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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Strange Dream

I had a dream last night.  It wasn't a nightmare although it wasn't a pleasant dream.  It was more of a strange dream than anything else.  Now normally when I dream and can remember it, it seems to be about places I've been and situations I've been in rather than people.  OK, I did have a VERY erotic dream about my sister-in-law recently, brought on I think because we were going to visit her and her new husband.  Well, that and the fact that when she was a teenager she delighted in teasing me knowing I wouldn't do anything about it.  I mean when she was visiting us, she's supposed to be in bed asleep while I'm relaxing laying on the couch in male boxer underwear watching TV and suddenly you've got wide awake teen in panties and bra laying down on the couch in front of you shoving her ass back into to you and giggling.  Two thin layer of cloth separate you and she's shoving sating clad buttock right into your groin!   Or she slides past you in the kitchen making sure either her breasts and vagina  or her ass gets rubbed against you.  And NO, nothing ever happened although I wanted to call her bluff and scare the daylights out of her.  But I digress.  Normally, as I said, my dreams are places or situations, not people.  But this dream was about people and, to be specific, it was a cuckold dream about my wife and a boyfriend.  I didn't dream why or how but my wife, myself and the guy were in a bedroom at my grandmother's house of all things.  Somehow in the dream they kept trying to get me to leave the bedroom so they could have sex but I didn't want to leave the room because I didn't trust him and didn't like him.  I did finally leave the room and as I was closing the door, they were already in the bed fucking.  For some reason, there seemed to be a party going on in my grandmother's house and I had to explain to people that my wife was talking to "her friend" she hadn't seen in a long time.  About then I woke up.  I have no idea what triggered this dream since she does not have a new boyfriend.  She has been seeing all three of her current boyfriends for quite a long time, the least of which is about a year and a half.  Sure she's had a few one night stands but still nothing that should trigger this dream.  Plus the fact I have liked all of her boyfriends I've ever met.  Sure, some more than others and a couple of them we occasionally go out with to dinner.  Maybe someone would say that it means I secretly resent all of her men but I can't say that would be accurate because I don't resent them.  To me, if it makes her happy, then I'm happy.  Anybody got any ideas of what would cause that dream?
I really would like thoughts and comments on the dream please.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Making Sure She's Safe

I rarely interfere with my wife and her lovers about what they do in bed but a little while back I had to put my foot down.  As we were getting ready for bed, I noticed what was clearly a very bright red welt, the imprint of a belt, on her back.  Now let me interject that my wife is not "submissive" and doesn't enjoy spankings or such but as she reaches orgasm, she does like a hard swat on the butt.  It turns out that as she was cumming while they fucked, her lover went to swat her ass with his belt but he was starting to cum also.  He missed her ass and hit her quite hard up on her back.  Since one of my primary duties is to keep her safe, I had to insist no more belts.  If she wants a smack by hand, OK but not with a belt.  She knew I was a little pissed and she communicated my displeasure to him.  She told me a few days later he promised only to use the palm of his hand in the future.  If it had happened again, I would have told her I didn't want her seeing him any longer but thankfully it didn't.  Mainly because I don't know if she would have actually stopped seeing him or just done it behind my back.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

WOW My Wife's Car Was There

I was playing around with a map site which uses the Google Street View.  Just for giggles, I put in the street Roy lives on.  If you haven't read some of my previous posts, Roy was the third man to fuck my wife after we were married.  He was the first man with whom A) she had a long term relation(almost two years), B) she spent the night, C) she spent the weekend and D) traveled out of town.  Roy was also the first to not be required to use a condom and the first she swallowed for when giving him a BJ.  Anyway, I put in the street Roy lives on just for giggles as I said, moved down to Roy's house and there was his truck.  But parked right next to his truck was my wife's car!  So whenever the picture was taken, just three or four feet on the other side of that front window, my wife was in Roy's bed with Roy fucking her brains out.  What an amazing feeling to know even Google Street View can remind me I am a cuckold!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sucking Cock 101: Intro For Cocksucking Faggots And Sissies

