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Thursday, November 3, 2016

I Have Been Surgically Castrated

When I was young, even before puberty around 8 or 9, I would push my testicle back up into the canal so there was nothing beneath my penis. By the way, I said testicle because one of mine was undescended and I didn’t have surgery to bring it down until I was 12.  Anyway, when I pushed it back up inside I liked the feeling and visual of nothing beneath my penis.  Now like I said this was before puberty and there was no sexual aspect to this, I simply liked not having anything there.  So it seems like I had a castration fetish even before there was anything sexual about it.  OK, granted when I got into puberty I would masturbate quite often thinking of not having any balls.  

Fast forward to today.  I no longer have a major castration fetish because I am castrated, no balls, neutered, emasculated, gelded or however you want to put it; I am a eunuch!  And I love it.  A while back I had written that my urologist seemed to blow off my testicular pain but when I emphasized to him how bad the pain was, he started paying attention.  He did try me on medications, tried numbing but it didn’t work.  So he started talking about other treatments including removal which sounded great to me.  I probably exaggerated the pain some (ok more than some) to him but there were times when I was literally sick at my stomach when I was hurting.  Finally he agreed to remove the one testicle with the pain and the other which had atrophied if my wife agreed.  Well, she hasn’t used my cock for anything since 2008 and knows about the fetish so it was no problem for her.  So on a fine spring day earlier in 2016, I walked into my doctor’s office and was escorted to the operating suite in the back.  I undressed, put on a gown and sat talking with my wife until they came in and started an IV.  Shortly after I was escorted into the operating room and I lay down on the operating table.  The anesthesiologist came over and told me he was putting something into my IV and I would feel warm for a few seconds before I went out.  As he injected the anesthesia I knew I would be out very quickly and my last very happy thought was I would shortly be castrated.  Of course I was asleep but what happened next was they put my feet up in stirrups, shaved me, my surgeon came in, took a scalpel and sliced open my scrotum.  He then pulled one testicle out, tied off the cord as high as he could and cut off the testicle.  Then he repeated that on the other side and it was done, around 11:15 in the morning I was castrated (I love saying that).  Then they sewed me back up, bandaged me, put a sanitary napkin between my legs, put what amounted to a gauze panty on me and sent me out to recovery.  Not long after that I woke up in recovery a little foggy and as the fog cleared I gave my wife a big grin which she returned.  It really hadn’t sunk in at the time but over the next few days I kept saying to myself over and over, “I’ve been castrated!” until it finally sank in.  A couple of things about my castration.  Normally with a surgical incision, the doctor stitches it up tight so there is no leakage.  With castration because of how it’s done and how fluid builds up in the area, it’s apparently not stitched tight.  For two or three weeks afterward as you heal, you leak both blood and fluid.  So you have to use pads to keep your panties from becoming blood stained.   At first I was changing my pad three times a day and it’s a little strange telling your wife you are running low on sanitary napkins so would she pick up some at the drugstore for you.  The other rather strange thing is pulling your panties down and seeing a bloody sanitary pad between your legs like you were having your period.  Startling!  There was also something a little surprising.  In discussion online with other eunuchs, people talked about swelling of the ends of the cords where severed after castration so that for a few weeks, it was like there were still testicles until the swelling went down.  Also they talked about bruising and pain.  One close friend several years ago was bruised up to the bellybutton and several people talked about that kicked in the groin feeling.  I had none of that.  My cords did not swell, I didn’t bruise and I had NO pain, none.  It’s almost like my body was understanding that I was meant to be a eunuch and the surgery was just getting me where I should be.  There is a doctor in the US who will castrate anyone who desires it in his office.  But the cost is a few thousand dollars.  Because he had been treating me for pain, my doctor was able to write my castration up for my insurance.   People who want to be voluntarily castrated just to become eunuchs are paying around five thousand dollars but I was able to do it for one hundred forty dollars.  One thing about the doctor who will castrate anyone is he does it under a local with just a nurse.  He allows photographs and will hold your testicles for you to take a picture of them.  So you can actually photo and video record your castration. I really would have liked to have photo or video records of mine.

