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Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Wonder Who It Was She Fucked Saturday

I think I've mentioned it before but whenever my wife if fucking someone, she always tells me who, when and where.  The main reason for this is her safety as there are some rather crazy people out there.  Saturday I had several things to do and she knew I would be gone for several hours.  Last night, I happened to notice her favorite pair of black panties in the area we hang dry delicate items so  I reached up to feel them and yes, they were wet.  If she wears panties instead of going bare to meet one of the men she's fucking this is the pair she normally picks.  Plus she was in an extraordinarily good mood last night.  Now all of this indicates that sometime between when I left and when I got home, my wife got a serious fucking but I don't know who from.  And of course, I'm not going to ask.  However I have a feeling I do know who it was.  I talked about Robert when I wrote about being downstairs and listening to her fucking right over my head.   Also, I don't know if I've mentioned it but Robert is also the man she went on a five day road trip with.  What I think happened is something that has happened several times before.  If Robert is working anywhere close by, it's not unusual for him to come pick her up at lunch and go somewhere for an hour or so fuck session.  He's the same guy that dropped off some building supplies at the house once in preparation for a project then told her to get in the truck.  He looked at me as he walked back to his truck and simply said, "I'm going to take your wife off and fuck her for a while."  Of course I just said, "OK" and went back in the house.  What makes me think Robert took her somewhere is her car hadn't moved unless she managed to get it back in the exact same spot it was sitting in when I left.  Robert is the only one of her lovers that has ever picked her up at home and she wouldn't have worn those panties if she was simply fucking someone in the house.  Also she wouldn't have washed them out like she did unless the crotch was full of cum.  So all the evidence points to, while her sissy faggot husband was gone, my wife was well fucked.  I'm glad for her since she deserves real men with normal or larger cocks and great staying power instead of a premature ejaculating, small dicked wimp like me.  After all, my pathetic little cock hasn't been in anything in over five years so one of us deserves a lot of pleasure.  I'm just happy it's her getting it.


  1. How nice to think that she may have gotten laid. That's great news!



    1. Christine, I don't think there is any doubt she got laid. I've seen her come home from too many men and I know how she acts when a man has worked her over good. That's how she was acting Saturday night. It's just the question is who?