I copied this from a Tumblr Blog by Cuckold Boy although it appears to have been written by someone else, most likely female.  I had my wife read it and she said it's basically what she's taught me about sucking her lover's cocks when I fluffed them or sucked them to completion.  A couple of things my wife added though.  She said while she has rubbed a cock on her cheek and lips, she's never done the face slapping thing.  Another thing she mentioned is to be careful with his balls.  According to her, quite a few of the many men she's blown were ticklish to different extents around their balls. Instead of increasing his enjoyment, you might ruin the moment so go slow with his jewels.  Finally she mentioned at the last the author was talking about letting men cum right down her throat.  According to my wife, that's fine but if you can let him cum in your mouth so he can see you swallow it, that's even better.  I agree with her here and, from experience, letting him see you swallow is even more important in the HotWife/Lover/Cuckold dynamic.  Remember, he is fucking your wife so he already sees you as far less than a man.  Swallowing his cum after sucking his cock just reinforces this idea.  It also lets your wife see her lover compared to you and shows her he is the superior male.  So without further ado, I give you:

Blowjob Tips For Sissies And Faggots

If you simply wanted to get a guy off as quickly as possible, all you need to do is lock your lips at the base of his cock and suction them up and down the bottom ¾ of his shaft at a quick, steady pace while pressing your flattened tongue against the underside of his dick. Make sure you are applying pressure with both your lips AND tongue.

Keeping your tongue engaged at all times is key. I try to keep mine moving at all times. This is how you get 90% of guys off. It helps me keep from gagging to hold his cock steady at the base and bring my lips down to meet my fingers. You can do this very slowly for a more intense feeling, but make sure you move at a steady rhythm. Some guys like it faster or slower; you may have to ask, or more likely, he’ll tell you.

This is your power move, the one that is actually going to bring him to orgasm. A true hooker blowjob needs only this one move; if scientists were to create a blowjob machine, this is what it would do. The other moves I’m going to teach you are artistic flourishes; you use them to add flair and style to your blowjob or to slow down the action a little.

Don’t be afraid to just slobber all over his love muscle. It should be as wet and sloppy as possible, especially during your power move. A good blowjob makes loud, gross suction-y noises. When I’m done, I’m usually covered in my own drool and leave a wet spot on the bed.

If his dick is too big for you to take the whole thing in your mouth, you’ll need to use your hand too. Slobber all over his cock for awhile first so your hand will slide easily up and down instead of just catching on his dry skin. The most important hand move is the twister. When you slide your hand up his shaft, twist your wrist. A twisting motion gets you into a smoother rhythm than the straight up and down. Slide your hand up and down on the base of his cock in conjunction with your mouth moving up and down on the rest of it. The hard part is finding the correct grip: again you may want his guidance.

Another good trick is to wrap your hand around the top of his cock and put your mouth over your hand. Then slide your hand down the shaft and your mouth down on top of it in a fluid motion until your hand meets the base of his cock. It will feel like you’re sliding your mouth all the way down him even if you can’t. It’s times like these I wish I could draw; I’d make little diagrams.

I usually start out by paying some attention to the balls. There are three basic ball moves: you can put them in your mouth and suck them (LIGHTLY), lick them with a flattened cow tongue, or tense your tongue into a point and run the tip of your tongue all over them. I alternate between all three. Sometimes I lift them up and lick underneath his balls.

Also, if you cup them while you are entering the home stretch, you’ll be able to tell he’s about to cum as they get higher and tighter.

My next move is usually to give his shaft several long licks from base to tip. This is the ice cream cone move; it looks sexy, it’s a nice touch, but it’s not going to make anybody cum. While conducting the power move, I come up from time to time to give the head a little attention: sucking on it, moving my tongue in a circle around it, and flicking my tongue over that spot on the underside that all the sex websites tell you is el sensitivo. In my experience, guys don’t really go that wild over attention to that spot, but these are just flourishes anyway.

