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This is based on an approximate date of August 15, 2008 at 8PM as the last time I fucked my wife.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Am 90% Sexually Corrupt

I took a purity test online this morning and my results are at the bottom of the page.  Apparently I'm pretty corrupt sexually although a couple of questions just ask about arrests and convictions but don't link them to anything sexual.  Since I have never been arrested for anything sexual or non-sexual, that could lower my corrupt score as low as 8% depending on what questions replaced those two.  However, based on my Weirdness Factor, it appears a lot of people answered the questions the same as me.  The way that works is when you answer a question the same as the majority of the people who took the test, it is a negative toward your weirdness but an answer opposite is a plus.  When the results are added together they are then converted to a percentage.  So even though I'm only 10% pure by this test, I'm 46% weird compared to others who took this test.

I mentioned the arrest questions as raising my corrupt score.  Another question asked if I had picked up a strange member of the opposite sex for sexual purposes.  By strange I am taking that to mean someone you don't know.  Well, no I haven't.  The person I picked up was same sex.  That's the thing with the 100 question test compared to the 500 or 1000 question tests.  Those expand the questions.  Instead of just asking if you've had sex with a same sex partner, they would expand it to given oral, received oral or penetrated someone anally, been penetrated anally.   Generally your score will go up a little with multiple questions about the same thing.

There is a link to this same test in the first line of this blog.  So take the test and  let's see how corrupt (or pure) you are and add it as a comment to the blog.

Your ACL 100 Point Purity Test Results

You answered "yes" to 90 of 100 questions, making you 10.0% sexually pure (90.0% sexually corrupt); that is, you are 10.0% pure in the sex domain.
Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 46%, based on a comparison of your test results with 1219397 other submissions for this test.
The average purity for this test is 55.3%.

Monday, August 18, 2014

An Anniversary...Of Sorts - No Sex For Six Years

I let the day sneak up on me but as near as I can figure, the last time I engaged in genital sex with my wife (or any woman) was six years ago last Friday.  I'm pretty sure of the date because of an injury right after that which required surgery (outpatient) but extensive and painful physical rehab.  Now since that time I received oral sex from my wife a total of six times by my count.  Of course as I've mentioned before, it's impossible now due to impotence and no, Viagra didn't work.  So based on the amount of time she's been gone tonight it's probably only been a few minutes (six maybe?) since my wife has had sex and six years for me.  I so love being an impotent cuckold.

She's Gone Again

I wrote yesterday that she was with one of her boyfriends, had been with him since early Saturday morning and finally got home yesterday around 3PM.  I think I mentioned also he is on vacation this week and wanted her to spend the entire week with him but she declined.  In lieu of the entire weekend, she did promise to spend at much time as she could with him so we had an early supper after which she left and I cleaned up the kitchen.  I know she's planning on Thursday evening with him and maybe some this weekend so she should be WELL taken care of in the sex department this week.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

She Has A Date Part II

She called last night at 6:00 right when I expected it.  She told me they were going out to dinner at a very nice restaurant on the other side of town.  She and I have eaten there and it is a nice atmosphere, good service, good food and best of all, some of the booths are almost private.  Not enough for any real intimate behavior but enough that lovers can kiss without putting on a PDA.  She told me they would be going back to his place where she would be spending the night and would probably be home in the early afternoon today.  I did find out it's one of her boyfriends and he's on vacation.  He wanted her to spend the entire week with him starting yesterday but she has some meetings and a doctors appointment this week. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

She Has A Date

It’s 1:08 Saturday afternoon and my wife has been gone since 7:30 this morning.  I know she has a date today but she didn’t say whether it was someone new or one of her established boyfriends.  I do know she had a bag with her so I’m wondering if it’s a weekender.  I’ll get a call or, more likely, a text later to let me know.  Looks like it will be lunch, maybe dinner and breakfast tomorrow for one at the Sissy Cuckold household.   There was a time when I would be rock hard knowing she was with a man who would be fucking her.  Now I’m just limp in my panties like I always am 24/7/365.  Impotence is a wonderful thing for someone like me.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Strange Dream

I had a dream last night.  It wasn't a nightmare although it wasn't a pleasant dream.  It was more of a strange dream than anything else.  Now normally when I dream and can remember it, it seems to be about places I've been and situations I've been in rather than people.  OK, I did have a VERY erotic dream about my sister-in-law recently, brought on I think because we were going to visit her and her new husband.  Well, that and the fact that when she was a teenager she delighted in teasing me knowing I wouldn't do anything about it.  I mean when she was visiting us, she's supposed to be in bed asleep while I'm relaxing laying on the couch in male boxer underwear watching TV and suddenly you've got wide awake teen in panties and bra laying down on the couch in front of you shoving her ass back into to you and giggling.  Two thin layer of cloth separate you and she's shoving sating clad buttock right into your groin!   Or she slides past you in the kitchen making sure either her breasts and vagina  or her ass gets rubbed against you.  And NO, nothing ever happened although I wanted to call her bluff and scare the daylights out of her.  But I digress.  Normally, as I said, my dreams are places or situations, not people.  But this dream was about people and, to be specific, it was a cuckold dream about my wife and a boyfriend.  I didn't dream why or how but my wife, myself and the guy were in a bedroom at my grandmother's house of all things.  Somehow in the dream they kept trying to get me to leave the bedroom so they could have sex but I didn't want to leave the room because I didn't trust him and didn't like him.  I did finally leave the room and as I was closing the door, they were already in the bed fucking.  For some reason, there seemed to be a party going on in my grandmother's house and I had to explain to people that my wife was talking to "her friend" she hadn't seen in a long time.  About then I woke up.  I have no idea what triggered this dream since she does not have a new boyfriend.  She has been seeing all three of her current boyfriends for quite a long time, the least of which is about a year and a half.  Sure she's had a few one night stands but still nothing that should trigger this dream.  Plus the fact I have liked all of her boyfriends I've ever met.  Sure, some more than others and a couple of them we occasionally go out with to dinner.  Maybe someone would say that it means I secretly resent all of her men but I can't say that would be accurate because I don't resent them.  To me, if it makes her happy, then I'm happy.  Anybody got any ideas of what would cause that dream?
I really would like thoughts and comments on the dream please.