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Friday, July 21, 2017

A Sex Vacation

One thing I have found being castrated for well over a year now is I am becoming a bit submissive.  Oh, I’m not talking about the put a dog collar on me and lead me around on a leash submissive.  Just less resistant to things.  For instance, my wife told me the other day she was going to Florida with one of her boyfriends for a few days of fun and nights of hot fucking.  Now while I love being a cuckold and the thought of my wife sleeping with another man has always been wonderfully humiliating, I would normally have wanted to go along on a trip like that.  But in this instance, I just said “Have fun.”  Another example involves this same boyfriend.  He had just finished fucking my wife and they were still snuggled in bed when he looked at me (he likes me to watch) and said, “Go get us a couple of glasses of wine.”  While it wasn’t said in a nasty manner, it also wasn’t a request, just a flat statement.  In the past, I would have brought the wine but I also would have given it back to him with something like, “Just who was your fucking maid last week?” 

But this also made me think.  This particular boyfriend works from home about 95% of the time.  His house has what’s called a Mother-In-Law apartment off the back deck.  It’s basically what’s now being called a tiny house and was where his mother-in-law lived prior to his divorce.  What I was thinking is, my wife and I have plenty of time off so what would it be like if we lived with him for say a month.  Well, actually it would be the two of them living together as husband and wife while I live in the apartment.  As their maid.  The only thing I would be allowed to wear seven days a week would be maid’s uniforms and I would do all the cooking, laundry, and cleaning.  Maybe just a plain uniform with flats for the daytime and a nice frilly French maid uniform with heels for the nights and weekends.   The only drawback I can see to this is she might not want to ever leave after 30 days and nights of being long dicked by him.  Of course, since the boyfriend is bi and likes to occasionally fuck me, after 30 days I might not want to leave either.

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