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Thursday, December 6, 2012


I was reading a story the other day about a husband who was very jealous of his wife and it got me to thinking.  Have I ever been jealous about my wife?  As I thought back over all the times I knew she was in bed with her legs wrapped around a real man capable of pleasing her, I remembered a few times when she first started fucking men when I was jealous.

One time that stood out in my mind was the night she drove almost one hundred miles to spend the weekend with Roy, he of the long lasting 8" dick.  This is opposed to me, the short dick with the 1-3 minute fuse.  Anyway, not long after they began fucking on a regular basis, Roy wanted her to come spend the weekend with him out of town.  This was when I was working almost 400 miles away and, as it happened, also working midnight shift.  So when I was eating dinner on Friday evening, I knew she would be just about getting to where she was meeting Roy.  When I was watching a little television before getting ready to head for work, she was either sucking Roy's dick or fucking him.  When I was taking a shower before heading for work, she and Roy were in the shower also.  When I got to work, she was in bed with him, his arm around her, her hand holding his dick.  All night at work, all I could think about was the two of them sleeping together and her with Roy's cum in her stomach or her pussy, maybe both.  Saturday morning when I was going to sleep, I was pretty sure they would be just waking up to a nice slow morning fuck.  Was I jealous?  Yes, no doubt about it but I was turned on too.  The entire night I couldn't decide if I wanted to throw up from jealousy or masturbate from being excited that she was fucking someone else.  Since I had watched Roy fuck her, the image was quite vivid in my head.  I knew exactly what her face looked like every time she would orgasm from his big dick.  I knew what it looked like when he would pour a river of cum in her pussy.  And most of all, I knew how he talked to her about how tight her pussy was (pretty much telling her she needed something to fill her like him, not a small dicked little wimp like me.

Another time I remember she was going to drive up to where I was working and stay with me since I couldn't get home that weekend.  On Thursday before she left, she was chatting by e-mail with one of her out of town lovers and found out he was on a business trip and would be staying about 30 miles from where I was both Friday and Saturday nights.  Driving up to see me she would be driving right past his hotel.  Of course she decided, since they hadn't seen each other in a couple of months, she would spend Friday night with him. By this time she had spent the night in so many beds I was kind of used to it and I didn't object too much since I would be working (again midnight shift) Friday night. Plus she wouldn't get there until after I went to work anyway.  Little did I know.  After their morning wake up, they decided to go to breakfast with her following him and then she would leave to travel the rest of the way to meet me.  Well, on the way to breakfast, someone cut in front of him and slammed on brakes causing him to hit the other car and really mess up his rental car.  He wasn't hurt but he didn't have transportation.  Well my wife decided he needed someone to make sure he was ok and then get him to the airport Sunday morning for his flight.  So what it amounted to was that, after dropping him off at the airport, my wife got to where I was staying Sunday  just about in time to start back home.  I said something to her about spending the night (Saturday night) in a hotel room with a man and no sex.  She just laughed and said just because he was a little sore from the wreck didn't mean no sex.  That he didn't have to do anything if she gave him a blowjob or rode him cowgirl.  That did make me jealous since we still had sex occasionally back then and he lover got to fuck her both nights while I got rosy palm that weekend.

I think the thing that made me most jealous though also involved Roy.  Since we were first married, she had never been one to swallow on the rare time I got a blowjob.  And even my small cock would make her gag.  Well, after fucking and sucking Roy for a couple of months, she got over that gag reflex pretty quick.  One night when she was late getting home (she had stopped at Roy's for an hour or so), she decided I needed a little mercy sex.  She was quite well fucked by Roy so what I got a blowjob.  Now don't get me wrong.  Most blowjobs are good but men rave over the way she sucks cock.  That night however, as I warned her I was getting ready to cum which was her cue to grab a washcloth or her panties or my panties for me to cum in, she just increased her efforts and swallowed what little cum I produce.  When I finally came back down from that blowjob, I asked her what brought that on.  My wife came back with, "I've been swallowing Roy's cum so I might as well swallow yours too."  Talk about stinging!

But what's funny about the entire thing is that when she first started fucking men, I was a a little jealous until I got used to being a cuckold.  Now I really like the fact that I'm a cuckold and proud of the fact that over 200 men have fucked my wife.  You know what though?  I'm still jealous but now I'm jealous of the fact that she's got a man fucking her and I don't.  I'm jealous that she's sucking a cock and I'm not.  Isn't that a kick in the panties!

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