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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Toys In The Attic

OK, the toys are not in the attic but more like in my wife's pussy.  They are kept in a large bag that my wife strangely calls her "toy bag."  A very few of the toys are ones that we/she bought but most are ones that she has acquired elsewhere.  In particular one of the men fucking her always liked to use toys as part of foreplay before he slid his cock into her pussy.  He told her he liked her right on the edge of an orgasm before he fucked her.  The thing about it was he never liked to use the same toy twice so he was always buying something new and after they finished fucking, he would give her the toy to take with her.  She has a bag full of dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, blindfolds, a couple of butt plugs, assorted lubes and such.  About the only thing she doesn't have in that bag is a feeldoe.  Now if you aren't familiar with that, it's a type of toy designed for a woman to fit into her pussy with a normal dildo on the outside to fuck her friend with.  One feature of the feeldoe is some little ridges built into it so that the woman doing the fucking rakes her clit back and forth over those ridges. 
They also come with a vibrator so that both get even more enjoyment.  As I said, my wife doesn't have one but one of her girlfriends does.  My wife said it's interesting to be on her back being fucked by her friend and then a few minutes later being between her friends legs fucking her.  And that, as much as she enjoys both eating pussy and being eaten, she likes being able to fuck her friend and cum while doing it.  The one toy she loves best though was when the same friend called to tell her that she had a friend my wife needed to meet.  This guy had a Sybian and her friend wanted my wife to try it out.  Now again, if you don't know what a Sybian is, imagine a half barrel with a very large, hugely powerful 120 volt vibrator built into it.  Then there are a LOT of attachments that can be snapped onto the top of it.  Attachments like this one that is the size my wife rode:

That's seven inches long and seven inches around which means it's just smaller around than a soda can.  Notice also the small ridges that will rub the clit.  My wife's friend told me that after her third orgasm, my wife was just barely aware of what was going on around her and just sat there shaking with that massive thing in her pussy.  You can be sure that every time he was in town, my wife and her friend made sure he brought that Sybian and once she even went to see him.  According to my wife, she's had some pretty powerful orgasms when she's been gangbanged but she said she's never cum like she has on that Sybian.  I'm sure if they were less that $1500 we would own one. 

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