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Friday, October 31, 2014

I Reacted Badly - An Apology

I was going to title this I Overreacted but I don't think I did.  What I did was react badly to a blog post by someone else put here on Blogger sometime back.  My reaction was caused by a combination of things (including one too many Grey Goose screwdrivers).  I've waited a while to write this because I was embarrassed by my reaction so this is my explanation and my apology.

To start with, there is a person with a blog here who is a submissive sissy, mostly work from home housewife to her dominant working wife.  The wife, in agreement with her sissy, has a boyfriend and they have a scheduled weekly get together at the wife/sissy's home while the sissy is there.  Now let me say here, I understand the submissive lifestyle because I have some submissive tendencies although they are not a part of my daily life. I've been the housewife while I was on vacation/other times meeting her at the door with a glass of wine and cooking elaborate meals.  I also understand the cuckold lifestyle...I mean I really understand the cuckold lifestyle since my wife estimates she has been with over 300 men since we've been married!  So I do understand the wife bringing the boyfriend home so the sissy knows for sure what's going on.  The way they had worked it up until the post I read was the sissy would sit in a room at one end of the house where she could hear the wife and boyfriend come in at a certain time.  The happy couple would then adjourn to a bedroom at the other end of of the house and out of earshot of the sissy for some quality sex.  Thus the entire time wife and boyfriend are having sex in the bedroom, sissy is sitting at the far end of the house unable to hear what's going on.  In the grand scheme of Domme/sub and/or cuckolding relationships it's really pretty bland.

Now to the specific event and my reaction.  According to the sissy she was sitting in the room where she's supposed to be while waiting for the wife and boyfriend to arrive.  As time went on, she began to get a little concerned when it was 30 minutes past the time they were due.  She actually waited another hour though before calling her wife at which time, she got one of those automated smart phone "I'm busy blah blah blah" replies.  Finally, after three hours the wife called home and was quite curt with her sissy just saying the boyfriend had to cancel so she decided to get some work done.  Then when the wife got home she treated her sissy badly and was quite sarcastic when the sissy said she was worried about the wife.    At that point, I put a comment on her post calling the wife names and saying something to the effect she didn't really care about the sissy, she was just using her as someone to clean house and cook meals.  In other words she had a boyfriend on the side.  A husband who brought in an income working from home.  A husband she didn't have to worry about even giving mercy sex.  And finally a free maid who cleaned and cooked.  I think I also expressed something along the line of, as soon as the boyfriend cancelled, she should have called and let her sissy know about the cancellation instead of letting her sit there for three hours.  Why did I react that way though.  First of all, I really feel and I've heard from others a Domme has a duty to take care of the submissive both physically and emotionally.  Letting her sissy sit there for three hours wondering and worrying if the wife's car is sitting in a ditch somewhere and she's hurt is not taking care of her sissy wife's emotions.  And, despite the D/s relationship, they are still married and she owes it to her husband, sissy cuckold or not, to have the common courtesy to let her know they won't be there.  Why do I feel like that and why did I react badly to her not calling home?  It's because I've sat and waited for someone to get home along with being unable to reach her by phone.  Then to have someone call and say I'm needed at the emergency room at X hospital.  Fortunately it wasn't very serious, just a few cuts and bruises along with a concussion.  It seems she had the green and someone ran the red light hitting her.  This was a few years ago but it does still heavily color my thinking about a situation such as the one I've detailed between the two of them. 

So there you have it.  A perfect storm.  A bad experience in the past waiting on someone with no answer when I called her only to find out she was in a wreck.   Add in some personal feelings along with having one too many drinks (a very rare occasion) and reading that blog post on that particular evening.  It just combined to make me go nuclear in my response.  And for that, D and t, I humbly apologize.  It's your relationship and if all of what goes/went on was OK with the two of you, they I have no business commenting. 

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