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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Most Perverted Character In Television (Humor)

It was George Jetson.  Yes, old doofus himself, the generally incompetent George.  Why, you ask would I say something nasty like that about Mr. J.  Well, in the original episode of the cartoon it was revealed that George is 40 and Jane is 33.  Now that means that George is seven years older than Jane.  Not that uncommon, right.  But wait, now how about Judy.  There is some question about Judy's age because we are not told in the show like we were for George and Jane.  Estimates though have Judy anywhere from 15-17.  If Judy is 15, that means that Jane was 18 when Judy was born and George was 25.  Even if that's correct, it's possible that Jane was 17 when Judy was conceived which means that a 24 year old George was fucking a 17 year old Jane.  Now start backing this up and if Judy is 16, then George was most likely fucking a 16 year old Jane and if Judy is 17, well then we have a 22 year old George maybe dipping his wick in 15 year old Jane's pussy.  Which makes George Jetson a molester of an underage girl!  But that brings up another point.  Why would a girl as hot as Jane, whether 15, 16 or 17, mess around with a guy that much older than her.  Especially someone like George?  Didn't she have a lot of guys her age hitting on her?  Didn't she have a high school boyfriend?  Makes you think doesn't it?  Was Jane fucking around, got pregnant and blamed it on George.  After all neither Judy nor Elroy looks anything like George plus both he and Jane have reddish colored hair while Judy and Elroy are blond.  Does Jane have lovers and ran a couple children belonging to other men in on George without him knowing?  Or is Jane fucking around with George's permission?  Yes, I realize it was only a cartoon but did the writers put one over on America back then.  Was America's favorite space age cartoon dork a child molester or was he a willing cuckold?  Was America's favorite space age MILF really a slut who would land on her back with her legs spread every time?  Well, the writers will never tell us but I kind of like to think they put a huge joke over on the television censors and America.  Wouldn't that be hysterical?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Different Cuckold Experience

I've seen my wife fucked many different ways.  I've held cocks to guide them into her pussy and sat 3 feet away watching while a man fucked her.  I've seen two men fuck her, I've seen three men make her air tight. I've seen ten men fuck her into little more than a quivering mess that I had to help into the car and she fell asleep before I even got the car cranked.  But yesterday, I had an experience different from watching, I got to listen to her getting fucked.  Now one of our "rules for cuckolding" has always been don't bring anybody home.  However, this was a little different.

First I have to explain something.  Our house is really two stories but because it's built into the side of a hill, you actually enter the house on the second floor.  Normally the downstairs would be called a basement but since it's above ground in the back and partially on the sides plus being completely finished, we don't call it a basement.  We have bedrooms there, bathroom with shower and a little den.  Finally, the house needs a new roof which is where the different experience comes in.

One of my wife's lovers owns a construction company and one of the things they do is roofing.  So we were having him come by and give us an estimate on the roof yesterday.  Now, it's been a little bit of a dry spell for my wife as it's been the end of April since she has been fucked.  As we were getting ready for bed Tuesday night, I asked what time Robert would be here to check the roof and she said 9:30.  I smiled and told her I felt like staying up very late to watch TV, that I would sleep downstairs and would probably sleep until around 11:30.  In other words, I was telling her she had my permission to fuck Robert in the house despite our rule.  She tried to say no but I could see her eyes light up and her nipples get hard at the thought.  I said yes,  headed to the downstairs and I did watch TV but did got to sleep around 2 am or so.  Of course I didn't sleep until 11:30...I was really up about 9:15.  I knew when Robert got here because I could here her get up from her chair and go to the door right at 9:30.  It was right around 10 when I heard the two of them walk back to the bedroom.  A bedroom and bed that sits right over my chair downstairs, by the way.  As I was sitting there watching TV, I could hear some rustling sounds which I think was Robert getting undressed and then I could hear the bed moving a little.  Let me interject two things about my wife here.  Number one is she requires very little foreplay to get her excited.  Kiss her nipples, run a couple of fingers over her pussy and she's spreading her legs saying, "Fuck me."  Number two is my wife is a screamer.  I don't mean loud moans, I mean screamer!  One of her lovers once wrote that he hoped the people in the next hotel room enjoyed listening to her cum as much as he did.  Anyway, it didn't take long before the sounds of the bed became the rhythmic sounds that are only made by two people fucking.  I know she had two good orgasms and the third...well I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call 911 to report a woman screaming.  It wasn't long after that third one that I heard the pace pick up and then stop suddenly when was Robert cumming in her pussy (he's one of the ones that doesn't have to wear a condom with her).  I heard my wife get up and go to the bathroom which meant she was going to clean up and getting a warm washcloth to clean his cock.  I'm pretty sure she cleaned him up and then started sucking his cock because before long, I heard her move around the bed.  Within a minute or so, the rhythm started up on the bed again, although a little slower and less frantic than the first time.  It also lasted a while longer but in the end, they were slamming together just like the first time.   With all the "Oh Shit"," Fuck Me"," I'm Cumming" and just pure screams it was like hearing a porno movie in the next room or something.  Finally, I could hear them getting up and before long, they were headed for the door.  When I heard the shower start upstairs I went on up.  I had to laugh when I looked in the bedroom.  The top sheet was on the floor, one corner of the fitted sheet was loose, a pillow and a sham were right where her ass would be so Robert had her positioned to stroke her good.  I also noticed that the only clothing evident for her was a pair of stockings, a garterbelt and one of her nicer satin robes.  Apparently that's what she wore to meet him at the door so he knew he was getting pussy from the start.  When she came out of the shower, I asked if a "thank you for sleeping downstairs was in order."  She just leaned in the doorway, rolled her eyes up and said, "Oh yeah!"

So how did I feel about that?  As far as I know, that was the first time she's fucked anybody in our bed.  I know she was getting a little horny so I was glad to "suspend our no one at home" rule for her.  I can say that I actually felt a few twitches from my cock.  I'm sure if I could still get an erection it would have been one of the "iron hard bar" type.  I wrote a couple of months ago she wanted to get Viagra or Cialis so I could try to fuck her but I managed to avoid it.  Yesterday, I almost wished I could get hard enough to fuck her because I've always loved sloppy seconds.  Knowing that her pussy is wet  while I fuck her because it was full of cum, not because I was turning her on used to be really exciting for me.  Two months ago, I didn't want to fuck her because it's not something a sissy does and yesterday, I did want to fuck her because I would be the cuckold wimp getting sloppy seconds.