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This is based on an approximate date of August 15, 2008 at 8PM as the last time I fucked my wife.

Monday, August 18, 2014

An Anniversary...Of Sorts - No Sex For Six Years

I let the day sneak up on me but as near as I can figure, the last time I engaged in genital sex with my wife (or any woman) was six years ago last Friday.  I'm pretty sure of the date because of an injury right after that which required surgery (outpatient) but extensive and painful physical rehab.  Now since that time I received oral sex from my wife a total of six times by my count.  Of course as I've mentioned before, it's impossible now due to impotence and no, Viagra didn't work.  So based on the amount of time she's been gone tonight it's probably only been a few minutes (six maybe?) since my wife has had sex and six years for me.  I so love being an impotent cuckold.


  1. I'm a tiny penised cuckold and have not had my wife's or any pussy since April 2007 when we/she decided that I as too small for pussy.

  2. Congratulations! :)

    While I may not be completely impotent, my GF is heading me down the same path. A few months ago, it was about once every two weeks. Now it's down to about once a month. And while I can't say I don't miss it, it looks like it's becoming inevitable for me to not be inside her.

    I think the more I do all the housework here, the less she sees me as someone she wants to have sex with. We love each other a lot, but I think it's more like two girlfriends now. Lots and lots of snuggling, and almost no sex.