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Saturday, April 19, 2014

I Think My Wife Has A New Lover

She didn't say he was new but, by the way she was acting, I'm betting he is.  She acts just a little more excited when she is going to fuck someone new than when she is  meeting someone she has known for a while.  She had told me she would be gone all of today and would be out of cell phone contact.  She left this morning at a quarter till five mentioning she would be home around nine tonight.  So either she's turning her cell phone off or they are going somewhere out in the sticks with no coverage.  Since she normally doesn't turn her phone off, I'm betting on being out in the country with no coverage.  One thing I do know already about him is that he is definitely her type.  Hung!  How do I know this?  I happened to look in her "toy bag" and found a new box of Trojan Magnum XL with four missing!  Now normally she keeps a box of regular size and large size in her bag but this box is the XL.  This is the other way I can tell he's probably new because after she gets to know some men, she lets them fuck her bareback if she trusts them.  Anyway, looks like she will be well taken care of today.  I do hope so because she always has this cute "I have been so fucked" look on her face.  I love seeing that look since it tells me without saying out loud how useless my limp little penis is.    

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