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This is based on an approximate date of August 15, 2008 at 8PM as the last time I fucked my wife.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Took Some Purity Tests Online Today

I took a few purity tests today just playing around online.  One rated me 32.4% pure, another rated me 22% pure and a final one rated me 20% (Totally Depraved).  Apparently the only lower rating I could have gotten on that test was Sick and Wrong.  And to think, I only missed that one by a few points!  Actually I figured it out that I missed it by ten points and that I was the top of the Totally Depraved.  One more point and I would have gone to Decidedly Perverted,  I also took a Sexuality Spectrum and was rated as bi with gay leanings.  I guess that means given a choice between pussy and cock, I'll take the cock.

The first test with the 32.4% score was a 1000 question test and the second 22% score was a 200 question test from the same website.  One obvious reason for the different score is on the 1000 word test they might ask four questions regarding getting scratches on your or your partners back during sex.  You might answer one yes and three no.  Meanwhile, on the 200 question test, they might combine all of these into one question allowing you to answer with one yes only to that question.  Since each yes lowers your purity and each no raises it, obviously you will score lower where several questions are combined.  There is also a 500 question test on the same website which I'm sure would show a result somewhere between the two.

The third test was only 100 questions so again it's a matter of less no answers and more yes answers.  It did seem they had cribbed a lot of their questions from the website with the 200, 500 and 1000 question tests.  The difference with the site is their rankings of purity.  The following are their rankings and, as you can see, I almost made it to the top or maybe the "bottom of the barrel."  I guess maybe if I when my Boxer had humped my leg when I was a teen, if I had let him...nah being knotted wouldn't be worth a lower score would it? Or maybe I could have jacked off a horse down at the farm. I don't remember if this test had a question about it, I'm not setting up a drug lab to get a lower score.  Walter White I'm not!  Oh well, at least only 2% of the people who took this test were more warped that me.  So I can proudly say I'm more fucked up than 98% of the people who took this test.

20% pure: Totally Depraved

You are just 20% sexually pure!

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • purity Distribution
    You scored 20% on purity, higher than 2% of your peers.

All possible test results 

Sick and Wrong 

Totally Depraved

Decidedly Perverted

Very Kinky

Somewhat Debaucherous

Rather Experienced

Tad Inexperienced

Mostly Innocent


Pure as Driven Snow

The results of the Sexuality Spectrum I think are a little skewed by the way they ask questions.  For instance, if we are happily married, even if she and I are both getting sex from men and not each other, it still counts toward being heterosexual.  On the test, it doesn't matter if my idea of great sex is sucking a cock hard before he fucks my wife.   It doesn't matter if my idea of group sex is sitting in the corner watching ten men gang fuck my wife or laying on the bed with ten men DPing me.  It doesn't matter that I haven't had sex with my wife in five and a half years but she's been fucked hundreds of times by a lot of men (and a few women)  in that same period.  It doesn't matter if my idea of a long cock slowly sliding in and out is in and out of my ass.  If you are happy with your wife as a platonic partner, or in other words almost a sister, it's hard to score very much on the gay side.

 This is the website for the 200, 500 and 1000 question tests.  Answer them honestly and post your scores in comments here.   Try it out and let me know how well or poorly you did.




Monday, December 9, 2013

Fucked In Strange Places

My wife and I were talking this evening about some of the places she's been fucked.  She's met lovers in under $50 per night motels, $100+ per night hotels and even $500+ per night resorts.  She's been fucked in men's homes, apartments, condos, etc.  When she was seeing Roy several nights a week, she was fucked in every room in his house, the garage, Roy's car and truck.  She's fucked at the beach, in a vacant public park, in a hot tub, in a pool, in a backyard on a blanket looking up at the stars and in a backyard using a lounge chair by the pool during the day.  She's been fucked with somewhere around 20 people watching and she's been fucked with only me watching.  On a Saturday, she fucked 6 different men in 5 different locations (two were roommates) and then added me, her sissy husband late that night giving me sloppy sevenths.

