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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Accidental Gangbang

This is how my wife was accidentally gangbanged once.  No, she didn't fall down and a group of naked men trip, landing their cocks in her pussy.  If you haven't done so, read my post about Online Gangbang Groups first.  I mentioned in that post that occasionally women who were setting up gangbangs would ask for one or more women to be included with the men.  One day the moderator of her group called her and asked if she would be interested in being the woman among a group of men gangbanging one of the members.  What the woman had set up was she would be available to any man between 6pm and midnight.  All they had to do was stop by fuck her and leave.  My wife's purpose was simply to fluff anyone who needed it and provide a little soothing tongue to the woman during any breaks in the action.  It was to be on a Friday night, I would out of town, not getting home until Saturday around noon, she had done a 69 with the woman before and she hadn't had any pussy in a while, my wife agreed.  (You know you're a wimp cuckold when your wife gets more pussy than you do.)   Anyway, come the night of the gangbang and a lot more men showed up than the woman expected.  Have you ever heard the expression "eyes too big for your stomach" when you take more to eat than you can actually eat?  In this case, the woman's "eyes were too big for her pussy."  My wife said she wasn't sure how many men fucked the woman but, despite the amount of KY used on her, around 10:00 the woman was just too sore to continue.  Since there were still a few men left, the moderator of the group asked my wife to take over.  In relating it to me the next night, she said she stripped, lay down on the bed next to the woman and started fucking the men left.  She said by midnight, she had fucked seven men (the woman who started the gangbang was fluffing them for her so it was one after another assembly line style).  After the husband had taken the woman home, it was just the moderator along with my wife left in the motel room and if you read the other post, you know what happened.  She drove home with a pussy full of his cum.  Unfortunately for me, I wasn't home to take advantage of his cum in her.  It's also a good thing my wife had been well satisfied that night.  The next night telling me about it caused me to cum in less than 60 seconds.  I did manage to get hard again on Sunday and lasted at least two minutes then. 

So that's how my wife ended up in an accidental gangbang.

Online Gangbang Groups

One thing I've mentioned a few times is my wife having gangbangs, but how they were set up is another story.  You could go out to a bar and round up a few men but generally, despite fiction and captioned photos, picking up a man or men in a bar is not really a good idea.  You may get someone who is great in bed but you could get someone who lets alcohol override his good sense and does something stupid or you could even get someone who is a member of serial killers anonymous and the Ted Bundy fan club.  So what's a good way to set one up then?  Gangbang groups.

One of my wife's lovers mentioned to her that he belonged to a group specifically for women to set up gangbangs and he would be glad to nominate her for membership if she was interested.  She asked me what I thought about it and I told her it was totally up to her.  So she accepted his offer and he nominated her to the group moderator.  After a few e-mails back and forth, she was accepted into the group.  Men were much more heavily screened and could easily be kicked out at the moderator's discretion for not behaving at one event or another.  I never knew the exact figures but it seemed like the group had somewhere around 6 to 1 ratio of men to women with anywhere from a couple hundred .  I understand that the group started out as a Yahoo groups and then went private.  The way it basically worked was this.  When a woman wanted to set up a gangbang, she e-mailed the moderator.  She specified the date (primary and backup dates) the number of men she wanted, activities allowed or not allowed, such as one at a time, DP, airtight, if anal was or not allowed, yes or no regarding condoms, if voyeurs were allowed and if any women were to be included.  She also would specify if she was hosting or if they needed hosting by someone else.  If the woman was hosting, all other participants were expected to provide refreshments. If the woman was not hosting but someone else was, then all participants except the ones hosting and the woman guest of honor were expected to chip in and buy refreshments.  If the woman couldn't host and no one else volunteered, then the moderator would reserve a hotel room and participants (except her) were expected to chip in for the room and refreshments.  Once the moderator got the information, he then puts it into his e-mail group data base set up and sends out an all call e-mail blast to the group.  Men would respond if interested and available on the dates set by the woman or couple until the requested number are filled along with a few extra and at that time, they are given the once over by the woman.  A man might be disqualified for any reason by the woman and the moderator had final say so if he felt one of the men responding was not a good fit.  Husbands were allowed to attend as long as he had no behavior complaints against him but he was strictly an observer allowed to take pictures but not to participate.  Now husbands could be invited to join the group as one of the men but, due to my small size, I obviously never was.

