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Friday, February 4, 2011

For Wannabe Cuckolds - Part 3

I've chatted with a number of people online about wanting their wives to cuckold them but they either didn't know how to go about achieving it or were getting "resistance" from the wife.  Obviously I don't know about other wives but I can tell what worked on mine.  In parts one and two I talked about the threesome's I had set up but they didn't happen by just coming home one day and saying, "Surprise honey, me and another guy are going to fuck you tonight."  What had actually gone on was a lot of bedroom talk during sex about setting up a threesome and gradually making the talk more and more, for lack of a better term, real.  In other words, going from fantasy talk about "what if" and "who with" to talking about how I was going to do it and set it up.  That first time I don't think she really believed it was happening until she was sitting on the bed with a cock in each hand.  And of course one thing she noticed was the difference in size.  In her left hand, I was just slightly over 5" (at the time) and slightly bigger around than a normal prescription pill bottle.  In her right hand, John was 8.75 inches long and almost as big around as a Coke can.  I am absolutely serious about his size as he had fucked me a couple of times and I had sucked his cock three time.  I can "deep throat" a normal size 8" cock but all of the times I sucked John's cock, I could get less than half of it in my mouth.  So anyway she is sitting there with my little cock in one hand, John's monster in the other hand and I heard her whisper, "Oh My God!"  When he finally started fucking her, she was wide eyed and mouth hanging open.  She had been sucking my cock when John slid in but as he fucked her, she seem to drift off into La La Land losing interest in sucking me.  LOL  I think she was still out there somewhere when I fucked her because she barely reacted to me the entire time I was pumping in and out.  On the way home, she was all smiles with an occasional soft, "I can't believe that," which changed to, "I can't believe I did that," which finally morphed into her looking at me asking excitedly, "Can we do it again?"  So you can see that we slowly worked up from just bedroom talk to get her used to the idea to the point where she offered no resistance to what was, as far as I know, only the third cock she had since our marriage.  I say third because early on we had an pretty big argument and while I was sleeping that day (I worked midnight shift) she had gone out to fuck an old boyfriend for some "getting closure with him/I'll show you how mad I am sex"  which I didn't find out about for several years.  But this had been different.  She had, with my permission, had her "brains fucked out" by a cock that went deeper and stretched her pussy wider than anything ever had before.  A cock that made her realize that sex could be a lot better than my slightly less than average size cock could provide.  It took a while to set up that second threesome because I wanted people we could trust and I finally settled on Roy and Mike as I previously talked about which of course led to her steady fucking of Roy for several months.  One thing I had not thought of until just today was, during the threesome, Roy kept remarking about how tight my wife's pussy was.  I thought at the time he was remarking about how lucky I was to have a wife that tight but it finally dawned on me later that he was saying if she was that tight after being married the length of time we had, I must have a fairly small cock.  Remember that this threesome I only watched and did not undress but I will say Roy was pretty impressive.  Not in John's league but a  respectable 7.5 to 8" although a fairly normal thickness.  But as you can see by setting up these threesomes, she had found out a couple of things.  First that there were men and cocks who were bigger, could last a lot longer and recover a lot quicker than me.  The second thing she found out was, she liked fucking those men!  So there is something else for prospective cucks to look at.  Do you really want your wife to find out if there are men out there that can please her better than you?  Because you can bet that no matter how good you are in bed, she will meet someone who will "ring her chimes" in a different and better way than you.

(This paragraph was partially deleted by accident so I will rewrite it and insert it back in later.  Please check back)

One thing that occurred around this same time was I switched jobs.  I had been working out of town but I left that company and went to work for one where I would be at home.  However, if you think this caused her to stop or even slow down meeting men, you're wrong.  The problem was, being a junior employee at my new company, I was working anywhere from 1pm - 9:30pm to 3pm-11:30pm with weekdays off while the wife was still working 8am-4:30pm with weekends off.  So three days a week she had usually at least 5 hours to meet someone for a fuck and weekends she had eight hours.  If anything, I really think her frequency increased as by this time she had a series of regular fuck buddies she would see and cut down on the number of new men to probably 30-40 the second year.  Also there were some incidences that occurred, a couple of funny ones, one sad, one pissing me off, and a few kind of strange along with the exciting ones.

