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Friday, January 24, 2014

An Interesting Sensation

Or should I say lack of sensation.  We have a tube of ointment in the medicine chest that contains mint and lidocaine, a topical anesthetic that is absorbed through the skin creating a numbness.  Now first of all, this is not your garden variety of over the counter ointment but is a prescription so it is much stronger.  I noticed the tube in the medicine cabinet the other day and, of course, this got my warped, depraved, fucked up brain to thinking.  What is this were applied to my limp little imitation of a cock?  Granted I am totally fucking impotent but I still feel sensations although nothing strong enough to cause an erection.  But could I make it totally numb if my little nub were exposed to the ointment for a good length of time?  And how to keep the ointment applied so that it doesn't rub off?  To solve that problem, I took a small prescription bottle, smeared some ointment around the sides of the bottle, smeared a little more on the head of my tiny cock and slid the bottle over my little dicklette.  The ointment has a greasy base that acted as a lubricant but yes, I fit inside a small prescription bottle!  Then to hold it in place, I pulled on a very tight pair of panties.  Starting out, the mint in the ointment began creating it's own sensations producing a slight burning that at the same time was kind of pleasant.  I noticed as time went on the burning began changing to a slight cold sensation which finally changed to nothing at all.  I was totally numb but I wanted to make sure so I left my cock in the bottle absorbing the anesthetic for a total of two and a half hours.  When I took it off I wanted to see just how numb it was so I took my thumb and forefinger and flicked it as hard as I could.  Oh, I could feel the impact but nothing else. To test this out, I pulled out my slinkiest pair of PJs and put them on.  Even though I can't get an erection, they still normally feel pleasant rubbing my little cock.  This time?  Nothing, it was like my cock wasn't even there and you know something?  I liked it!!!

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  1. WOW that sounds great!!!!!!!!! i have used many things on my little dicklet but never lidocaine........ toothpaste, bengay etc..... will have to try it .... giggles........