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Monday, June 1, 2015

WOW! My wife did that and wrote about it?

I've mentioned before that my wife has a toy bag she takes on many of her sexual encounters.  It contains her dildos, vibrators, boxes of condoms, lubes and other miscellaneous stuff and occasionally I got through it to clean it out for her (well yeah, I'm snooping too).  But seriously it does collect old depleted condom boxes, boxes that bottles or tubes of lube came in, stockings with severe runs or holes and occasionally a condom wrapper.  Once when I cleaned it out I found a pink dog collar like you could buy at Wal-Mart and a leash which of course piqued my curiosity.  However, when I asked about it, I got a an evasive brush off that basically said don't ask again.  So fast forward to this weekend.  She and her lover left early Friday morning and didn't get home until Sunday after dark after spending the weekend two states away.  I noticed her toy bag sitting in it's usual place in her bedroom so I decided to clean it out, wash the toys and see if it needs restocking.  Well, it does need restocking so this evening when I stop to pick up some prescriptions, I'll pick her up a couple of boxes of condoms and a bottle of K-Y.  Her bag was down to two regular size condoms and no magnums and there's just a tiny bit of K-Y in the bottom of the bottle.  Normally I don't bother with the side pocket but I noticed something it it so I cleaned it out also.  What I noticed was a tube of lipstick that, for lack of a better name, should be called Slut Red (she likes to put on red lipstick before a blowjob). It's what else I found in the side pocket that blew my mind.  There was a piece of notebook paper folded several times and it obviously was not a new sheet of paper (corners bent, wrinkles, etch).  So naturally being the snoopy little bitch I am, I unfolded it and read it.  Holy Crap.  It's a description of her wearing the collar, tied to the headboard by the leash, wearing nipple clamps with weights on each clamp, the chain on the clamps attached to the collar and she's bouncing up and down on a 9" dildo.  OK, first of all the nipple clamps are in the toy bag and each clamp has a metal cock and balls attached to it as a weight.  I don't know how much each one weighs but they aren't light.  Second, the clamps are adjustable so you can go from very light to painful pressure.  The clamps were adjusted all the way out and I'm sure that's how she had them on since she has always loved rough play or clothespins on her nipples.  She talked about how, the more she bounced on the dildo, the more the weights bounced putting more pressure on her nipples which sent pulses to her pussy, which made her bounce even harder on the dildo, which made the weights bounce more, which....  Well you get the picture.  Apparently she bounced herself into a massive, massive orgasm while her lover, whom she doesn't specify watched.  I don't know but I have a suspicion who it was.  I don't remember his name but one of her past lovers would buy her toys for whenever they met and then let her keep them afterwards. He never repeated the same scenario so she ended up with a lot of different toys.

Anyway, next time she talks about a past lover, I'm going to ask about the collar and I'm not taking a brush off as an answer.  I want to hear her tell it!

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  1. Wow, that's hot! As are all your posts... thanks! sara