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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Type of Cuckold Are You Test Results

I found a quiz online that determines what kind of cuckold you are from four categories.  They are the Sissy GF Cuckold, the Sexually Useless Cuckold, the Passive Cuckold and the Active Slave Cuckold. This is my score:

You Scored as sissy gf cuckold

you are a slutty little girl wanabe, so you understand how important it is for your wife to be delt with by a real man. sometimes you even double date with her and get treated and like the slutty girl you are.

sissy gf cuckold 100%

sexualy useless cuckold 100%

pasive cuckold 67%

active slave cuckold 17%

The top two categories showing 100% means I tied between sissy gf and sexually useless cuckold.  Both are accurate since I have double dated with her (actually several menage a trois fluffing her boyfriends and cleaning up afterward).  Add to that a cock which, on the rare occasion it gets hard, is still less than 3 inches and is usually about 1 inch and limp as week old lettuce.  Something like that certainly adds up to sexually useless.  As far as 67% passive cuckold goes, I sometimes help fasten her stockings to her garterbelt, pick out her clothes to wear, help with her makeup and even make suggestions about what lingerie to buy at the store ("John would like that on you" or "Bill would drool seeing you in this.")  I kiss her goodby when she's leaving to visit a lover and tell her to have a good time.  I kiss her when she gets back knowing she's sucked his cock and ask if she had fun.   I would call that pretty passive.  Finally since we really aren't into the domme/sub roles, 17% active slave is about right.     I think it's pretty accurate for just a 12 question quiz.

You can find it at:

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