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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Wonderful Aspects of Castration

OK, the other day I wrote that the horrible thing about castration is you can only experience the thrill of it once in a lifetime.  But, for a sissy like me, there are some wonderful aspects to castration also.

One of the first things you begin to experience as testosterone levels drop is a lack of interest in sex.  While it varies from person to person, my interest dropped rapidly.  It's really hard to explain to anyone who is not castrated but I'll try.  Before I was castrated, I was pretty much already impotent but even when you're impotent you still have a libido, still have desires even though as a sissy you try to resist them.  After castration, and again it varies by person, you have no libido, no desire for sex.  Oh sure I remember having sex with my wife and if I was able to get a hard on I could physically have sex.  I just don't understand why anyone would want to go through that much effort for an orgasm.  I just don't comprehend it.  The closest I can come to explaining it is this.  Look at this formula involved with covariant derivative which is something to do with the theory of relativity.  Unless you're a theoretical physicist it probably makes absolutely no sense to you.
 \nabla _{{{\vec  A}}}{\vec  B}(X)=\lim _{{\epsilon \rightarrow 0}}{\frac  {1}{\epsilon }}\left[\Pi _{{(\epsilon ,0,\gamma )}}{\vec  B}(\gamma [\epsilon ])-{\vec  B}(X)\right]
That's how I see sex.  It makes as much sense to me as that formula does to you.  And no, I don't understand the formula either, I just copied it from Wikipedia.

The second wonderful aspect is shrinkage.  As a sissy, one thing you really don't want is a large cock getting hard.  Many sissies in fact are in chastity to prevent erections and it's a known fact that without erections, the penis starts shrinking.  What happens, as I understand it, is the chambers that fill with blood in the penis start to become less flexible and doesn't expand as much so the penis doesn't get as large as before.  Then, again my understanding, is the valve that closes and keeps blood in the penis eventually gets to the point where it doesn't close and erections become very difficult to achieve which means more shrinkage.  Much of the penis elasticity is controlled by the 4 or so erections males have a night lasting about 45 minutes and many times the reason for "morning wood."  In chastity, those erections can't happen.  It really is the old "use it or lose it" adage.   But with castration, that shrinkage is amplified and more rapid.  Most long term eunuchs will tell you without erections, the penis will shrink back to prepubertal size which varies from small at 2.4cm to large at 5cm (0.94 to 2 inches).  If you put that in a Bell curve, it means 2 percent of 9 year old boys will be under an inch and 2 percent will be right at 2 inches with the majority between 1.4 and 1.5 inches.  Because I have always been on the small side, I had hoped to shrink to less than 1" and I'm right at 1 inch now.  Imagine driving by a grade school and knowing all the boys have balls which you don't and that 99 percent of the boys in grades 1-4 have a bigger dick than you.  Wonderfully humiliating!!

This actually happened one night.

Hi John.  Sure baby, let me get my coat on and I'll be right there.  
No lover, I wasn't busy.  Just talking to my husband.
John called one evening and my wife literally got up out of bed during foreplay, slipped on a dress, went over to his house and spent a little over an hour fucking him.  Such is the life of a cuckold.  I did get the benefit of sloppy seconds since John was one of the men who got to fuck her bareback.

Now this would be really cuckolding

I read something the other day that I thought would be close to the ultimate in cuckolding.  The premise was the wife was trying to get pregnant but was NOT having sex with her husband.  Instead she was having sex with a man/men other than her husband but they were all required to wear condoms.  Now how would she get pregnant if every time she was fucked, he was wearing a condom.  Simple, as soon as her lover would cum, her husband would carefully remove the condom from her lover, insert the open end into his wife and gently push the condom into her inverting it to push her lovers semen as deeply as possible.  Wouldn't it be absolutely delicious to know you got your wife pregnant but you got her pregnant with another man's semen?  Imagine the humiliation as you watch her pregnancy advance knowing you are only "sort of" the father.

What do you think. Can you come up with other ultimate cuckolding scenarios?

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Horror of Castration

I am a eunuch!  I am castrated!  I have no balls!  I voluntarily climbed up onto an operating table, spread my legs, the doctor came in and cut my balls off.  And I am ecstatic about it.  Being a eunuch though, I have come to the conclusion there is one absolutely horrible thing about being castrated.  No matter what, your testicles will NEVER grow back and you will only get to experience once in your life the thrill of waking up from anesthesia knowing someone just cut your balls off.  I guess the euphoria will eventually wear off but even after seven and a half months, it's still just such an amazing feeling when I think about the fact I have been castrated, that I have no balls.