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Friday, July 21, 2017

From Good Girl To Hotwife

I've written about some of my wife's experiences as, and these are her words, a total slut.  But how did she go from a good little wife, who cheated only once (she says) after we had a huge argument, to a woman who was proud of fucking fifteen different men in a seven day period and taking on all comers in gang bangs?  Well, I guess you could say it was my fault.

The episode of cheating occurred after we had a big fight.  I had to work an overnight shift and it had been a bad night at work with an asshole of a supervisor.  By the time I got home in the morning, I was tired, I was in a bad mood and I had a really bad headache.  In other words, a short fuse and I don't even know what lit it.  I'm sure to this day she could repeat the argument almost verbatim but what it amounted to was I REALLY pissed her off.  Add to that she had heard from some friends that her first true boyfriend, the first boy she kissed when she was 12, was home visiting his parents.  She went over to see him after I had gone to bed and, with both his parents at work, he was at home alone.  So it was a perfect storm.  She was royally mad at me, she was alone with her "first love" and nature took it's course.  I found out much later (a few years) that I was in bed by nine in the morning asleep and they were in bed by ten-thirty fucking.  When she finally told me the story, she said they got dressed around three, she came home and fixed supper and, as we ate, she was sitting there with her freshly fucked pussy tingling from some "fuck you asshole" sex.

I'm sure the journey to hotwife started with that argument and the fucking that day although I didn't know it at the time.  What I thought began the journey was some bedroom talk while playing with toys.  It started out with her doing oral on me while I used a vibrator or a dildo on her and teasing her about being double teamed. I had noticed when we were watching some XXX movies loaned to us that her breathing became really heavy in scenes where the woman was taking on two or more men. That's what started the bedroom talk about two men and it gradually evolved into me telling her I was going to get a second person to fuck her.  This led to me setting it up for her to be fucked by someone with a massive 9" cock as big around as a soda can.  That's when she became a size queen.  After that came the threesome I set up for her with Roy and Mike.  Which led to a two year affair fucking Roy 4-5 times for every time with me.  Now she's fucked over 400 men but says she's going to retire as a slut at 500 men and settle down with just a couple of boyfriends.  Personally, I don't think she can give up fucking a lot of different men.  Time will tell.

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