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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For Wannabe Cuckolds - Part 2

In part one, I mentioned that demon that can be let loose when a wife gets a taste of cock belonging to someone else besides hubby. 

I've read somewhere that sex with someone new releases a type of chemical in the brain that makes being fucked by that new person more exciting.  I mean think about it.  She's getting fucked, something she's done many times in your marriage but there is something intoxicating about that same act with a new partner.  It's that chemical causing the intoxication, that drug like high.  And we know that different people react differently to drugs.  Some can do it once, walk away and never really be interested in it again.  Others can "chip" occasionally without becoming addicted while some will become hopelessly addicted after two or three (and sometimes only one) times.  That's what happened to my wife.  She went from two threesomes spaced over 1 year into full blown addiction. This is about how she got there. 

I had set up a threesome with me and a friend to fulfill a fantasy for her of being fucked by two men.  It didn't hurt that the other person was WELL hung (8 3/4 and very thick) and that she was thoroughly fucked when we went home.  Then about a year later, I set up another threesome, this time with two men (Roy and Mike) with me watching.  The two men had done several threesomes like this and were able to tag team fuck her into total exhaustion.  I just about had to help her to the car she was so tired.  This was the point where things changed.  Let me interject that I was working out of town at the time, had been for quite a while, would be for the foreseeable future and only got home on the weekends.  On a Friday, during one of our daily calls I could tell she wanted to ask something but was stalling until she finally asked would I mind if she visited Roy the next week.  It seems Roy had called wanting to see her again.  (A note here that we discovered when we got to Roy's house for that threesome Roy only lived about a five to ten minute drive from my wife's office depending on traffic.)  It was nice that she was asking me even though she knew I wouldn't say no and I didn't but this was also far different from a couple of threesomes to fulfill fantasies.  This was my wife going to a man's house, letting him undress her, sucking his cock and fucking him in his bed.  This was not a fantasy that the two of us would be sharing, this was going to be her and a man while I wasn't there.  And the way she talked, it wasn't a one time thing.  This was going to be an affair!  The next Tuesday afternoon she called as she was leaving work at 4:30 to let me know she was going to Roy's house.  Before someone thinks she was rubbing it in, we had always let each other know where we were if we were not going straight home.  Anyway, I figured, five minutes out of the parking lot, ten minutes to get there, five minutes to get inside and at most, ten to fifteen minutes of foreplay that first time.  This would mean that by 5:05 that afternoon Roy was fucking my wife again but this time I three hundred miles away.  I can't really describe how I felt at that moment other than to say I was confused, humiliated, a little sick at my stomach, envious (she was fucking and I wasn't) and yes, at little turned on.  I don't think it would have made as much impact had it not been for the fact that I had been in Roy's bedroom during the threesome so I didn't have to imagine what it looked like.  I knew how it looked when Roy drove his larger 8" cock deep into her, how she would slam her hips up at him to meet his thrusts, how she would lay her head down on her arms and then suddenly throw it back and scream as Roy fucked her doggie style.  About 7:00 she called me to tell me she was home and her voice was like a kick in the balls.  I can only describe it as a soft, "I am so well fucked and satisfied" voice if that makes any sense.  A voice I had never heard from her after we had fucked.  Roy fucked her twice two days that week and I will admit to having a little difficulty getting it up when I got home that weekend knowing I was going to be compared to Roy and knowing I probably wasn't going to "measure" up in more ways than one.  At first our agreement was this was just a couple of times a week but soon she was asking for three, then four and occasionally five or more times a week.  The five or more occurred when she started to spend one or two nights a month with him because Roy had a pretty good recovery rate.  When she did spend the night, he would fuck her at the normal time when she got off work, that night when they went to bed and in the morning before she left for work.  It got to the point where Roy was her steady fuck and I was the guy she fucked once or maybe twice a week on the side.  Even the two weeks I was home for vacation she stopped by Roy's several times. 

At this point let me tell some of the things that happened while she was having her affair with Roy.  One evening when Roy wasn't going to be home until after 6:00 she went home, changed into a corset, stockings and that same faux fur coat (this was the first time she wore it for sex).  That plus heels was all she wore to drive 10 miles back to Roy's house and let it open just inside the door of the house.  According to her, Roy fucked her five feet inside the door when he saw what she was wearing.   Another time she was giving me a blowjob and she didn't back off when I started cumming, swallowing my cum instead.  This was something she had never done before and when I asked, she told me she had been doing it for Roy so she felt she should do it for me!  Wow, thanks.  Another time she mentioned something about how much Roy would cum.  I asked about seeing it inside the condom and she said they hadn't used condoms in several months.  One day they were in a real hurry and didn't think of the condom until it was too late so they just quit using them.  What I realized then was, on occasion, I had fucked her right after she left Roy and what I had put down to her being really wet was actually his cum.  I had gotten sloppy seconds...I had been fucking my wife through another man's cum. 

So there is more for you wannabe cucks to think about.  Do you want to take the chance that someone else will be your wife's main source of cock?  Do you want to lay in bed thinking about her spending the night with another man?  Do you want to fuck her using someone a man's cum for lube?  Do you want her comparing you to her boyfriend as you fuck her?  All of these are questions you need to ask yourself before she takes that first cock.  Can you really handle being a cuckold and basically thought of by her boyfriends as a wimp?

End of part 2 - Part 3 to follow

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