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This is based on an approximate date of August 15, 2008 at 8PM as the last time I fucked my wife.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Reflections On Being A Eunuch

With my wife in Florida getting all the sex she can handle and being by myself, other than Saturday night/Sunday morning, I've had a lot of time to think.  One big conclusion is I LOVE being castrated! I have realized that so much of what males think and do is based on balls.  On testosterone really but that comes from balls.  By not having balls, I realize how much of my life was controlled by them.  I love the "eunuch calm" as it called being castrated has brought to my life and I wish I had been castrated long before now!

A second conclusion is, thinking back on the years of being married, I really don't like sex with women.  Oh I've done it and the orgasm is nice but I don't like what it takes to get to the orgasm.  I would much rather have masturbated.  If I'm absolutely honest, the only time I have REALLY enjoyed sex with my wife was after she had been with a man and I was fucking her through his cum.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my wife deeply but it's platonic love only, not erotic and platonic like most marriages.  What brought all of this to mind was what I described on Sunday morning.  There I was with a woman I had actually fucked years ago rubbing her hot wet pussy all over my shrunken little penis and it didn't respond at all.  And in thinking about it I am glad I didn't have any response so I didn't have to fuck her.  Another benefit of castration.

The third conclusion also comes from Sunday morning.  I slept with them Saturday night in between her and him.  Sunday morning I woke up with him snuggled up behind me.  And I liked it.  I'm quite small at barely 5'6" and being held by a man over 6' was lovely.  Sure, it's not the first time I have awakened with a man's arms around me but it is the first time I have had this much time to think afterward.  Saturday night was all about fucking but Sunday morning as I sucked him and then mounted him cowgirl, I was making love to him, to his cock.  Because I've known them for years, I was feeling some affection for him.  This led to the third conclusion.  I could quite easily fall in love with a man; I could easily marry a man I loved and be his castrated sex toy. That was a startling conclusion! 

But not to worry, I'm not going to be leaving home or anything.  But I am going to be more proactive looking for men.  In the past, I've mostly depended on my wife selecting bi men as one or two of her steady boyfriends so that I could occasionally get my ass tapped.  I'm going to find someone who wants a castrated sissy bottom to use.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Last Night

My wife is in Florida being fucked silly by one of her boyfriends.  Well last night, I had sex with a man and a woman!  Well okay, he fucked me in the ass while I licked her pussy and she made fun of both of us.  Calling her husband pathetic excuse for a man and only good for fucking faggot asses while calling me a castrated baby dicked little pussy who is good for only being used as a cunt.  It was so much fun. 

Now first of all, I've known this couple for years and we met when they answered my wife's ad.  They are both very sweet, bisexual and quite adventurous.  In fact, she was the last woman other than my wife, I ever fucked and we have a long sexual history.  She and my wife did a 69 right next to her husband and me doing a 69, I've fucked her, she's given me a blowjob, her husband has fucked my wife, my wife has given him a blowjob, I've fucked the husband, he's given me a blowjob, he has fucked me and I've given him a blowjob.  She has been absolutely fascinated by me being castrated, loving to feel between my legs where my balls used to be.  She even woke me up once during the night feeling me.  This morning she told us to "entertain ourselves" while she went and made breakfast although she did stay and watch while I fluffed her husband but went out when I mounted him cowgirl.  We were relaxing with my head on his shoulder and his arm around me when she came in to tell us breakfast was ready.  I did clean up so as not to mess up their kitchen chairs.  The funniest moment of the entire time I was there happened when I went in the bedroom to dress.  She came in doing a sexy walk, shoved me back on the bed, jumped on me,  Then started rubbing her pussy all over my little dick and passionately kissing me.  After about a minute with no reaction from my little dick, she looked me in the eyes and said. "Wow, you really don't have any sexual feelings do you?"  I told her I enjoyed the kisses and the touching and her pussy felt pleasurable but not sexually.  She told me she was amazed at the difference between before I was castrated and now.  That before I could get excited but wouldn't fuck because I didn't want to break my streak of not fucking a woman ( now at almost 9 years) and now I have no interest and can't fuck a woman.  I'm now her best "girlfriend" and next time she wants to go for a girls night out, I'm her winggirl to keep men from bothering her.

Friday, July 21, 2017

From Good Girl To Hotwife

I've written about some of my wife's experiences as, and these are her words, a total slut.  But how did she go from a good little wife, who cheated only once (she says) after we had a huge argument, to a woman who was proud of fucking fifteen different men in a seven day period and taking on all comers in gang bangs?  Well, I guess you could say it was my fault.

