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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Constant Reminder You Are A Cuckold

For the cuckolds among us does your wife keep something which constantly reminds you of your status as a cuckold.  Mine does.  First of all, she has her photo album/memory book/scrap book.  It's one of those that is supposed to be a photo album and you can add pages to it until it gets full.  Then you simply screw in another peg into the existing peg and you have double the space.  Add two pegs and it's triple the space.  It sits on her dresser and anytime she's feeling sentimental, she looks through it.  It's amazing some of the things she keeps in there.  First, on the cover is a picture of her being double penetrated, eight inches in her pussy and six in her mouth.   Many of the earlier items are details she wrote about her meetings which she would copy into the computer, print out and place in her book.  Some are articles she wrote for the online magazine of the sex site she advertised on.  Articles about how great another member of the site was when they got together and how he fucked her silly. Others are e-mails from various lovers about their get togethers...some of those are romantic and sweet while others get very very graphic.  She has other things along that line such as receipts, napkins and coasters from motels, restaurants and bars, usually with a guy's name on it.  In some cases whatever she has is blank but most of them have a man's name on them.  She has the receipts from every time she's spent the night or nights in a motel with a man, his name and the date/dates.  Also included are tags off of gifts that men have bought her including jewelry and such.  Finally there are the pictures.  There's at least one from every gang bang she's done except one where no one had a camera.  She could have called me for a camera as I wasn't but about five miles away but I don't think she wanted me to see how many were at that gang bang or else she didn't want the sissy me exposed to someone who could have been hateful/dangerous.  I really do think she was looking out for me that time.  There are also photos of her in various stages of undress plus one of her in her corset, stockings, boots and fur coat.  That's all she wore to drive across town to meet her lover that day.  Also she has photos of her in the act with many of her lovers.  But I guess the one thing that reminds me most of my cuckold status is an 8x10 framed portrait of my wife taken in a local park.  It's a beautiful portrait with just perfect lighting and composition and it sits also on her dresser.  This park has some really nice little cabin like structures so you could get in out of the rain if needed.  Three walls were solid and the fourth wall had an open air window and a door. The door and window was just that, an opening in the wall with nothing to close.  The guy she was with is a professional photographer and the scene he set up was wonderful.  They has hung around the park until no one else was there.  It was in the evening as the sun was going down because he wanted to take advantage of that natural light and he filled in with a flash.  He set up his camera on a tripod and had my wife pose with here arms folded on the bottom window sill and her chin resting on her hands.  She has this enigmatic, Mona Lisa type smile on her face and in the portrait, he (the photographer) is standing behind her with both arms stretched around her and his hands resting on the window sill beside her arms.  You really have to look close to see the remote control he used to take the picture in his hand.  It simply looks like two people looking out a window.  What you can't see in the photo is that my wife's skirt was up over her waist, her panties were in her purse and he had his cock buried in her pussy.  Yes, my wife has a portrait of herself being fucked on her dresser that I see every day along with her "Fucking Memories" scrapbook.  So even when I'm not thinking about the fact I've been cuckolded by all those men, I'm being reminded of it.  And I love it!!!!!


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