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This is based on an approximate date of August 15, 2008 at 8PM as the last time I fucked my wife.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You know you are a cuckold when....

The other night my wife's cellphone rang and it turned out to be one of the guys she is fucking.  You know you are a cuckold when your wife sits six feet away from you and talks to her lover about the lingerie she has and what he would like to see her wear when he fucks her.  They settled on her red corset, black stockings and black heels (no panties) which happens to be her favorite "fuck me" outfit.  She's been known to wear only that with a fur coat over it during cold weather on visits to her lovers because she just loves the look on their faces when she takes off that coat and has nothing but that lingerie beneath it.  More than once she didn't get more than a few feet inside the front door before she was being fucked.  I think another reason she likes that corset is that I have to lace her into it and fasten the stockings in the back.  I'm pretty sure she enjoys it because it gives her a "bad girl" feeling when I have to help her dress to go fuck someone else.  Something else that will certainly let you know you're a cuckold and a sissy is what also happened during that phone call.  She looked at me while he was still on the phone and said that she had put a run in her black stockings last time she was at his house and did I have any stockings she could borrow.  So if he didn't know it before, now he knows that her husband is a sissy as well as a wimp who's wife fucks other men.  He said something to her and she looked over at me before telling him to hold on a second.  She got up and walked into another room but I could still hear her when she giggled and told him, "Over four and a half years."  So what he asked her was when was the last time she allowed me to fuck her.   Which is true.  It's been over four and a half years since I've fucked my wife.  Oh during the first year or two she would toss me a mercy blow job every three or four months but even that stopped about two years ago.  I also mentioned in another post that my wife is bi.  Yes, you know you're a sissy faggot cuckold when your wife has gotten more pussy in four and a half years than you and you are not jealous but you are jealous because she's gotten more dick than you in that same amount of time.


  1. Love this blog and envy you :) Being a cocksucking cum eating cuckold and femmed by my wife to be Sissy Fucktoy for her and her lovers.. Let me know if you want to take a vacation...I will glaly take your place :) Hugs...tee.. genericidd

  2. Yea im extremely jealous too

  3. How wonderfully humiliating for you ... bet you loved every second ! I wish my partner talked to her lovers on the phone in front of me. Sadly, she keeps them to herself, except once when we were dogging (me fully dressed of course)and I got to watch her taking a real man's cock. I licked them both clean afterwards. She also dresses 'tarty' for her dates and hands me her panties when she comes home ... before I lick her clean. That's all the sex I get with her now.