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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thank You Kay Milton

 Kay Milton was an electric bondage model from a few years back.  In these pictures (I had to remove the pictures because of the new policy) you can see the large electrode balls on the post that was placed in her pussy.  This along with the electrodes attached to her nipples were what applied electricity to her body.  Now what happens when power turns on is every muscle in her vagina clamps down due to the electrical stimulation along with her nipples being tormented by the wires there.  As it continues it also begins to affect the nerves controlling pleasure like below where Kay is apparently in the throws of a massive orgasm.  I've seen a lot of videos from the web site Wired Pussy and they show a lot of women going through orgasms induced by electricity.  So this got me to thinking, always a dangerous thing.

What it got me to thinking about is the fact that I have a TENS unit.  That is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit and it's used with muscles and joints that are painful to alleviate some of the pain.  It has two channels (volume knobs) to apply voltage by means four wires and pads.  Now normally you just simply apply the four pads to the corners of what ever area you want to cover.  You can set it to vary which means it goes from nothing to high and back to nothing on two of the pads, the doing the same thing with the other two pads.  You can set it to burst mode which simply means that every couple of seconds it applies a full power blast in a real short pulse.  It's sort of like getting hit with a bat but less pain.  Or you can apply a constant power with no changes.  Also adjustable is the number of cycles per second.  You can go from several hundred cycles per second down to 1 or 2 cps.  However the body is especially sensitive to 60 cps, the same as is in your wall plug of the light switch in your room, just lower voltage, but 60 cps can be very painful.  Now, I've mentioned that I haven't had an erection in quite some time and it's been very difficult to orgasm.  So I decided to try out my TENS unit to see what would happen and if I could induce an orgasm that way.  I applied one pad to my asshole and the other lead on that channel to the top of my little cock at the base.  I applied another to the area right over my prostate with the corresponding lead to the underside of the glans.  I turned them on low and felt a little tickle but that was about it.  As I adjusted the volume, the feelings intensified and at 400 cycles, it began to feel like a beehive in my ass and cock.  As I began adjusting down, I found for me that around 85-100 cycles felt very good.  Getting down to 60 cycles was actually painful.  I spent time swiching from vary to burst to constant over and over again.  I kept it at 60 cycles and, while painful, it was beginning to be enjoyable also.  As pleasure would build, I would up the "volume" on both knobs which would start me all over again with just pain until the pleasure started building again.  I did this all the way up to max volume.  Now at this point, I might add, my cock was as hard as it's been in a number of years.  I could feel it building and building but it didn't seem I would ever get there when the orgasm hit like a hurricane.  I'm talking massive, roll your eyes up, body shaking orgasm!  It was painful, it was pleasurable and it seemed just to keep going.  Even though I was cumming, remember what I said about muscles locking down,  Well what ever it is that allows ejaculation was spasmed  so even though I was cumming, I wasn't ejaculating,  Finally when I couldn't take any more, I turned it off and started shooting cum.  The only thing I can say about an electric orgasm is WOW.   So if you want to try it, usually you can find a used TENS unit on e-bay for a few dollars.  One other advantage of this is, if used long enough, when the power is turned off finally, you will find you have a very numb cock which can last for a little while.  Almost feels like someone shot Novocaine in it.

 I will add this word of warning though.  Do not under any circumstances allow electricity to flow across the chest and over the heart.  Never, never, never.  This can be Fatal!


  1. Thought you said "Kate Middleton". DOH!

  2. WOW!
    Darling that sounds so intense.Wish i could see just how that works out for you and maybe even help to clean up the mess(wink).