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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Very Close Call

I almost had to try and fuck a woman!  But thankfully my streak going on almost five years without fucking my wife (or any woman) is still intact.  I've written a lot about my wife/her lovers and how she rarely goes very long without being fucked silly by one of them.  However, due to scheduling conflicts and such, she had been going through quite a dry spell because of lovers being extra busy with work, lovers being out of town, family visiting and such.  She had been getting a little snippy and it was obvious she was getting to the point that her larger dildos and vibrators were not cutting it any more.  She was horny!  Horny enough to start talking about getting the doctor to give me a prescription for Viagra.  Now if she is looking at me as a male sex partner, she has to be getting really horny.  After all, I don't think she's thought of me as a male since the first time she watched me slide my red lips down her lovers cock and definitely not since she watched me really enjoy one of her lovers fucking my ass.  Plus a small cock and usually cumming within two minutes doesn't make me a prime candidate for a sexual partner, even if I wanted to.  Oh don't get me wrong, sex is very pleasurable and the feeling of being/cumming inside a woman is wonderful.  If you are a man.  I'm not.  As I've talked about before, I'm not a man.  I'm a wimp, a sissy, a faggot, a willing cuckold.  I want women viewing me as less than a man, I like wearing women's clothing, I like sucking cocks and/or being fucked in the ass and I enjoy having my wife leave me at home while she spreads her legs for a real man.  I don't want Viagra to give me an erection, I want a limp cock that barely twitches when I am really turned on. The only cocks I want sliding into anything around me would be getting to watch while someone slides a cock into my wife or a cock sliding between my lips/up my ass.  Anyway, my wife had actually gone by my doctor's office to get the prescription but it hadn't been filled yet when she got a call from one of her boyfriends wanting to get together for some hot sex.  This particular boyfriend is the one she's been fucking the longest, somewhere around eight years.  She was out of the house so fast it would have made your head swim.  The only thing that slowed her down at all was doing her makeup.  Normally she wears a garterbelt and stockings for this lover because he likes it but I'm pretty sure all she was wearing when she left the house was her dress and two shoes.  When she finally got home, she was dreamy all evening and has been smiling the last couple of days.  Jim is always man enough to fuck her twice but I wonder if he could have managed three this time?  I would laughingly say that I almost felt sorry for him as horny as she was but I really thank him because he kept me from having to pretend to be a man.  So I'm still a wimp, limped dick, useless sissy faggot and cuckold.  Thankfully!


  1. glad you got out of that ..

    we gurls who know what we are need to stay limped dick and sissy faggots..NEVER FUCK A WOMAN


  2. What a close call, glad that you where able to escape. I can see if she only wanted you to suck his cum out of her pussy. It is better to have a man fucking me or letting me suck his cock first.

  3. I'm surprised you haven't gotten a chastity device. I wear a metal one and find it a constant erotic humiliation. While locked in chastity I've been fucked by my wife's
    strap-on and feel complete as a sissy. fuck myself with a dildo when my wife isn't around Or maybe she is around and wants to me tofuck myself with a dildo and humiliates me for being a slut. The sensation of the prostate being massaged is very stimulating and causes my cock to try to burst from its metal confines. My cock leaks from the milking of the prostate as the dildo is plunged in and out of my ass-pussy relentlessly and I fantasize that my wife is using her strap-on on me or it's the big cock of her black lover. Sometimes I'll suck on another realistic 8" black dildo, repeatedly gagging on it as it fucks my throat. The gag reflex causes my sphincter to clench the dildo in my ass-pussy. I feel like such a slut for hungering for the stimulation of my prostate. Of course, there's no cathartic orgasm to end the hunger. There's just a satisfying warm glow in my ass-pussy and/or my throat and a sublime feeling of humiliation as I do myself to exhaustion. I'd love to see more pics about this phenomenon. As I'm unable to post them myself, so I hope you'll be willing to post pics related to this and discuss your eperience with chastity yourself. Thanks.

  4. oooohhhhh I know it would have been trying to say the least and brings out something so many do not seem to get. Sissy faggots do not need/want/to fuck a woman but do wish to be fucked.