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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just A Plain White Shirt

sissie teri who writes the blog A Married Sissy Cuckold wrote the other day about how she and her dominant wife were laced into their corsets by her wife's lover.  It does seem that many men do love a woman in a corset and my wife is pretty much proof of that.  It's amazing the number of her lovers who have and still do request her to wear one of her corsets when they meet up for some hot fucking.  However, there is another piece of clothing that men seem to like seeing on a woman according to my wife and what we seen in movies or on TV.  And that item is a simple men's white dress shirt.  Usually if she's just going to visit a lover, fuck and then leave, she will make few preparations other than sticking a pair of panties in her purse to wear on the way home. However if she's going to be hanging around his house/apartment for a while, many times she will take her way oversized men's white oxford cloth shirt with her to wear instead of a robe.  She said she gets the "best results" when rolls the sleeves up between her wrist and elbow, buttons one or two buttons at her breasts and wears a pair of simple white bikini panties.  Oh, by the way, she considers "best results" as him taking her panties off and pounding her a second time into several more orgasms.  The funny part is she said she wondered why seeing a woman wearing a men's shirt is such a turn on for some men.  I had to think to myself, "How should I know, I'm not a man.  I don't think about how hot a woman looks in a men's shirt.  I think about how I would look in just the shirt and panties.

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