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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Next Urologist Appointment

Well, I've got another urologist appointment coming up and I'm sure to be disappointed again.  One of my testicles, according to medical protocol, should be removed due to cancer risk.  However my urologist minimizes that in saying it's just one chance in a few thousand.  It's still a cancer risk for me, not for him no matter how much he blows it off.  The other problem is pain in my other testicle (Orchalgia).   My GP gave me antibiotics thinking it might  be an infection but, if anything, I hurt worse after the antibiotics.  I'm sure my urologist is going to blow off the pain just like he did last time.  Again, he's not the one sitting watching TV and feeling nauseous because it feels like the aftermath of a blow to the groin.  If he just minimizes everything again, I'm going to look for another urologist.  I've heard from others who have had the pain problem that, strangely, women urologists tend to be more sympathetic about the pain than men do.  I thought I had found the perfect urologist the other day.  She is female and a specialist in abnormalities like I have in the one testicle.  Then I noticed under her profile that she had announced her retirement and was not seeing any new patients.  Well crap.  So I guess I'll have to keep hunting for another urologist who will take the cancer risk and pain into account and do a bi-lateral orchiectomy (castration).   Hell with my low levels of testosterone, it's not like they are serving any purpose other than giving me problems.  Wish me luck finding someone. 

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