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Monday, January 2, 2017

Penile Implant

One of my wife's former lovers had a penile implant so he could get an erection.  It works by simply pumping liquid into tubes that are inserted into the area of the penis that normally fills with blood.  The reservoir is hidden in the body and the pump is in the scrotum shown in the illustration above.  By gently squeezing and releasing the pump, liquid is pumped into the tubes in the penis causing an erection.  When finished with the erection you simply squeeze and hold the pump letting the fluid drain out allowing the penis to become flaccid.

My wife said she absolutely loved kneeling, sucking his cock and pumping it up to an erection at the same time.  She also said a few times she sucked him while she pumped him up, held the pump to deflate, pump, deflate over and over.  She said the best part was when he would cum, it stayed hard.  She could blow him until he would cum and then he could immediately start fucking her.  Or he could fuck her, cum in her and keep fucking.  According to her, that was the best part.  They could just keep fucking and fucking and fucking until they both were exhausted before they allowed his cock to deflate.

I'm sure someone has thought, am I thinking about an implant like that so I can get an erection?  NO!!!!!  Why on earth would a castrated sissy cuckold like me want an erection?

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