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Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh This Would Be Cruel

I noticed a sex toy online called an Adonis.  Basically it's a gel sleeve with a lot of exterior nubs and designed to fit over a man's erect penis with a two inch gel extender tip.  Now to use this, obviously a man would need an erection for the sleeve to fit over which of course leaves me out.  But I got to thinking.  Some couples keep the cuckold husband in chastity because he can get an erection and might get designs on his wife who only has sex with her boyfriend(s).  But what if the wife were to allow the cuckold to wear this sleeve and have sex with her?  Only before the sleeve was rolled on to her husband, it was filled with lidocaine ointment.  I have some of this and believe me, it will deaden the skin of the penis.  Can you imagine the frustration of the cuckold having an erection, sliding in and out of his wife, but unable to feel anything while the wife is having a blast riding the Adonis.  He should be able to maintain the erection for as long as the wife wants but still be totally numb and unable to cum.  Wouldn't that be marvelous.

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