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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Things That Turn Men On

Over the years I have found there are three types of dress that turn men on more than others.  Oh sure there are some variations but in general, these three are the ones men seem to get men hotter than anything else.

First is lingerie and especially black lingerie.  I don't know what it is about black lingerie and especially with stockings but men love women and sissies dressed in that.  Both my wife and I have found that a corset, stockings and heels will almost always guarantee a thorough fucking.  I kind of think it's a "sluts wear this type of thing" that turns the men on.  Oh, my wife and I both recommend Hanes Silk Reflections stockings.  They feel wonderful (wearing and to him when you wrap your legs around his waist.  After all "gentlemen prefer Hanes."

Second is leather.  I used to have a leather vest and leather miniskirt that I wore with a pair of over the knee leather, high heel boots.  I found that men seem to like you to keep the leather on when they fuck you.  I don't know if it's the leather skirt or the boots that turn them on the most but it certainly does the trick.  Think about it this way.  If you wear a denim miniskirt and denim vest with say, a white silk blouse compared to wearing an identical leather miniskirt and vest with the same white silk blouse.  Most men will be more attracted to the leather than the denim.   A friend of mine says it's very simple why men love them it smells like the interior of a new truck!  LOL

Last and probably the one that turns men on the most is a woman or a sissy dressed as a school girl.  There is little doubt that fucking a school girl is one of men's greatest fantasies.  I'm sure it's a Lolita thing.  Seriously if I were a sissy in her teens or twenties, I would definitely adopt the Japanese Kogal style of dress like pictured above.  Kogal, the way I understand it, is based on the school uniform but with very short mini or micro-mini skirts and loose socks.  They may also add Kawaii (cute) touches like the teddy bear on the backpack in the first photo.  Apparently with the short skirts, people seeing your panties isn't that big a deal.  Another touch of Kogal is dying the hair brown or in a few cases, blond.  So let's get back to men.  Can you imagine meeting a man at the door dressed like the girls above?  I would imagine you would be on your knees in a hurry giving a blowjob or bent over being fucked rather quickly.

There is one Japanese fashion trend though that should really appeal to sissies.  It's called Fairy Kei and of course a cocksucking sissy faggot would love anything Fairy!  I mean look at these two photos.  Doesn't that just scream sissy?  The Fairy Kei fashion obviously is based on doll like clothes along with pink or blue or very light blond hair along with very light makeup to make the face more porcelain or doll-like.  Some even use a type of contact lens to make the eyes look bigger.  Actually I think these outfits would be wonderful for sissy cuckolds more than for meeting and fucking men.  Can you imagine serving drinks to your wife and her lover wearing either of these dresses and accessories.  Again Kawaii (cute) comes into play with the teddy bears and pikachus.  I don't know how turned on men would be by this one but wouldn't it be lovely to spend a week of vacation wearing similar outfits. 

To see more Kogal or Fairy Kei, switch your search over to Bing and use either of those as search terms. Then view the suggested images.


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