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Saturday, January 15, 2011

For Wannabe Cuckolds - Part 1

Since I belong to a number of cuckolding groups, I see a lot of men and sissies talking about wanting to be cuckolded.  While I'm sure many of these people are sincere in their desire, I can't help but wonder if they really know what they are getting into wanting their wives to fuck other men.  Do they know the demon they may be turning loose within their wives and are they prepared for it?

For instance, my wife left here a while ago wearing a green velvet dress and her faux fur coat.  The thing is, under the green velvet dress she was wearing black stockings, black garter belt,  black bra and a black slip.  Now if you notice, I didn't mention panties although she had a black pair.  They were folded up and slipped down inside her purse. Also I fastened the garter belt for her and hooked the stockings to it.  Why all of this?  Because today she had a date with one of her boyfriends; date being a nice way of saying she went over to his apartment so she could get fucked a couple of times by a real man.  A man with a nice size cock; a man with stamina enough to last more than a minute or two before premature ejaculation like me when I could still fuck her.  A man who can please her and loves to fuck her based on the text messages they've been sending back and forth for the last three days.  I just looked at the clock and based on the time she left, as I write this his cock is sliding in and out of my wife, fucking her to the kind of orgasms I've never been able to give her.  I know she loves being fucked by him also since she's been giddy as a schoolgirl since they made the date.  He had been out of town over the holidays and they haven't fucked in almost a month so I would imagine she's screaming quite loud (yes she's a screamer) as she cums.  She has said that he is usually good for two times but since they've been apart for so long, I wonder if he will be good for three today.  Or maybe he will get one of her absolutely fantastic blow jobs in place of one fuck.  Of course as many cocks as she has sucked, she should be good at it.  Hell, one of her boyfriends was the first to get her to swallow and then she told me that since she did it for him, she might as well do it for me, her husband also.  So if she gives him a blow job today, that's less cum that she will have in her pussy (that's why the panties in her purse, so she doesn't leak cum on the way home).

She also has a date with another boyfriend on Monday.  This is the man she has been fucking the longest of anyone.  They've been getting together for at least five or six years and they know exactly what each other likes.  Unlike today's sex when they will talk a little, fuck for a while, talk some more and they a final fuck before they call it a day, Monday will just be down and dirty sex.  Or to say it another way, today is more about lovemaking while Monday will be about fucking.  But as long as it involves a real man's cock in her pussy, my wife doesn't care which it is.

So wannabe cuckolds, think about it.  Do you want the fantasy of your wife fucking other men or the reality? Do you want to help your wife dress so that she can go spread her legs for another man to fuck her?  Do you really want her to learn things from other men that may end up with you looking like me, a cuckolded wimp who is lousy in bed?  So bad in fact that she hasn't even wanted me inside her for over 2 1/2 years.  Do you want to end up someone who, the closest they come to regular sex is masturbation?  The closest you come to penetration with a cock is when one of her lovers decides he wants to make sure you understand how things are by fucking your ass after he's fucked your wife?  Do you wannabes really want that for yourself.

More to cum for you who are already cuckolds like me and for the wannabes.  End of part 1

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