Probably the strangest place she got fucked, and one I had forgotten, was the sleeper of a semi.  And many times in that sleeper.  The story behind it is, a truck driver answered her add.  She liked his picture plus he could spell and punctuate a sentence, something quite important to her when people wrote her.  You would be amazed at how many replies she received which should have been three separate paragraphs but were written as one sentence with no punctuation or capital letters.  So back to the story, she decided to meet this driver for coffee to see how they got along (this was always the way of her first public).  Well it turned out she liked her trucker so they ended up in the sleeper of his cab and, according to her, the fact of vehicles driving by along with people walking close in around the truck produced some huge orgasms.  His route brought him through town once a week for about 40-45 weeks a year.  Generally he would try to work it so that he could stop in our city on his way to his destination, meet her, continue on to his final point, unload and get a few hours sleep.  Then he would get up early, head back for our town and he would make his major break at the truck stop 1.5 miles from the house.  He would shower at the truck stop, they would meet for breakfast and then back to the truck for another round of fucking.

He drove that route for about four years so lets use the conservative estimate of 40 times per year he drove through.  That would mean she met him twice each trip for a total of 80 times per year.  Of course she wasn't able to meet him every time as normal life does get in the way.  So lets just say that she met him 65 times per year.  Over a four year period that would total to around 260 times she was fucked in the sleeper cab of a semi.

We tried to think of any but it seems like that's the most unusual place she had sex.

With me, the most unusual place I ever had sex was bent over the side rail of a bridge on a side road over an Interstate Highway.  This road used to be an old country road but since a four lane highway led from a industrial development to the Interstate and beyond to where this road came in, nobody used it any more as it became the long way around. In fact the last time I remember that road being used before, the President was visiting town.  So what we did park on the side of the bridge, walk out to the rail and watched cars going west away from us.  I bent over the rail, he lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and slid into my previously lubed ass. We just took our time an he finally came in me.

So which is more unusual, my wife in the cab of a semi or me bending over the rail of a very busy interstate.  If you read this comment on which you think would be more unusual.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Self Bondage

 First of all, if you have any kind of medical issues that may cause you to need emergency assistance, DO NOT try this!

I know that some sissies would love to be put in bondage while dressed but don't have anyone to do it for them.  And while it's possible to use ropes on your ankles, it's pretty hard to get a good tie around your wrists by yourself. But there is actually a good way to put yourself in bondage and be unable to get out for a predetermined amount of time.  Here is what you'll need.  Handcuffs, leg shackles if desired (you should desire) and some containers of various sizes.  First of all, fill all the containers with water, freeze and then time how long each container takes to melt.  This is very important.  I recommend the smallest container as something like a small or medium prescription pill bottle and nothing larger really than a tuna can to start with.  Now, take the container which matches your desired bondage time, fill it halfway with water and freeze.  While your waiting for that to happen, I recommend you pick up some soft flexible rubber hose that will fit over the handcuffs and leg shackles.  This is for your comfort.  Now that your container is frozen half full, remove it from the freezer  First, their should be a ring for the handcuff keys.  Tie a strong cord of some kind to the ring making sure it's well tied and strong enough not to break! Place a Popsicle stick or pencil or similar item through the ring on the key/s and choose the container based on how much time you have to spend.  Lay the stick/pencil over the container so the key/s rest in the middle on the ice that is already formed.  If the container is too deep to use the ring on the keys, make a loop in the cord that just allows the keys to rest on the ice.  Fill the container the rest of the way with water and place back in the freezer.  While this is freezing, cut the soft rubber hose to fit the handcuffs/shackles and slide it over as much of the cuff as you can.  Also, you need something to secure yourself to.  For instance I use a ten foot section of heavy 1" link logging chain padlocked around something and another padlock to secure the chain to the handcuffs or (preferred) shackles.  Once you are dressed and ready, take the container out of the freezer and tie the cord securely to the handcuffs.  Determine how/where you want to secure yourself, snap the shackles on your ankles, then the handcuffs to your wrists and you are in bondage until the ice melts!  You can use lengths of chain, padlocks and locking leather wrist/ankle cuffs if you prefer.  I have both types (cuffs/shackles and leather cuffs) but the handcuffs/shackles are usually less expensive than the leather cuffs.  By the way, you can always get the padded handcuffs with interchangeable fur liners online for about $15 and shackles for around $23.

Here are a few tips though before you start.  First of all, secure yourself somewhere so you have access to a chair or something comfortable if you pick a larger container for more time.  Also put some water, Gatorade or other fluids where you can reach them.  Keep your cellphone in reach in case of an emergency as you would probably prefer to be embarrassed over injured in some way (fire departments have seen it all).  Or if you smoke, keep your lighter close by as in an emergency, you can melt the ice in a minute or so by flicking your Bic.

