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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Well What Do You Know

An online acquaintance wrote to me the other day.  Over the months, we have talked about a lot of things such as her breakup with her boyfriend, her occasional desire for another woman and my love of men and of being a cuckold.  She can understand my desire for men since shes' bi but the cuckolding she doesn't understand.  I've tried hard to explain how much I enjoy the humiliation of my wife sleeping with man after man because they can please her and I can't.  We pretty much tell each other everything and from our conversations, she's learned a lot about me.  So this is something she pointed out in her email:

1. I list myself as bisexual.
2. I have not had sex with a woman in over 6 years.
3. I don't have any desire to have sex with a woman.
4. I like fluffing men so they can fuck my wife.
5. I enjoy giving blowjobs and I like cum.
6. I really enjoy being ass fucked.  It's my favorite form of sex.
7. My favorite porn is pics of men fucking or being sucked by cd/tv/ts/sissies along with yaoi and shotcon.

Her point was as she wrote, "You don't have or want sex with a woman but you do want and have sex with men.  I hate to burst your bubble honey but you are not bisexual, you are the very definition of homosexual."

Well what do you know, I'm gay.  I am a homosexual  I AM GAY! OK, sure I've called myself a faggot because I've always said I lean to the rainbow side of bisexual.  Now it looks like I've crossed the Rainbow Bridge and my idea of Valhalla is a man with a massive cock buried in my ass pumping a load of hot cum deep in me.  So yes, it appears I'm homosexual.  Call it whatever you want. Queer, homo, knob gobbler, peter puffer, pole smoker, poof, pouf, fruit, fairy, pansy, butt boi, light in my loafers, or pillow biter.  I think I knew it when I sucked D's cock when I was barely a teen.   I think I knew it when I woke up with crusted cum in my panties and realized Al had fucked my virgin ass the night before and I wanted more.  I think I've known it every time I've sucked a cock or felt a man coming in my ass.   Now I will know it next time a man is pumping his cum in me.  And you know what?  I'm OK with that.

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