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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend at an exclusive resort

Not me, of course, but for my wife.  She is spending the weekend at a very nice resort in another state very near where we used to live.  And of course she is spending it with a man she was fucking several years ago.  Back then this man (call him Bill) was a regional VP for a nationwide Fortune 500 company and was promoted to Senior VP which caused him to move to their corporate headquarters.  So back to this weekend.  Bill is making an inspection tour of his old region and he certainly is not staying in just any old hotel.  Let's put it this way, the cheapest rooms at this resort go for about $500 a night and for a villa like Bill is staying in, the price goes through the roof.  So for tonight and tomorrow night, my wife is sleeping and being fucked on 350 count Egyptian cotton sheets in a villa that's probably costing over $1500 a night for the basics, not counting room service, spa treatments and whatever the hell else they want.  I was told if I was a good boy, she would bring me one of those really expensive robes they put in the rooms.

As you know of course from reading earlier blogs I don't resent the men my wife fucks but I do have to admit that I have a little grudge against Bill.  Now to explain that one, we have to go back to 2002.  At that time, I was working a rather weird shift that got me home at around 9PM.  I couldn't take calls during work so I could only reach my wife during meals and breaks. I had talked to her on  my last break and we had planned a late dinner, a movie and (since I could still perform then) a little sex that night.Something just for us for a change. Especially since she had been out five nights before with other men.  I called on the way home but got no answer and arriving home, I did at least fined a note that told me Bill had called out of the clear blue and wanted her to come up to that resort for the night which she did.  So it was dinner at Waffle House, no movie and an empty bed for me.  Needless to say, I was quite pissed but at least she had the decency to call and wake me up around 3 am to check and see if I was ok.  It was at that point she realized I was pissed ( and realised she forgot about dinner, movies and sex or at least sex with me.)  She wanted to come home and make it up to me (it would have been 4:30 before she could had gotten home and I was tired so I told here no thanks.  That she should stay the night and the next day if she wanted.  She made noise about coming home anyway and I told her that he would have to sleep on the porch because I would put all the chains on the doors along with chairs in the doors to make sure she couldn't get in.  This was the beginning of the end as far as sex goes for us.  After getting stood up that night, I quit even trying with her and any sex was originated only by her.  After a while, she just quit trying and now it's been over 3 years.  Oh it's probably been 30 minutes to an hour for her if that long since she's with Bill now in the same resort.

So  back to the weekend.  Bill wanted her to come down and enjoy his waterfront ocean view villa with him.  Right, he wanted her to come down there so that he could fuck her brains out for two nights and two days.  Maybe I'll get one of those plush robes that are worth $10 and they charge you $100 for.  Bill gets her pussy for the weekend and I end up with a shitty robe.  Oh well.



  1. Well, I hope you at least dressed up at an effeminate little sissy doll after you got stood up and looked at yourself in the mirror to realize what a prissy little fairy your are.

  2. giggles out loud... yes and be honest.. sissy.. you Love it that your wifes boyfriend knows all about you .. He must as He calls your wife whenever He wants.. so you must be a complete sissy to both of them.. do you ever get to Thank Him for fucking your wife so well? on your knees at His feet . His cock in your mouth. Thanking Him for pleasuring your wife?

    admit it . you are one weakwilled prissy sissy