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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random Thoughts About Nothing Specific

Just some silly things that enter my warped, perverted, sissy brain.

Who was the first person to call it a "blow" job.  I mean I've sucked a cock hundreds of times but, other than just using the term, I've never truly blown one.

OK, I admit I have always had a castration fetish so that may influence this.  But when you're getting breast implants, why don't you go ahead and have the doctor do the big emasculating "double snip" while you're on the table.  I mean it's not like some random woman is going to come running up to you and say, "I love your D cup breasts, please father my child." Sure, I know some who get implants still want to maintain erections for posing in porn photos but with today's medications, it's not like you really need balls to get your cock hard.

It's amazing how many straight men aren't really straight.  Or maybe they are and are just curious what it's like to fuck a sissy.  It's when they come back for a second or third time that you really wonder.  Is it because they are bi, hiding the fact they are gay, or because I'm just one hell of a fuck.  I like to think it's because I'm one hell of a fuck.

A lot of T-girl, sissy porn comes from Brasil but I've noticed there seems to be some coming from Russia these days.  Kind of makes you wonder if the Russian Mafia is involved which starts a little fantasy.  Can't you just see a pretty sissy in Moscow and the Mafia shows up saying (insert Russian accent), "You are pretty boy.  We cut off balls, give you big tits, take pictures of you sucking and fucking lots of men.  We make lots of money."

Why do men get turned on by a woman licking another woman's pussy?  And do women have the same fantasy about men sucking cocks?  I've watched my wife eat pussy and it didn't turn me on but then I'm not a man. What did turn me on was being humiliated by the other woman's husband fucking my wife at the same time while I sat there waiting for them to finish so I could drive my wife home.

Why would people think it's humiliating for a sissy eating cream pie left in the sissy's wife by her lover.  Many of us sissies have swallowed more than one load of cum and, being married, we've probably eaten our wife's pussy.  I mean I would gladly suck any of her lovers, swallowing every drop of cum before licking my wife's clit.  If he fucks her, fills her with cum before they want me to eat the pie, all that's doing is putting it all in one step and keeping my jaw from getting quite so tired.

Should a sissy maid have any other purpose than to serve her wife and her wife's lovers?  NO MATTER how many lovers the wife chooses?

Why is it that someone who starts crossdressing automatically thinks they have to look like a 13 year old girl or a LA streetwalker.  Hey, if you can pass for a teen girl go ahead but as far as a hooker goes, I would rather look like a five hundred dollar call girl than a twenty dollar whore.  Unless the guy wants me to look like a twenty dollar whore.  Then I'm one trashy fucking slut!

Burdizzo, scalpel, chemicals, bands?  Decisions, decisions.  I went with scalpel.

I once was corresponding with a woman who told me that size really doesn't matter all that much because beyond a certain depth in her, a women can't tell how big a man is.  Right, tell me another one.  I've seen my wife scream through too many orgasms while being fucked by too many well hung men to believe that BS.

If a woman marries a wimp sissy, should she cuckold him on their wedding night or wait until the honeymoon is over?

Which is more humiliating for a married sissy faggot.  Sucking her lover's cock in front of her, taking her lover's cock up the ass in front of her or watching a man/men fuck her. 

Should you swallow on the first date?

Implants or take enough hormones to put tits on a brick?  I go with the second.

The first "cup" was used in hockey in the 1874.  The first helmet in 1974.  This just goes to show you that men are more concerned with their cock and balls than their brains.  If there were a sissy faggot hockey league, helmets and face masks would have been used long ago.  After all, a girl has to protect her looks.  But I doubt if there would ever be a sissy faggot league.  We would all want to wear the skimpy outfits/tights and figure skate.

Length or width for a sissy.  I've been fucked by slender dicks and fat dicks. I like fat dicks because they stretch my ass which includes a tiny amount of pain.  But I did have one guy with a long slender dick who was very good.  He was quite an enjoyable fuck.

Should a wife allow her husband to be present the first time she cuckolds him?  Or should she make him stay home so that he can only imagine what's happening and how it looks as a real man claims her pussy.


  1. I cannot answer all or even most of these questions, but will try with a few. Men like seeing a woman eat another womans pussy because what we lust after most, is now enjoying what we lust after most. There is a connection there! Like a woman suddenly liking football! I have no idea why some, and let me stress SOME, women like to watch a guy go down on another guy, but it does happen. I had a very close freind who claimed to be a lesbian. I will not doubt her even after she married a man and had three children with him. Only a single soul knows your sexuality. She absolutely lusted after the thought of watching two men have sex in front of her, I did not ask why when the time came as I owed her a very large thank you (the kind that affect the soul)

  2. I totally enjoy dressing up as a sissy and surfing the net. I have a Great love for Cream pie pictures. I fantasize of being forced to clean my wife after she has sex with her lover.