To give you an idea of how this would work, let me relate one of my own experiences. I've mentioned in other posts about working out of town on midnight shift and renting an apartment.  One apartment I had for quite a while was a basement apartment in a house owned by an elderly woman.  It had a separate entrance in the back of the house and a small patio.  About 8 feet from the door was a small tree.  If you were on the patio, you could be seen from the kitchen entrance of the house next door and you could almost set your watch by the woman next door coming out at 6am to get the broom to sweep her kitchen.  So what I had to do was time it so that I could get back into my apartment before the lady next door came out and saw me.  The first step was to attach my heavy chain to the tree leaving enough slack to reach my door but not enough to go inside.  Next I took a container with a hole drilled in the top big enough for the key to come out once the ice had melted.  I had tested this container and had marked different levels on it for different melting times.  This time I had filled the container to the level for six hours but instead of the handcuff key, I had frozen the padlock key.  The handcuff/shackle keys I had hung out of reach on the fence around the backyard.  So about 11pm I went out on my patio, snapped a padlock through the last length of heavy chain and through a length of the chain on the set of shackles.  This was it.  If I put the shackles on, I was committed to the next six hours on the patio in plain sight.  Should I?  Of course I should and within a few seconds, I was wearing both shackles and handcuffs before sitting down gently (extra large butt plug in my ass).  Oh yes, I said in plain sight didn't I?  At 11pm?  I guess I forgot to mention the streetlight type outdoor light right over the patio didn't I?  So where I was sitting it was quite bright.  Now think about it.  I'm chained to a tree for six hours in the middle of the night and what is there to do.  I still smoked then although I normally only went through about a third of a pack a day.  That night I went through almost a pack of Eve menthol.  Well of course I smoked sissy cigarettes with flowers on them when I was dressed.  But you can't smoke for six hours straight so what else can you do.  That's right, you can reach under your skirt and rub your sissy little self through your panties.  I knew that sometime during the night, I would probably orgasm since I could still get hard and cum back then.  So I had placed a maxi-pad (with wings...yes I'm a sissy) in my panties which also helped keep my little cock tucked back between my legs.  Anyway, I would rub myself through the pad, panties and pantyhose letting it gradually build but stopping before cumming. And so it would go, smoke a cigarette, rub, smoke a cigarette, rub and so on.  By the way, smoking a cigarette or masturbating while wearing handcuffs is an experience.   Now if you've ever done the rub, stop, rub, stop, etc. you know that the build up toward orgasm gets shorter and shorter or at least it used to for me.  By about 3am I had pretty much reached critical mass and it took about two rubs before I was bouncing on that butt plug while I filled my maxi-pad with cum.  Oh great, now I have a sticky mess between my legs and I need to pee.  Not much chance of getting my pantyhose and panties down to pee then getting them back up with my hands cuffed in front of me  I figured it would only be a couple of hours, so not too bad until I looked at the jar and the ice around the key.  Uh, that looked like it was going to take longer to melt than six hours.  Oh SHIT am I still going to be chained up when Sandra comes out to get her broom?  I didn't care if she saw me dressed and in fact she had in the past; I just didn't want her to see me chained to a fucking tree!  It was then that I figured out the temperature was a little lower outside than it was when I tested the melting time.  It finally did finish melting enough for me to get the key out a little after 5:30am so I unlocked the padlock, made my way over and got the handcuff/shackle keys and got inside.  I unlocked my cuffs and shackles, went to the bathroom, then heated a cup of coffee in the microwave.  I had left my door open and I heard Sandra come out her screen door for her broom so I figure I missed her by about 10 minutes.  Plenty of time but closer than I wanted and I'm just glad Sandra didn't get up early.  As an aside, I did step back outside on the patio for a few minutes while sipping my coffee and enjoying the sunrise.  I'm pretty sure Sandra noticed me but, if she came out to talk, I was already back inside with the door closed.

The sissy I learned this from said she once spent 18 hours, wearing 3 1/2" heels, chained standing up to a metal support pole in her basement.   According to her, a female friend living nearby checked on her about every four hours and would give her a sip or two of fluid.  I don't know if she did that or not but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone for a first time. However, if you want some bondage experience but don't have someone to secure you, try this the first time for an hour or so inside and work up in time.  You might like it and make a sticky, sissy mess in your panties like I did.

The other day on Tumblr

The other day on Tumblr, someone posted a captioned picture similar to the one of Cassidy above.  The caption asked, "Does your wife know you want her to dress like this....then go out and fuck men?"  Well yes, my wife does know it and takes full advantage of it.  All the men she sucks and fucks also seem to be quite appreciative of my desire to be cuckolded as many times by as many men as possible.