I tend to get a bit wrapped up in my work that I forget to make eye contact, so head action is a great time to look up at him with puppy dog eyes and his cock in your mouth.

I mentioned this in my tips to get him to cum faster, but at least once during the beej, I usually pop his dick out of my mouth and slap it against my tongue or face, then look at him while I rub his cock against my cheeks and lips. Guys are visual, this is just a little something dirty for him to look at.

I can’t really teach you how to deep throat, that’s between you and your gag reflex. The important thing, I think, is to make an effort to take him in as deep as you can, even if it’s only for a few seconds. It’s hard to explain exactly how I do this: try concentrating on relaxing your throat and jaw. As I mentioned before, it helps me to steady his cock with my hand when I go deep, and breathing in instead of just holding your breath also helps abate that “gonna puke” feeling.

When you’re ready to finish him off, go into the power move and don’t vary your pace for anything. If you’re cupping his balls, you’ll often be able to tell when he’s about to cum as they tighten up. I speed up a little bit at the end, and when I feel him start to come I push my head down as deep as it will go and suck slowly and intensely at the base, letting his cum just shoot down my throat.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Old E-mails

I was looking through some old e-mails to delete when I found several e-mails my wife sent me a few years ago.  If you've read my other posts you know that I spent quite a lot of time a few years back working out of town and my wife spent a lot of that same time fucking men.  I had to laugh at one she wrote just after getting home from sex with someone new.  She was kind of down and was feeling a little guilty about letting the guy fuck her the night before which was kind of strange as she had started fucking Roy twice a week by then.  Reading the e-mail, I remembered our conversation by phone the morning before.  She had mentioned she was meeting a man who answered her online ad for coffee that evening and she would leave me a message telling me if she decided to have sex with him.  I also remember her telling me she had not slept well the previous night for some reason.  So back to the e-mail.  As I said, she indicated she was feeling guilty about the sex that night and was thinking about pulling her ad and not meeting anymore men.  In my reply to her e-mail, I told her not to make any rash decisions and to sleep on it but in the end, it was her choice.  The next morning when we did our daily phone call, she said she felt better and that she was going to keep the dates she had made for that and the next evening plus she was stopping by Roy's house on her way home from work for one of their afternoon get togethers.  When she told me that I knew she was over any guilt she might have had from her previous lover.  What's really humorous about it is in another e-mail a week later she was absolutely gushing about how many men she was getting to have sex with and how she was getting to live a lot of her 'bad girl" fantasies.  Plus raving about how I was the best husband in the world for giving her the freedom to fuck whoever she wanted.  Of course she was giving me something also...the humiliation of being a cuckold.  It was a win-win for both of us.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Am I The Ultimate Cuckold?

I'm really not sure what would be an "ultimate cuckold.  Is it a sissy I know who has never had sex with her wife?  When they were dating, they agreed the wife would only have sex with men sot the sissy has pumped so much estrogen, progesterone and anti-androgens into herself that she's up to B cup breasts, completely shriveled balls and not a chance of an erection.  The closest she has ever come to sex with her wife is fluffing her wife's lovers and licking their cum out of her.  Could the ultimate cuckold be someone whose wedding night was spent alone while the wife fucked someone else?  Or would the ultimate cuckold be what I have suspected but am becoming more convinced of.  That someone else is the father of our child.

Now I've written about a lot of my wife's lovers but I've always suspected there was another that she would never, ever tell me about.  Around the same time we decided to try for a baby, a relative of mine was working in town.  He would occasionally drop by out apartment and a few times even spend the night on our sofa.  I know my wife was attracted to him as, after she had started cuckolding me, mentioned how sexy she thought he was.  Since we grew up together, I've always known women were attracted to him because he is tall, shaggy dark blond hair, good looking and, last but not least, well hung.  As for me, while I'm taller than my wife, I'm still shorter than a lot of women, dark hair and have an effeminate face with no eyebrow ridges and also no adam's apple.  The last part is rather handy when wearing makeup and, in comparing pictures, I am definitely my mother's daughter.  Going back to my relative, when it comes to women, he has no restrictions.  Married or not, if he can talk her into spreading her legs, he will fuck her!  And I'm becoming more and more positive that's exactly what he did to my wife after she had discontinued her birth control.  

