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Monday, June 10, 2013

Reasons Why Your Wife Does Not See You As A Man

She asks your advice on the best shave cream to use on her legs.  You simply take her by the hand, lead her into the bathroom and Nair her legs while doing yours!

She asks your advice on what to wear and how to do her makeup when she has a date with one of her lovers.

She asks you to drop her off at a lover's house so they can go on a five day road trip together.  And you do.

She has seen you deep throat an eight inch cock without gagging.

Her lovers consider her a world class cocksucker and more than one of them has told her you are almost as good at sucking cocks as she is.

She's out of maxi-pads/tampons so she goes into your drawer to get some of yours to slip in her purse.

She borrows stockings from you to wear for a date.

She has three shades of most everything in her makeup kit.  You have fifteen.

When your wife decides she has nothing to wear, she doesn't go shopping, she raids your closet.

She signs you up for a fancy department store credit card in the name of Barbara and your name is Bob.

She has given you a hand job while one of her lovers fucked you in the ass.

She doesn't worry about the toilet seat being up since you have been sitting down to pee for years.

At a gang bang, you sit quietly and patiently in the corner of the room, fully dressed waiting for all the real men to finish fucking her so you can drive her home.

Sometimes she hurries home after fucking a man because she knows you consider sloppy seconds as a treat.


  1. Wonderful! Very hot.
    And... mine took photos when she watched me take two of her lovers, one in my mouth and the other in my "pussy".

  2. I agree... but mine allows me to clean her pussy after she's been fucked... and often even pees a little.

  3. you are so fortunate to have a wife like many of us are seeking one like her :)

  4. I will once again have some HOT dreams from reading your posts ... You have a hot blog here !

    I just put your blog at the top of my favorite list.
    (should have done that , sooner.) lol

    kisses, Kendal

    1. Thank you sweetie.
      Kisses back,

  5. have loved all your stories and site...

  6. Oh yes, my wife has had to borrow a couple of my Maxi's!! She thanked me for being a sissy??