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Friday, December 7, 2012

Do You Remember Your First Orgasm - Part 2

In my post about my first orgasm, I mentioned that my mom had started wearing a little more makeup than she normally did and at the end of the post, I said I thought she was fucking the guy next door.  I wanted to clear that up so that no one is thinking that I am being critical of her.  I hope she was fucking him as often as she could possibly wrap her legs around him.  You see, my father was a complete asshole, a drunk, a cheater and on a few occasions an abuser and my mother deserved better but she stayed with him, I'm sure, just for us kids.  So I hope she was getting fucked a lot and I hope it was our next door neighbor.  In a way, it would have made she and I closer.  I wore her clothes quite a lot and that made me feel close to her but remember in my post about my first cock I wrote about regularly sucking my neighbor's cock.  It would be nice if she had the father and I had the son.  I kind of like to think that maybe just once, we were giving them blowjobs at the same time.  That maybe we went to bed one night and both of us had their cum in us.  Plus I hope she was getting it close to home and that she was giving my father sloppy seconds and maybe, if he ever ate her pussy, a cream pie.  I'm a sissy, a faggot, a cuckold.  I have no problem sucking a dick and swallowing cum so eating a cream pie after some real man had cum in my wife's pussy is no big deal.  I also love sloppy seconds or thirds or tenths.   When she still let me fuck her, I adored being the last after she had been gangbanged.  Just sliding my little cock into her when she was loose and had a river of cum running out of her would have me close to cumming.  BUT my father was different.  The thought of any of that would have made him feel less of a man and the thought of a cream pie would probably have made him sick at his stomach for a week.  So whoever was fucking her, I hope she gave my father what he deserved.   Freshly used pussy!


  1. Nice posts Gurl !! You obviously put a lot of effort into them. I love them !!

    1. Thank you sweetie. I just put down what comes (cums?) into my warped, depraved mind at the time. The posts about my wife and her boyfriends are true. Only the names have been changed to protect her and her lovers. lol