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Monday, May 26, 2014

Am I The Ultimate Cuckold?

I'm really not sure what would be an "ultimate cuckold.  Is it a sissy I know who has never had sex with her wife?  When they were dating, they agreed the wife would only have sex with men sot the sissy has pumped so much estrogen, progesterone and anti-androgens into herself that she's up to B cup breasts, completely shriveled balls and not a chance of an erection.  The closest she has ever come to sex with her wife is fluffing her wife's lovers and licking their cum out of her.  Could the ultimate cuckold be someone whose wedding night was spent alone while the wife fucked someone else?  Or would the ultimate cuckold be what I have suspected but am becoming more convinced of.  That someone else is the father of our child.

Now I've written about a lot of my wife's lovers but I've always suspected there was another that she would never, ever tell me about.  Around the same time we decided to try for a baby, a relative of mine was working in town.  He would occasionally drop by out apartment and a few times even spend the night on our sofa.  I know my wife was attracted to him as, after she had started cuckolding me, mentioned how sexy she thought he was.  Since we grew up together, I've always known women were attracted to him because he is tall, shaggy dark blond hair, good looking and, last but not least, well hung.  As for me, while I'm taller than my wife, I'm still shorter than a lot of women, dark hair and have an effeminate face with no eyebrow ridges and also no adam's apple.  The last part is rather handy when wearing makeup and, in comparing pictures, I am definitely my mother's daughter.  Going back to my relative, when it comes to women, he has no restrictions.  Married or not, if he can talk her into spreading her legs, he will fuck her!  And I'm becoming more and more positive that's exactly what he did to my wife after she had discontinued her birth control.  

Now as to why I think this.  As I said, I am rather short with dark hair.  My wife has lighter hair but still darker than my relative.  Our (their?) son however is tall for his age, quite good looking and has hair the exact same color as my relative.  Plus, based on a chart of penis length by age I looked up once, he is also well hung for his age.  So as he gets older, I am more and more convinced that the sperm used to conceive him did not come from me.  At least I really hope it didn't.  It's so humiliating that my wife and this relative may know that they were the ones who conceived a child while I was at work.

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