One young man had struck up a conversation with my wife through the adult site and was very polite or as she described him, "just so sweet."  In fact, he was sweet enough that my wife decided to violate her "got to be over 35 or no fuckee" policy (he said he was 18, I think he was probably 16 or 17).  They met at a neutral place for a Coke and finding she liked him, she followed him to his place or rather his parents place.  What she found was he still lived at home and his parents were out of town.  So there she was in his bedroom and she actually had to show him where to put his hands and what to do step by step.  Yep, he was a virgin.  She said the first time he barely got his cock buried in her pussy before he was cumming although she said he was satisfactory the second time.  She saw him four or five times after that whenever his parents were gone for a weekend and I think she kind of considered him a teaching project.  She did say that by the last time she saw him, he had gotten to be a better than average lover.  Another amusing thing was another guy she met through the website.  When they met for coffee she thought he looked familiar and he said the same about her.  After they had fucked, he used a very strange word as an exclamation about how good she was.  She had only heard one person ever use that word so she looked up at him and asked, "Bobby?"  It turned out that they had worked together several years before that but at the time he had a beard and she had longer, different color hair.  He said that when they worked together, he always had the hots for her and fantasized about fucking her all the time.  Bobby added that if he had known then how good she was in bed, he would have gone for it.  She laughed and told him that, although she didn't play around back then, she probably would have fucked him since she always thought he was cute.  The sad was another man who was outside her normal age bracket except he was a widower in his mid 70's although to hear her tell it he looked 50's including riding a Harley.  She said he was a real gentleman, considerate and was a great lover with the aid of the blue pill.  Normally they would meet one or two times a month and in between exchange a few rather explicit e-mails.  He had gone home over the holidays and when she hadn't heard from him in a few weeks, she sent him a note (fortunately just friendly, not naughty).  A few days later she got a message back from his daughter that he had passed away while riding his Harley.  The daughter said that he had been very fond of my wife and she thanked her for making him happy.   The pissed off was due to what would have been a blow to any one's ego.  For a three month period, I had a shift that ended at 7pm so I was actually getting home in time for something besides dinner and bedtime (for sleep).  The previous week and a half had seemed like all of her lovers were horny and she had fucked one or another of them for 11 days in a row.  I was on my first break at work and was talking to her before she left work.  I told her I would be home by 7:30pm and to not plan anything with anyone except me to which she agreed.  However on my last break she was all excited and told me that Bill was in town, wanted her to spend the night with him and she asked would I mind if she did.  Now Bill was the male half of that first couple she met.  He had been an executive with a company in town but had gotten a promotion and had been transferred over a year earlier.  He was back in town for a meeting, staying at a $500 a night resort nearby and since his old partner was no longer available, he called my wife.  So here she is asking me if I mind her going up to see Bill for the night since she hadn't seen him in a long time.  Of course any plans we had made were gone right out of her mind.  Although I was quite pissed I did manage to hide it for that moment and told her to go ahead.  Of course that should tell you something about my prowess (or lack of it) in bed when thoughts of what we had planned for the evening were replaced by thoughts of spending the night with Bill the minute he asked her.  It wasn't until she got home the next morning that she realized how pissed I really was.  Her comment was, "I should have said no if I didn't want her to go."  My reply was, "We had something planned so you shouldn't have even put me in that position by asking."  No answer to that one.   There was one consequence of this even though I don't think she has ever realized it.  After that happened, I have rarely initiated sex between the two of us.  I mean why should I bother planning something if there is a chance it could get shot down.  So there is something else to think about for wannabe's.  Are you ready to spend the night angry, tossing and turning because she bailed on you and is spending the night with someone else.

End of Part 3 - I was going to make this the last part of this particular topic but there is more to say so Part 4 to follow.

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