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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Found A Sex Questionnaire My Wife Filled Out

Quite some time ago, I gave my wife a questionnaire regarding sexual experience.  At first, she didn't seem interested in filling it out but I told her to go ahead and have fun with it because she didn't have to show it to me.  A little while later, I noticed she was sitting across the living room filling it out.  Fast forward to yesterday.  I was moving some papers on her desk looking for something when I found that questionnaire.  One of the questions was who fucked her with the biggest cock.  She had written down a name I had never heard before (I usually know all her lover's names) and out beside it she had written 10 inches with three exclamation points behind it.  WOW!  I've seen her take nine inches once and 8 inches several times but I really would have like to seen that.  Oh, by the way, guess who was the answer to the question to who had the smallest she had sex with.  Yep, yours truly, her wimp sissy cuckold husband.  I have to say I'm quite proud, out of the over 300 cocks that have fucked her, to be the smallest.

One thing I did find interesting.  The only question she didn't answer, "Have you ever been pregnant by anyone other than your spouse?"  Hmmmm.

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