It’s been six months now and I have some interesting observations.  When you are impotent, as I was for a few years, you still have desires and while you don’t have physical erections, there are “mental erections.” Even when I was impotent and my penis wouldn’t get hard, I still had desires for orgasms.  Even when I wrote about my wife wanting to get the Viagra so I could fuck her and I didn’t want to fuck her, it wasn’t that I didn’t really want to.  It’s just as a sissy I felt she should get sex from a real man.  It didn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy an orgasm.  However being castrated is different.   While everyone’s experience is different and some eunuchs take longer than others to lose interest in sex, mine was almost immediate.  Now not only is my little penis was no longer interested in sex, neither is my brain.   It’s hard to explain.  I remember masturbating before I became impotent but now, even if I could now I just doesn’t seem like it would be worth the effort.  I remember what sex is, I just no longer understand why anyone would bother.  I used to get mentally excited watching a man fuck my wife but now it’s no more exciting than watching them sit and talk.  Why would you expend all that energy for just a couple of moments orgasm?  Oh it doesn’t mean I no longer have sex or maybe I should say I’m still used for sex.   One of my wife’s longer term boyfriends is bi and he is fascinated by me being castrated.  So he’s fucked me a few times since my castrations and that also is totally different.  Before I would enjoy both the physical feeling of his cock in me and the mental excitement of being used.  There was an element of sexual satisfaction to being fucked.  Now it’s just something mechanical done to me.  Oh his cock in my ass still feels good but it’s the feel good of a massage, not mental pleasure of sex and my main thought is I’m bored and will you hurry up and cum.  The same goes for sucking his cock.  Before I would enjoy it and it would be sexually stimulating but now when I do it all I’m trying to do is get it over with and thinking isn’t he ready to fuck my wife yet?  I’m also discovering that I am becoming more and more submissive to her and this particular boyfriend which is surprising as I’ve never considered myself truly submissive.  Sure I enjoyed humiliation but I didn’t like being really bossed around.  The other day, when he was getting ready to fuck my wife, he ordered me to do something and I didn’t even hesitate to obey like I would have in the past.  I actually enjoyed the humiliation of instantly obeying him.  While there is no sexual aspect to it, I find myself occasionally thinking how much fun it would be to spend some time as his servant.  I’m actually thinking about asking my wife is she wants to take some vacation to spend with him, her as his wife and me as their maid.  I think it would be interesting since he has a small apartment off the deck in back of his house where his ex-wife’s mom used to live.  It’s a small apartment with just a living room/bedroom combination, a bathroom and a tiny kitchen but it is separate from the house.  My wife would be living in the house with him as basically his wife and I would be living in the apartment at night while working in the house during the day like any servant.  I am almost positive my wife would say yes and, since she doesn’t work along with me having eight weeks of vacation we could spend as much as a month.  Plus this is the boyfriend she went on a five day road trip with in his RV so she's spent the night with him a few nights.  No telling how submissive I might be at the end of that time.  As a second thought however, it should probably be less than a month for two reasons.  First, if she spent a month getting fucked by his big dick every night, she might never want to leave.  Second if I spent a month as their maid wearing nothing but my maids uniforms, I might never want to leave either.

So some final thoughts on being castrated.  Obviously castration is not for everyone but it is for me and  I feel great.  It’s so amazing to reach between my legs and there is nothing beneath my ever shrinking penis.  And my panties fit so much better with only a tiny bulge in them.  Even when you’re impotent, there is still a sexual drive and now that is gone forever.  I will never penetrate anything again, I will only be penetrated.  My sex life is over forever and I don’t care nor do I want it back.  I am also seriously thinking of getting a Eunuch tattoo for people to see.  Oh, it wouldn’t be Eunuch in English, it would be this 宦官 which means Eunuch in Japanese. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk around with a permanent mark that you are castrated?  

Oh and finally, while I didn’t fuck her, the night before I was castrated my wife gave me a blow job because she thought I should have one last sexual experience as a male.  My first sexual contact with a woman in over 8 years and yes, I orgasmed.  She commented that I actually got semi-hard and asked if the thought of being castrated was what was turning me on.  I’ve always been honest and I told her yes, it did even more that watching men fuck her.  That the thought of the next day my balls would be cut off and gone forever was a huge turn on and it was what I was thinking about when I was cumming.
I have been castrated and I love it!  I am a


  1. coo-eeee….miss faggot….oh MY….what a DELIGHTFULLY fruity blog - SO pleased to have discovered it - having read MANY similarly themed blogs this must be one of the top two in terms of getting one's little pansy pleasure-button deligthfully stiff alongside Humiliated Transvestite. It desrves far more recognition and comments so hope this isn't disheartening at all and won't threaten its continuance - as a very talented author is creating such exciting and amusing posts that are so well-written, revealing and wonderfully stimulating in sharing your wonderful experiences with less fortunate sissies and pansies out there who can only DREAM of living the full cuckold-sissy lifestyle in all its delicous glory !

    SO wonderful to hear you have undergone surgical correction and are now enjoying the benefits of having your little dingle-dangles removed. It must be delightfully girly being able to mince around fully enjoying the feel of extra tight panties under a swishy little maid's dress and experiencing all sorts of new faggoty submissive feelings and it would probably befit your new status to start primping, flouncing and acting in a more blatantly effeminate manner infront of your mistress and her gentlemen friends to go alongside the other behavioural improvemens noted - maybe you should start practising doing dainty little curtsies and saying Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir etc....

    best wishes
    miss dolli

  2. Hi; I too have been castrated and understand the feeling of being castrated under local only I enjoyed watching the process of my castration as did my young wife nd her lover. I felt very little pain, just some pressure and pulling as my testicles were pulled into the grasp of the nurse as the Dr. clamped off the cords then sutured off the cords I watch as the cord was cut and the testicle came off in the Dr's. hand it was held up for my wife and her lover to see, I my wife smile as the last cord was cut and the testicles showen to us I felt the pull in my stomach as the cords were released without my nuts attached. my stomach churned and I vomited as they finished castrating me. I do too now have the Eunuch's calm. it took several weeks to heal from the cut, but I now enjoy my new roll as a castrated Eunuch for my young wife and her lover. Thank You. jerrie. P.S. They changed the spelling of my name from the masculine "JERE" To the more Feminine Spelling after being castrated I am now "JERRIE" a Girlie Eunuch ready to serve.

  3. I was tattooed on my groin just above my now limp dick with the date and word "Castrated", 10-29-11, with the symbol of a Eunuch, my wife wanted ever one at out nudist resort to know she and her lover had me castrated. jerrie

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