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Friday, January 24, 2014

Did My Wife Lose Her Amateur Status

A while back, my wife was between jobs like a lot of people are now days.  She was engaging in a little pillow talk with one of her lovers while waiting for him to get hard again when he said she should come work for him in his office.  He said he had a project that was about three months work and she could be looking for a job in the meantime.  She accepted the job and went to work for him completing his project.  The thing about it, her salary was about twice what one would normally get for doing that job.  Of course one of the added side jobs of the project included sex with him two or three times a week at lunch and two of three nights a week.  Now keep in mind that she would have continued fucking him no matter the salary.  So the question is, was he just overpaying her for the work she was doing or was he paying her half the salary for the work and the other half for sex.  Was she an office worker getting sex on the side or was she an office worker for half of her salary and a paid whore for the other half?  Personally, I like to think she was his whore as it makes me feel even more of a cuckold knowing she was selling her pussy.


  1. With all due respect, I'd guess She lost her amateur status some time ago. It's just you recently noticed.

    1. LOL I think you're right but it was a good way to lead into the story.