Anyway what my wife would do is e-mail the moderator that we could not host but she wanted x amount of men (usually between 6 and 10)  since my wife considers fucking less than six men a quiet evening spent with friends. She usually requested two specific men to be among the number she wanted.  One was the moderator who had a fairly nice length cock but was very thick.  The other was a good looking older man who was in very good physical condition and possessed a large cock which looked to be a little over 8 inches.  After that she would choose the rest of the men from those submitted (with photos).  Occasionally she would ask for another woman to be included just to satisfy her urge to eat pussy and the men generally loved watching two women in a 69.  One thing my wife tried to do was get a few new men every gangbang.  She might even leave off someone who applied that she knew was a good fuck to include someone new.  This had a twofold purpose as it let her sample more and more of the men in the group and it let her increase the number of men she had fucked.  Now don't get me wrong, she would never have sex with a man just to increase her number but, if the opportunity presented itself, she didn't mind increasing her "notches on the headboard."  Once the gangbang started, it was up to the men to sort out the order in which they would go with one exception.  The moderator always went last with my wife.  The simple reason for this was all the men were required to wear condoms except the moderator.  You see, after her first gangbang, she found she liked the way the moderator fucked her and they occasionally met for some one on one sex.  So he went last in the gangbangs because he was allowed to fuck her bareback and cum in her.  This had a dual purpose.  First of course was just the simple act of fucking bareback and letting him cum in her.  According to my wife, this made the sex even more exciting to her just knowing I was watching him pump he cum deep in her.  The second purpose was to allow me to enter her using a man's cum as lube, something that always made my premature ejaculation even more premature.  I've actually cum just as I entered her knowing a man had just fucked her.

If you've read my other posts you know that I worked out of town a lot.  She tried to do the gangbangs only when I was home but once or twice, I had to work extra and didn't make it in time.  Also, the moderator of the group recommended her to another gangbang group in the city where I was working so that opened up an entirely new group of men for her.  So if I was at home, she could set up a gangbang with our local group or if she was visiting me, she could set up a gangbang there.  Now this wasn't a weekly thing but she sure tried to set one up at least once every other month or so. 

*Note: See the separate post for the story of my wife's accidental gangbang.

Now I know that gangbangs are not for everyone.  Some women don't mind taking on a lover but just couldn't do a large number of men.  Some husbands can watch and enjoy their wives taking on a man but watching a number of men take her would be beyond their limits.  However, if a woman is sure she can handle it without guilt and her husband is sure he can tolerate viewing it, I have to say there is nothing like watching man after man take and pleasure your wife.  My wife says there is nothing like laying in a bed and knowing that all the men in that room are going to fuck her at least once and some twice.  It may take some doing but try to find a group near you.  Believe me they are out there and most major cities will have at least one.  I also know that some online adult swinger sites like SexyAds or AdultFriendFinder have sections for groups looking for women.  Try it, you may very well like it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Chicken Can Cause Boys To Be Born With A Small Penis

You can't make this stuff up.  A noted animal rights group came out with the claim that eating chicken, and especially chicken wings, during pregnancy can cause boys to be born with a small penis.  Of course scientists say that the group is full of chicken something and it's not wings.  Now I don't know if what they claim is true or not but, if it is true, my mother must have eaten a LOT of chicken when she was pregnant with me.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Right Out Of A Nathanial Hawthorne Novel

