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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh Boy

Late last year one of my wife's boyfriends was transferred by his company to another city about 2000 miles away.  Since this one seemed to be her favorite of the four men she was fucking at the time, she was, to say the least, disappointed.  Today when she got a note from him that he is moving back, I swear her pussy was wet and her nipples hard while she answered him.  As she described her lovers, #1 was just interested in fucking with minimum foreplay which is ok with her because she does love a nice hard fuck.  While their styles varied, #2 and #3 were similar in that they both liked a good bit of foreplay and while, #3 has a couple of inches on #2, #2 likes to cuddle afterwards while #3 is usually needing to get back to work.  So between the two of them it balances out.  Now for #4, the one moving back.  His idea of foreplay is lunch, followed by some mild petting in the living room before adjourning to the bedroom for an after lunch snack of pussy.  He doesn't even consider penetration until she has had at least two orgasms before he begins working her over with what I'm told is a nicely over sized cock.  To top it off, when he travels, he always brings her a little something as a gift.  Once on an overseas trip he even brought her tea, biscuits (cookies to us) and jam.  Now with her other boyfriends (except #2 most of the time) if she isn't really in the mood, she'll put them off for a day or two.  #2 usually plans a week or two in advance so she generally meets him on his schedule.  However, when this one (#4) calls she's usually in his apartment and ready before you can say cuckold.  Several things have happened this year to cause a decrease in her fucking her men, business travel, weather since one has a business greatly impacted by weather and some family illnesses.  But with number 4 coming back, I have a feeling that my cuckolding is going to increase in frequency.  This would normally be welcome since I always allowed myself 3 masturbations for every time a man fucked her.  However the last two times she's been with her lover, normally the only time I get an erection it's been dead, nothing, nada, zip, zero reaction.  It stays at it's little 1.5 to 2" shriveled up size so not even a chance to masturbate.  Who knows, my pathetic little imitation of a real man's cock may have had it's last hurrah.  I can always hope so anyway.


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  1. Cheers to You sissy it looks like your sissypussy and sissy mouth will be put to good use again.... hopefully you will be able to fluff, guide, watch, listen, and after clean up all as your Wife and Her Boyfriend fuck away while you get to watch all dressed up like the sissy that you are... mmmm How special that is.............. best of luck to you and your Wife and Her Lover... or Lovers.. giggles........ i know you love having those cocks around.......
    sissy gracie