit of KY in my ass" - My wife had this tubular syringe-like thing that she originally used to inject some type of cream into her pussy once when she had a yeast infection.  It screwed on to the end of the tube of medicine and then she squeezed the tube to fill it, slid it into her pussy and pushed the plunger.  I found out early on that it would also screw onto the end of a KY tube which is a wonderful thing for a faggot like me.  Fill the tube with KY, slide it into my ass, push the plunger and suddenly my sissy "pussy" is wet and ready to fuck.  Every faggot should have one of these.