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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Am A Sissy Faggot Cuckold

I am a sissy.  A faggot, a wimp, a cuckold.  I mean what else can you call it.  If you are a male and have had the man you are sleeping with pull your nightgown up and your panties down at 3AM to fuck your ass for the second time that night, you are a sissy faggot.  If you are a male and you have to repair your makeup because the man still relaxing between your perfumed green satin sheets just spent hours kissing you and fucking you for his pleasure, you are a sissy faggot.  If you are a male and have ever deep throated your wife's well hung lover fluffing him before taking him in hand, guiding his cock into your wife’s pussy and then watching him fuck her to more orgasms in 30 minutes than you can give her in a week, you are a sissy faggot, a wimp and a cuckold.  Since I've done all of these things, and a lot more, it's pretty much a given that I'm a sissy.  Right now I can hear all the alpha males gnashing their teeth, thinking that they would be glad to show the little faggot's wife what a real man is like (and a few thinking they would show me what a real man is like).  Rest assured my wife already knows what a real man is like since she's fucked at least 400 of them in the years she has been cuckolding me, but if she likes you, she would let you fuck her anyway.  And I have to admit that I love the sounds she makes when she has a good lover with a normal or larger cock plus some stamina fucking her instead of me with my what was my little dicklette and 2 minute premature ejaculation.  But I digress. We've established that I'm a sissy, a wimp, a faggot and a cuckold.  Ok, I admit that I love the way a stiletto heel arches my foot, the sound of the heels clicking as I walk.  I absolutely adore the feel of a light breeze blowing across the pantyhose clinging to my smoothly shaved legs, the feel of a skirt and nylon slip swishing back and forth around my knees rubbing against the nylon of the hose.  I love the way my legs look encased in suntan or black Sheer Energy pantyhose and the way they cling to and massage my legs.  I love the way men stare at my legs when I wear a really short skirt.   And, when my tiny cock is tucked back between my legs now that I'm castrated, I love the way  a control panty compresses my groin making me look so flat, so unlike a male.  I adore a really feminine silk or satin blouse with a lot of ruffles or lace, the frillier the better.  I love the sight of a gold chain around my ankle, red polish on my finger and toenails, the taste of lipstick, the smell of my Estee perfume and the weight of earrings hanging from my double pierced ears.   To sum it up, if it feels soft and silky, if it's frilly and really feminine, I can assure you I will love it and wear it.   However, let's get to the crux of the matter as far as being a sissy is concerned.  Sex.  Men.  I like them!  Can you be a sissy if you don't like being used by men?  I guess you can but to me the ultimate sissyhood is giving pleasure to a man by letting him have your body.  I find it so amazing how hard a man is and yet how soft because to me, it feels like a velvet covered steel rod as he slides between my lips and across my tongue when I suck a cock.   I mean I absolutely adore the sight of my lipstick prints far down on the base of a man's cock but the thing that makes me feel the most sissyish is to have a man hold my hips and pull me back as he drives forward fucking my ass.  I don't know why I feel it's more of a sissy thing to let a man fuck me that way than to suck his cock but I do.  Maybe it’s just that he can put his arms around me and totally possess me that brings out those feelings.  Plus I adore the feeling when he cums.  His breath speeding up, shoving deep in my ass and then that hot liquid squirts deep into me feeling like hot lava exploding into my body.  Fabulous!   The question though is why?  Why as a sissy would I enjoy oral and anal sex, the two things that the majority of men would say is the most humiliating and degrading thing they could have done to them?  I really don’t know for sure why other than I’m not a real man.  Now that I'm castrated none of this matters but in the past it was certainly not for the sexual release because I didn’t want reciprocation of any kind and when he left me, I wanted to be sexually frustrated.  I wanted my orgasms to be denied, not by someone else or by a chastity device, but by me not allowing myself pleasure.  After all, it should be about his pleasure not mine.  Maybe it’s about the humiliation of being used as a sex object by men.  The humiliation of being used as a pussy instead of being a real man hunting women for pussy.  The humiliation of not being seen as a person but as a simple castrated sex toy to be used for masturbation by men.  The humiliation of being possessed and used by the hunter; my ass taken as the prey of the predator.   It’s certainly not about being passive as he fucks me since I’ve been on top many times, bouncing up and down on cocks in both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions.  Actually, I think it’s because I’m a sissy, I know I’m a sissy and therefore I’m going to enjoy being a sissy.  After all, the first time I wore one of my mother’s nightgowns at a very young age, I adored the feel of the nylon sliding over my body.  When my best friend and I were barely teenagers and sucked each other’s cocks, I loved it  (he didn't, another story)When Al slid his cock in my ass and fucked me that first time, even though I was so stoned I barely knew what was going on, I thought the feeling of his cum (a lot of it) jetting into my ass was so amazing.  At every step along the way I enjoyed being a sissy and I have tried to be the best sissy I could.  My attitude has always been if I’m wearing a dress; fem myself to the max.  If I'm sucking his cock; give him a blowjob that will make him fantasize about my red lips around his cock the next time he masturbates.  If he’s fucking me; give pleasure to him that will have him dreaming about my ass even when he's fucking a woman. 
I’m a sissy.  A wimp, a faggot and a cuckold.  And I’m proud of it.


  1. Oh you lil sexy one, enjoy yourself, and all life has to offer! Your body and soul will be happy you did! :kisses:

  2. oh baby ..i so agree, being fucked is the ultimate sissy move!

  3. I so enjoyed reading about your feelings of being a sissy and especially the part about no reciprocation. I could not of said it better. When I have a man in my mouth, his pleasure is all I am concerned about. That is truly how I feel. I enjoy having an orgasm, but not when I am with a man, I get my pleasure from his orgasm.

  4. What an amazingly written post. I loved it! Thank you! Ariannami

  5. everything you said is so much like me, couldnt have said it better i'm a sissy faggot and love my life.