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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Penis size charts

 I've been looking at some penis size charts lately just to see how I measure up or maybe that should be how I really don't measure up.  Chart A up above is the authentic women's penis preference chart, compiled from a survey done of women and what size cocks they preferred.  If you notice on the chart that A blocks marked in red are what women consider ideal or perfect.  Green B blocks are very satisfying but not ideal while cream C blocks are satisfying. Blue D blocks are enjoyable and white E blocks are not enjoyable as too small or large or any combination of the two. So now let's just look at 3 people on this chart starting with John.  If you locate John on the top right of the chart, you will notice that his is actually listed as an area as not enjoyable and I have to dispute this.  John was only the second person (so I thought at the time) to fuck my wife after me.  Despite what the chart says, I watched her face when John slid that 8.75" long, 8"circumference cock into my wife and in no way was she not enjoying it.  John stroked his cock into her and she orgasmed. John fucked her really slow, she orgasmed.  John fucked her hard, she orgasmed. John kissed her, she orgasmed.  Basically whatever John did to her caused an orgasm.  Although she only got to spend a few hours with him, she was damned impressed.  So despite what the women who took this survey say, some parts of the "not enjoyable" area are in fact enjoyable, at least to some women.  But hey, my wife loves big cocks anyway.
Now let's look at the center of the chart, the red blocks labeled A.  This is the heart of the chart and shows the size cocks  the women surveyed for this like best.  If you will notice, there is a black dot on one of the red blocks with the name Roy beside it.  Roy, as I've talked about before, was the third person ( again so I thought at the time) to fuck my wife after we were married.  Just as a refresher so you don't have to look in other posts, her first time with Roy was a MFM with Roy and a friend of his.  We had set this up for the two of us so that we (wife and I) could actually fulfill a fantasy.  But about 10 days later we were talking on the phone when she told me Roy had called and he "wanted to see her again and was it OK with me."  Suddenly it was no longer about us, it was about her and her pleasure; this wouldn't be fulfilling a fantasy, this would be an affair.  Since I was working out of town at the time, I had no way to prevent her from doing it and if she was asking she was going to do it anyway so I said yes it was fine.  But the agreement was only twice a week at the most.  So she would stop at Roy's house (five minutes from where she worked) usually on Monday and Thursday.  Soon though it was things like "can I stop by today, too?" on a Wednesday or "traffic was really heavy so I stopped at Roy's for a few minutes" (90 minutes of so).  Gradually twice a week per our agreement became 3, then 4 and then 5 times a week with her sometimes spending the night.  Basically she was becoming addicted to Roy's cock and even when I was home on weekends she would ask if I minded her running by his place for a little while.  It's been more than 8 years since she last fucked Roy's "perfect" cock but I know she still thinks about it.  She's looked to see if he's on Facebook and even drive's by his house occasionally so she still misses fucking him.
If you look at the lower left hand side of the chart, you will see a black dot labeled Me that is actually off the chart on both length and circumference.  Short and narrow.  Need I say anything else?
Check the next two charts and then move on below them to read more.

You've looked at these two charts, the first of which is average penis length by age and you will notice a black dot between the columns for 11 and 12 year old boys.  If you look a little closer, you'll also notice that the dot is at about the same point as average length for a 12 year old boy.  Yep, the average 12 year old boy has a cock slightly larger than mine and beyond 12, I get left behind.  What's makes me even more pathetic is looking at the second chart.  Notice that the normal size range for 10-11 year old boys is 1.6 to 3.1 inches which is a 1.5 inch variance.  Now apply a bell curve to that and the top 10% of 10 and 11 year olds will be somewhere between 2.95 and 3.1 inches or to put it another way if I walked into a room with 100 fifth grade boys, 10 of them would have a bigger cock than me.  By age 12, about 50% would have bigger cocks than me and by age 15, it increases to 99%.  Does that explain why women have actually laughed at me when they saw what I have or rather don't have?

Finally let's look at Kinsey's chart on penis length.  If you notice on the low end, Kinsey didn't even allow for anyone under 3.75 inches so again I'm not even on the chart.  If I had to guess, probably under 3 inches would be .001% which would be 1 in every 100,000 men would have a dicklette like me instead of a real cock. If you move up to 8 inch cocks you'll see that 1% of men, or 1 in 100 have a cock that big.  Of course, as I wrote earlier, Roy had such a cock and she was fucking him regularly for at least two years.  Now move on up to the 8.75 inch cocks and it becomes 1 in 1000 men with a cock that size.  So she's been fucked by one of the smallest and fucked by two of the best.  Is it any wonder she hasn't wanted to even try getting my cock into her pussy for 3 years?  Or is it any wonder that she has a date with one of her boyfriends next week and will probably be fucking him on my birthday.  Oh well, usually when she's got a dick in her, I manage to get an erection so maybe I'll actually be able to masturbate on my birthday.  That would be nice.


  1. I thank you for this informative article. It really puts into perspective how pathatic my own Sissy cock really is (2.5in)

  2. a very nice article.I too have a very small penis but never knew where mine fit in (other than it was almost always the smallest).

  3. I am 48 and my dick is the size of a 13 year old . no wonder wife stopped having sex with me

    1. The question then becomes who is she having sex with. In the case of my wife, she's had by her count right at 300 men and usually has 3-4 regualr boyfriends at one time.

  4. Thank you for this interesting information. I also have a very small sissy dick. My wife just decided to lock me in chastity because a dick so small doesn't deserve to be touched or even get hard. She is contacting a guy with a real man sized cock to fuck her as I write this. I love it.