The episode of cheating occurred after we had a big fight.  I had to work an overnight shift and it had been a bad night at work with an asshole of a supervisor.  By the time I got home in the morning, I was tired, I was in a bad mood and I had a really bad headache.  In other words, a short fuse and I don't even know what lit it.  I'm sure to this day she could repeat the argument almost verbatim but what it amounted to was I REALLY pissed her off.  Add to that she had heard from some friends that her first true boyfriend, the first boy she kissed when she was 12, was home visiting his parents.  She went over to see him after I had gone to bed and, with both his parents at work, he was at home alone.  So it was a perfect storm.  She was royally mad at me, she was alone with her "first love" and nature took it's course.  I found out much later (a few years) that I was in bed by nine in the morning asleep and they were in bed by ten-thirty fucking.  When she finally told me the story, she said they got dressed around three, she came home and fixed supper and, as we ate, she was sitting there with her freshly fucked pussy tingling from some "fuck you asshole" sex.

I'm sure the journey to hotwife started with that argument and the fucking that day although I didn't know it at the time.  What I thought began the journey was some bedroom talk while playing with toys.  It started out with her doing oral on me while I used a vibrator or a dildo on her and teasing her about being double teamed. I had noticed when we were watching some XXX movies loaned to us that her breathing became really heavy in scenes where the woman was taking on two or more men. That's what started the bedroom talk about two men and it gradually evolved into me telling her I was going to get a second person to fuck her.  This led to me setting it up for her to be fucked by someone with a massive 9" cock as big around as a soda can.  That's when she became a size queen.  After that came the threesome I set up for her with Roy and Mike.  Which led to a two year affair fucking Roy 4-5 times for every time with me.  Now she's fucked over 400 men but says she's going to retire as a slut at 500 men and settle down with just a couple of boyfriends.  Personally, I don't think she can give up fucking a lot of different men.  Time will tell.

A Sex Vacation

One thing I have found being castrated for well over a year now is I am becoming a bit submissive.  Oh, I’m not talking about the put a dog collar on me and lead me around on a leash submissive.  Just less resistant to things.  For instance, my wife told me the other day she was going to Florida with one of her boyfriends for a few days of fun and nights of hot fucking.  Now while I love being a cuckold and the thought of my wife sleeping with another man has always been wonderfully humiliating, I would normally have wanted to go along on a trip like that.  But in this instance, I just said “Have fun.”  Another example involves this same boyfriend.  He had just finished fucking my wife and they were still snuggled in bed when he looked at me (he likes me to watch) and said, “Go get us a couple of glasses of wine.”  While it wasn’t said in a nasty manner, it also wasn’t a request, just a flat statement.  In the past, I would have brought the wine but I also would have given it back to him with something like, “Just who was your fucking maid last week?” 

But this also made me think.  This particular boyfriend works from home about 95% of the time.  His house has what’s called a Mother-In-Law apartment off the back deck.  It’s basically what’s now being called a tiny house and was where his mother-in-law lived prior to his divorce.  What I was thinking is, my wife and I have plenty of time off so what would it be like if we lived with him for say a month.  Well, actually it would be the two of them living together as husband and wife while I live in the apartment.  As their maid.  The only thing I would be allowed to wear seven days a week would be maid’s uniforms and I would do all the cooking, laundry, and cleaning.  Maybe just a plain uniform with flats for the daytime and a nice frilly French maid uniform with heels for the nights and weekends.   The only drawback I can see to this is she might not want to ever leave after 30 days and nights of being long dicked by him.  Of course, since the boyfriend is bi and likes to occasionally fuck me, after 30 days I might not want to leave either.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Long "Arm" Of The Law

We live on the outskirts of a very large city and there is an attorney in the city who is quite successful, rich, handsome, single and has beautiful silver hair that he pulls back in a short ponytail.  All in all, the kind of man who makes who makes women drool.  He also has a very large cock and is fantastic in bed.  How do I know that?  Easy, my wife told me because he was one of her boyfriends for a while.  I've watched him sink his beautiful cock into my wife and heard her scream through a lot of orgasms while being fucked by him.  My wife says, out of the over 350 men she's fucked, if he isn't the best she's ever had, he's in the top five.  What's really funny is they met at a gang bang.  Hers!  He was one of the men attending and according to her, the other 8 men combined didn't come close to satisfying her as well as he did.  When the gang bang was over, my wife actually gave him her phone number and he obviously did call.  They saw each other for close to a year and I know my wife still thinks about him.  After all, he's well known here and is on the news frequently.  I swear the other night, when the news showed him in a courtroom, my wife had an orgasm just sitting in her chair.