Yesterday my wife spent most of the day with one of her boyfriends.  He had told her to wear some clothes that would be suitable for running around town so when she left, she was wearing sneakers, long denim skirt (so she didn't have to wear panties) and a t-shirt with her jacket over that.  After they spent the morning in bed (fuck, nap, fuck again) he took her out to hit some flea markets in the afternoon.  Since she didn't have a hat with her, he gave her one of his ball caps.  (Apparently he's a Braves fan and has a few of their hats.)  Anyway when she got home, I took one look at her when she came in the door and started laughing.  She looked at me and said, "What?"  I was still laughing and just said, "That's so appropriate."  Finally, I took her hat, turned it around and showed it to her.  "What color is the letter?"  She started laughing, grabbed the hat and started playfully hitting me with it.  You see, the hat he gave her was white with the Atlanta logo on it.  So after being fucked by a man not her husband, my wife was walking around all day wearing a white hat with a big, scarlet A on it. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Wonder Who It Was She Fucked Saturday

I think I've mentioned it before but whenever my wife if fucking someone, she always tells me who, when and where.  The main reason for this is her safety as there are some rather crazy people out there.  Saturday I had several things to do and she knew I would be gone for several hours.  Last night, I happened to notice her favorite pair of black panties in the area we hang dry delicate items so  I reached up to feel them and yes, they were wet.  If she wears panties instead of going bare to meet one of the men she's fucking this is the pair she normally picks.  Plus she was in an extraordinarily good mood last night.  Now all of this indicates that sometime between when I left and when I got home, my wife got a serious fucking but I don't know who from.  And of course, I'm not going to ask.  However I have a feeling I do know who it was.  I talked about Robert when I wrote about being downstairs and listening to her fucking right over my head.   Also, I don't know if I've mentioned it but Robert is also the man she went on a five day road trip with.  What I think happened is something that has happened several times before.  If Robert is working anywhere close by, it's not unusual for him to come pick her up at lunch and go somewhere for an hour or so fuck session.  He's the same guy that dropped off some building supplies at the house once in preparation for a project then told her to get in the truck.  He looked at me as he walked back to his truck and simply said, "I'm going to take your wife off and fuck her for a while."  Of course I just said, "OK" and went back in the house.  What makes me think Robert took her somewhere is her car hadn't moved unless she managed to get it back in the exact same spot it was sitting in when I left.  Robert is the only one of her lovers that has ever picked her up at home and she wouldn't have worn those panties if she was simply fucking someone in the house.  Also she wouldn't have washed them out like she did unless the crotch was full of cum.  So all the evidence points to, while her sissy faggot husband was gone, my wife was well fucked.  I'm glad for her since she deserves real men with normal or larger cocks and great staying power instead of a premature ejaculating, small dicked wimp like me.  After all, my pathetic little cock hasn't been in anything in over five years so one of us deserves a lot of pleasure.  I'm just happy it's her getting it.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pregnant Sissies

I've seen a few pictures online of sissies wearing maternity clothing and in various stages of "pregnancy."  It's understandable, when you think about it,  that if you are trying to appear as feminine as possible, you might want to include a little time "with child."  Just do a search for pregnant crossdressers and you'll find a lot of photos on Flickr.  Now I have to say I have actually spent a little time myself working on a personal maternity look.  So I thought I might give a few tips to some of you sissies that might be contemplating trying that bun in the oven look.

Now, the first suggestion I have is get yourself one or two maternity outfits.  What I bought was one nice dress with a short sleeve overjacket for warmer weather and a pair of maternity pants with a long sleeve top for cooler weather.  I don't know if they still make them but L'eggs Sheer Energy used to make a maternity version that was the same as their regular Sheer Energy except it had an expandable panel in the front.  (Spanx does make maternity hose)  This was very handy for holding in everything I'm going to tell you about.  If you can't find Sheer Energy, try to find some kind of good support maternity hose. Next, you'll need one of the egg crate foam rubber mattress pads you find at Wal-Mart, etc.  Yes, that's right, egg crate foam mattress pad but just get the one for a single bed.  Also while you're at it, pick up some pink balloons but not the thin little stuff you find for birthday parties that will explode if you blow them up to 8-10 inches.  I'm talking about the thick rubber balloons you would find at a party store that can be blown up quite large say around 2 feet.  However, we're not looking for size here but sturdiness.  Finally, if you can find one, get an all-in-one that would be made for someone with a slightly larger figure that yours.  This can be tough if you're a bigger girl.  Being smaller than many women, this is something I didn't have a problem with.

