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This is based on an approximate date of August 15, 2008 at 8PM as the last time I fucked my wife.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I Love This Picture

(I had to remove the picture to comply with Google) I mean what faggot who likes riding a cock wouldn't love it.  Whenever I look at it, I like to think that the wife is on top, her husband is in the middle and one of the wife's well hung lovers is fucking hubby's ass.  Hubby has just been told that this lover wants his ass almost as often as he wants her pussy so whenever lover boy says so, hubby should just bend over and take the dick up his ass like a good faggot.  Although quite a few of the men who have fucked my wife have also fucked me, I've never been in this position as much as I would have liked it.  The closest I have ever come to this was once when we were visiting the apartment belonging to one of my wife's lovers.  When we first got there, my wife undressed (I didn't) before she and I took turns sucking his cock to get him revved up for her. He was rock hard when I moved over to the other side of the bed which gave the two of them room and he started fucking her.  Being the first time they had gotten together in about a week he lasted barely long enough to give her an orgasm before he dumped his first load in her pussy.  We relaxed on the bed and talked for a few minutes before he laid down on his back beside her and indicated he wanted me to suck his cock.  After a short period, he was hard again and moved me away before pulling her on top to ride his cock.  Of course this fuck lasted a lot longer and I know she had at least two orgasms before he dumped another load in her.  After that one we adjourned to the kitchen where we sat and talked more or actually they were talking.  I was actually struck by the fact that I was sitting in the kitchen of a man I had only met a little while earlier, he and my wife were naked while I was dressed, I had sucked his cock hard twice and he fucked my wife both times while I watched.  I also noticed that my wife was quite comfortable sitting at the table naked so it wasn't the first time the two of them had done this.  Plus she had her half closed eyes, "I am so fucked." look on her face.   What really surprised me was when he asked her if she was up for another and slid his chair back from the table looking at me.  So here I was kneeling on the floor sucking his dick again, the same dick that had fucked my wife twice earlier, trying to get it hard so he could fuck her a third time.  And get him hard again I did.  In just a couple of minutes we were back in the bedroom and he was fucking my wife doggie style.  Again I was just laying there watching and listening to her moaning, groaning, screaming, "Fuck me harder!" and in general making a lot of sounds I never heard when I fucked her.  Also I was understanding why, this being their third fuck, she was gone for hours whenever she came over to his apartment.  By the time he finally came in her pussy for the third time, she was so fucked out she was just twitching and making little sounds.  When he pulled his cock out of her, she just sprawled forward on the bed.  I had been laying there, on my side with my head at the end of the bed next to where she had been kneeling so when she went forward, his cock was just a few inches from my head.  I figured what the hell, I had already sucked it three times, I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth to clean the cum and pussy juice off of it.  Because his cock was soft, I was able to swirl it around in my mouth and play with it using my tongue, something I adore doing.  I don't know who was the most surprised, him or me, when he started getting hard again.  He kind of laughed and said he thought my wife was pretty used up.  Not being one to waste the opportunity, I turned around so he could fuck me doggie style.  Seeing what was going on, my wife crawled under me for a 69 and suddenly I was sucking the remains of three loads of cum out of my wife's pussy, her boyfriend was fucking me in the ass and my wife had her lips wrapped around the base of my cock (she can swallow an 8" cock so my pathetic little dick is no challenge for her).  Needless to say that was sensory overload for me.  Swallowing cum from the man whose hips were slamming into the cheeks of my ass while my wife worked her magic tongue around my cock caused me to have one of the hardest orgasms of my life.  I was trying to slam my ass back on the cock fucking me while at the same time trying to slam my cock forward to get my cock as deep in her mouth as possible.   So that's as close as I got to this picture, fucked in the ass while my dick was sucked.  Oh yeah, wish I could tell you he came a fourth time in my ass but the truth is he barely stayed hard long enough for me to cum.  Fucking my wife three times had just worn the poor fellow out.