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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Now this would be really cuckolding

I read something the other day that I thought would be close to the ultimate in cuckolding.  The premise was the wife was trying to get pregnant but was NOT having sex with her husband.  Instead she was having sex with a man/men other than her husband but they were all required to wear condoms.  Now how would she get pregnant if every time she was fucked, he was wearing a condom.  Simple, as soon as her lover would cum, her husband would carefully remove the condom from her lover, insert the open end into his wife and gently push the condom into her inverting it to push her lovers semen as deeply as possible.  Wouldn't it be absolutely delicious to know you got your wife pregnant but you got her pregnant with another man's semen?  Imagine the humiliation as you watch her pregnancy advance knowing you are only "sort of" the father.

What do you think. Can you come up with other ultimate cuckolding scenarios?

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