Now, step 1.  Find several pictures of women in various stages of their pregnancy.  Note how the baby bump is located on a woman.  It's not just a round ball on top of her stomach, it actually starts below the breasts and tapers a little down to the baby's location and then sharply tapers back to the groin.  Now, cut a section of that mattress foam to fit your body.  It should start narrow at the top, widen out to the waist and then taper back in rapidly to the groin.  You can cut so that you have a piece hanging down that will go back between your legs if desired.  Cut a second piece of foam the same shape as the first but smaller by an inch to two inches.  Now cut a third piece even smaller and slightly more rounded than the previous two.  Now take the first two pieces you cut out and lay them together with the smaller one on top.  At the widest spot of the two, locate the centerline of the pieces and cut a three to four inch hole.  One tip here.  Take all three pieces of foam and taper the edges so they round off a little front to back. Now take your balloon and fill it with water, in fact, use several of the balloons you bought and fill to different sizes.  You will most likely find you need a smaller balloon than the one you first filled.  OK, lets assume you've already put on your maternity hose and you have your all-in-one pulled partially up.  Place the first two layers of foam in position tucking them down into the hose.  Now put the water filled balloon in the hole we cut in those two layers finally placing the third layer on top.  Pull your all-in-one up making sure that the foam lays flat.  Look in a full length mirror to make sure everything is centered and not off to one side or the other.  There is always the possibility that you will need to make adjustments in the size of the foam you cut making it either larger or smaller.  Also, when you get your all in one, it wouldn't hurt to get the long leg style.  This will allow you to cut a couple of pieces to fit on your hips making them a little wider.  Plus if you've got a small or even no ass, you'll need to cut a couple of pieces for that.  If you look at a woman's ass, it is basically heart shaped so make your two pieces of padding add up to a heart with a round bottom instead of a point.  At this point, your ready.  Put on the maternity outfit you choose fix your makeup and you are good to go girl.

Just for fun, if you have a boyfriend, dress like this for him one day and as soon as he sees you, tell him, "Now you'll have to marry me because you and your big cock poked fun at me but I took you serious."

Additional Tips

  • Be conscious of how you sit and bend down/over.
  • Watch how pregnant women walk, sit, bend down an act in general.
  • Rub your belly occasionally and smile if you are in public. (Don't do this only when people are looking because then it will be obvious you are faking.)
  • Walk with a waddle and keep your legs wide. When you sit down, spread out your legs and cross your ankles.
  • Put some blush on your face (Dark red-bronze) You may want to add some on you arms too. (some pregnant people have a change in skin color) (Also they might be hot or morning sick so that is another reason their face is darker.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Reasons Your Wife Does Not See You As A Man

You actually know the difference between mauve and rose.

You know the difference between taupe hose and gray hose.

You can put on a pair of Cuban heeled seamed stockings and get the seams straight the first time.

You know what a Cuban heel is.

Your wife just uses the little applicators and pads that come with makeup.  You have a kit of professional makeup brushes including three separate brushes for eyeshadow alone.

She has called you a slut and was joking.

She has called you a slut and was serious.

She has called you "a bitch" in anger.

You ask her if her favorite lover is mad at her since she hasn't seen him in a month.

She hasn't slept with any of her lovers in a couple of weeks and you tell her she needs to get out more.

Her idea of spending a pleasant April weekend is at a resort on the beach fucking a lover.  Your idea of a spending the same pleasant April weekend is wearing some of your French maid uniforms and working from Friday night to Sunday night giving the house a thorough spring cleaning.

You are hand washing your most delicate lingerie and you thoughtfully ask her if she needs any of hers done while you're at it.

She has watched you walking out of a building with your leg flashing out of the slit in your skirt and commented when you got in the car about how sexy your legs are.

Your wife's tramp stamp is a Polynesian tribal tattoo.  Your tramp stamp is soft green vines, pink flowers and pastel butterflies.

Your wife got her bellybutton pierced after seeing how cute yours looked.