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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Right Out Of A Nathanial Hawthorne Novel

Yesterday my wife spent most of the day with one of her boyfriends.  He had told her to wear some clothes that would be suitable for running around town so when she left, she was wearing sneakers, long denim skirt (so she didn't have to wear panties) and a t-shirt with her jacket over that.  After they spent the morning in bed (fuck, nap, fuck again) he took her out to hit some flea markets in the afternoon.  Since she didn't have a hat with her, he gave her one of his ball caps.  (Apparently he's a Braves fan and has a few of their hats.)  Anyway when she got home, I took one look at her when she came in the door and started laughing.  She looked at me and said, "What?"  I was still laughing and just said, "That's so appropriate."  Finally, I took her hat, turned it around and showed it to her.  "What color is the letter?"  She started laughing, grabbed the hat and started playfully hitting me with it.  You see, the hat he gave her was white with the Atlanta logo on it.  So after being fucked by a man not her husband, my wife was walking around all day wearing a white hat with a big, scarlet A on it. 

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