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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Should The Wife's Boyfriend Have Control Of A Sissy Cuckold's Chastity Key?

Here is an interesting idea for sissies in chastity who are also cuckolds.  Why not let the hotwife's boyfriend control the key.  Then only allow the sissy to be unlocked in the morning after the boyfriend has spent the night in bed fucking and sleeping with the wife while the sissy slept on the floor beside the bed.  The sissy could then be humiliated by following the boyfriend for sloppy seconds(or thirds or fifths) if, as a cuckold, the sissy is allowed sex with the wife or, if not allowed, made to masturbate for the entertainment of the wife and boyfriend.


  1. That is interesting, but I would gladly submit to those exact conditions. Love cdsamantha69@yahoo.comn

  2. A cuck is to be controlled by the alpha male when in his presence and may or may not be allowed in the bedroom while a taboo act is taking place. The alpha may also spank the cuckold in front of the wife. Also, the cuck should be shaved clean at all times void of hair on facial and genital areas. The cuck might only be allowed to kiss the tip of the alpha male's penis when he is finished doing business with the wife or until he has earned the right to touch it.