Oh, I said he had a beautiful cock and he did.  It was about 8.5 inches and wonderfully proportioned, not too thick, not too thin.  I really wanted to fluff it.  Hell, I wanted to suck it until he shot a load down my throat, I wanted him to fuck me and cum in my ass.  But that wasn't something he was interested in, just my wife's pussy (and her blowjobs).  The closest I got was to clean his cum out of my wife.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Things That Turn Men On

Over the years I have found there are three types of dress that turn men on more than others.  Oh sure there are some variations but in general, these three are the ones men seem to get men hotter than anything else.

First is lingerie and especially black lingerie.  I don't know what it is about black lingerie and especially with stockings but men love women and sissies dressed in that.  Both my wife and I have found that a corset, stockings and heels will almost always guarantee a thorough fucking.  I kind of think it's a "sluts wear this type of thing" that turns the men on.  Oh, my wife and I both recommend Hanes Silk Reflections stockings.  They feel wonderful (wearing and to him when you wrap your legs around his waist.  After all "gentlemen prefer Hanes."

Second is leather.  I used to have a leather vest and leather miniskirt that I wore with a pair of over the knee leather, high heel boots.  I found that men seem to like you to keep the leather on when they fuck you.  I don't know if it's the leather skirt or the boots that turn them on the most but it certainly does the trick.  Think about it this way.  If you wear a denim miniskirt and denim vest with say, a white silk blouse compared to wearing an identical leather miniskirt and vest with the same white silk blouse.  Most men will be more attracted to the leather than the denim.   A friend of mine says it's very simple why men love them it smells like the interior of a new truck!  LOL

Last and probably the one that turns men on the most is a woman or a sissy dressed as a school girl.  There is little doubt that fucking a school girl is one of men's greatest fantasies.  I'm sure it's a Lolita thing.  Seriously if I were a sissy in her teens or twenties, I would definitely adopt the Japanese Kogal style of dress like pictured above.  Kogal, the way I understand it, is based on the school uniform but with very short mini or micro-mini skirts and loose socks.  They may also add Kawaii (cute) touches like the teddy bear on the backpack in the first photo.  Apparently with the short skirts, people seeing your panties isn't that big a deal.  Another touch of Kogal is dying the hair brown or in a few cases, blond.  So let's get back to men.  Can you imagine meeting a man at the door dressed like the girls above?  I would imagine you would be on your knees in a hurry giving a blowjob or bent over being fucked rather quickly.

There is one Japanese fashion trend though that should really appeal to sissies.  It's called Fairy Kei and of course a cocksucking sissy faggot would love anything Fairy!  I mean look at these two photos.  Doesn't that just scream sissy?  The Fairy Kei fashion obviously is based on doll like clothes along with pink or blue or very light blond hair along with very light makeup to make the face more porcelain or doll-like.  Some even use a type of contact lens to make the eyes look bigger.  Actually I think these outfits would be wonderful for sissy cuckolds more than for meeting and fucking men.  Can you imagine serving drinks to your wife and her lover wearing either of these dresses and accessories.  Again Kawaii (cute) comes into play with the teddy bears and pikachus.  I don't know how turned on men would be by this one but wouldn't it be lovely to spend a week of vacation wearing similar outfits. 

To see more Kogal or Fairy Kei, switch your search over to Bing and use either of those as search terms. Then view the suggested images.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Panties Crusted With Cum

I saw this picture on Tumblr of a woman holding a pair of panties and I have a pair quite similar to them.  In fact, I was wearing them the night I lost my anal cherry when Al fucked my ass and shot a huge load of cum in me confirming me as a sissy faggot.  I put them back on that night and, when I woke up in the morning, cum had leaked out of me crusting in the panties.  I sealed those panties in a baggie and years later, Al's cum is still crusted in the crotch.  I occasionally look at them and think of that night, the feeling of Al's cock in my ass the first time, him thrusting into me, and finally the feeling of his hot cum boiling into my ass.  I've had a lot of cocks in my ass since, but girls always say you never forget your first and they are right.  Al was my first lover, the man who confirmed me as a queer sissy faggot and I'll never forget him.