Now as to why I think this.  As I said, I am rather short with dark hair.  My wife has lighter hair but still darker than my relative.  Our (their?) son however is tall for his age, quite good looking and has hair the exact same color as my relative.  Plus, based on a chart of penis length by age I looked up once, he is also well hung for his age.  So as he gets older, I am more and more convinced that the sperm used to conceive him did not come from me.  At least I really hope it didn't.  It's so humiliating that my wife and this relative may know that they were the ones who conceived a child while I was at work.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

How I Knew I Would Make A Good Cuckold

Someone asked me how did I know I wouldn't become insanely jealous and furious knowing someone had been fucking or even watching someone fuck my wife.  In other words, how did I know I would like being a cuckold.  The person asking this was in a relationship and they were talking about her having sex with other men.  While he was turned on by the idea of sitting at home knowing his wife was in a bed with a man fucking her, he was worried about how he would feel afterward.

So how did I know?  I actually found out the idea of my wife with a man turned me on just a few months after we were married.  We were on vacation, staying at a hotel on the beach.  We were out on the beach and my wife was wearing a bikini made out of a material which looked wet even when it was dry.  The bottom was a little conservative although both sides were wide open with front and back connected by rings.  The top however was just two triangles of material connected by a ring between her breasts with a string tie for the neck and a string tie for the back.  It covered some of her breasts but not all, especially if she was laying on her back.  I had walked out in the water a little ways to do some body surfing when I noticed there was a guy standing next to where my wife was laying talking to her.  Now from where he was standing at her feet, he was looking right between my wife's spread legs as he talked to her.  My first instinct was to go ask what he thought he was doing but I decided just to watch and see what happened.  He sat down on my towel and talked to her some more but after about ten minutes he got up and walked off so I headed up to see what the story was.  My wife was laughing when I asked what the guy wanted (stupid question).  She said for the first couple of minutes he just chatted about where we were from, how long were we staying and how nice her bikini looked.  Right from the start she made sure he saw her wedding rings and finally he asked where I was.  She told him out in the water and that's when he started his pickup lines.  He asked if she could slip away for a little  How about telling me she was going shopping tomorrow.  He would pick her up at our hotel and they could go to his apartment not far  How about going to the lounge tonight and see if she could get me really drunk.  Then they could get away for a  No matter what he proposed, she turned him down but as she related it to me, I could see her nipples were hard and she was breathing just a touch faster than normal.  Thinking about what she was saying, the vision of her in our hotel room, legs around his waist and him fucking and cumming into her actually made me a little dizzy.  And excited.  I had to lay on my stomach for a while to get the tiny tent in my swim trunks to go down.  That was what got me started thinking about what it would be like if she fucked men instead of me.  Over time these visions of her fucking men varied of course.  I fantasized about her with one man, two men and even with a room full of men.  I wrote in another post about how we ended up with her fucking a lot, and I mean a LOT, of men so I won't rehash that here.  Anyway, that's how I knew I would make an excellent cuckold.

Oh, one other thing.  After my wife really got into the whole hotwife thing and was fucking several men a month, I asked her if she remembered the guy who tried to pick her up on the beach.  She said of course she remembered him.  She said the minute he sat down and started trying to get her to go with him her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet.  I told her I had noticed her nipples but didn't know she was that wet.  I did tell her about the fantasies I had of her going to our room and fucking him and she started laughing.  She said that was funny because she was having the same fantasies.  It's too bad we didn't share those fantasies then as it was a few more years before she started regularly fucking men.  She probably would have a couple of hundred more men in her "collection."