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Saturday, July 21, 2012

An Interesting Story of Castration (Almost)

I read an interesting story on a erotic fiction website called Literotica.  I'm sure many are familiar with the website which has many categories of fiction including one called Loving Wives.  The thing about it is most of the wives in these stories are loving someone other than their husbands.  The particular story I read was called "See Ya."  It's the story of a willing, chastity caged cuckold who is suddenly asked by the police to come down to the station to view a video.  When he starts watching, his wife is is talking with some women friends at lunch in a restaurant and telling about her plans for castrating her husband.  She basically says she's going to give him a mickey and a surgical nurse friend is going to do the castration while wifey gets fucked doggie style by her lover so they can both watch.  I won't say any more about the story in case you want to read it but I have to say this one certainly got me going.  As I read, picturing myself tied down with legs spread and being castrated while being watched by my wife who was getting fucked by a real man's cock doggie style, I actually felt a little twitch between my legs.  There was an ever so slight growth toward an erection in what has been pretty much useless for quite a while.  Oh don't get me wrong, it wasn't anything close to actually getting hard enough to use, just a very, very slight firming replaced almost immediately by it's normal flaccid worthless state.  But it did get me to thinking.  As I've written before, I'm a wimp, cuckold, sissy faggot who has fluffed my wife's lovers, held their cocks and guided them into her, watched them show her what it's like to be fucked by a real man and sucked their cocks hard so they could go at her a second or even a third time.  I've sat in the corner and watched as man after man fucked her during gang bangs.  I've taken her lovers cocks up my ass so they could show me who was her man and who wasn't.  I've never been chastity caged like the cuck in the story although I have spent many weekends with what little cock I have tucked between my legs while covered with a tight panty, Sheer Energy hose and a very restrictive girdle and only out of that long enough to go to the bathroom.  So back to what I was thinking about.  I've done many things that make me much less than an man and much more of a sissy, faggot cuckold.  Would that be the ultimate act of a sissy cucky?  Sacrificing your balls for your wife's pleasure?  I wonder what I would do if presented that dilemma?  Would I let myself be castrated while she and her boyfriend fucked and watched.  Would I let it be photographed so it could be relived over and over?  Since I actually have a castration fetish and desire it, I have to say yes I would and hope that my wife has an out of this world orgasm as it's being done.  So how about you other cuckolds.  Would you give up your balls for your wife?  Would you want to know about it before hand or for it to be a surprise as the wife in the story planned.  Would you want to be awake watching your balls fall into a pan and watching your wife fucking or would you rather wake up to find them gone.  Personally, I think it would be better to have it filmed so I could watch it all but to have it as a surprise when it happened.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to know you've never been much of a man but to wake up and find you're not a man at all anymore?  How about you, what would you prefer?


  1. I am much like the faggot in this story. But, in my case it is my 2 Mistresses that are in charge of me. And, one of my Mistresses is my one and only girlfriend that I had ever had. The other Mistresses is my only sister. Now they are lesbian lovers. With that said, and being though I have dresses as a female since I was 7, full time. I let my 2 Mistresses harvest my testicles 6 years ago. I am happy being a sissy faggot for them, and I love it when they watch me being used by the many men that they invite over to our house for me to service. (

    1. The above annoymous is me. I had a purge sometime ago & I purged the whole lot. But, even though I have tried so many times before. I can't stop the fact that I have been living full time as a girl since i was 7 years old. Or the fact that my own step-mother & only sister sissified me after that. Now, I only have one more operation to go. But, I don't think my Mistresses will ever have it done to me as they love humilating me & showing everyone who comes over to our house the clear plastic square mounted on the wall with my testicles inside of it. Or showing everyone my now smaller & softer sissy clit.

  2. If any woman wants a man to destroy and turn into a castrated sissy please contact me. My life goal is to be castrated and to serve a woman for the rest of my life.

  3. yes one's fantasy-neutering would certainly consist of undergoing the procedure fully awake with a local anaesthetic to maximise the experience - as well as having it performed in the most fetishistic and sexualised manner possible - by a full domina style specialist feminisation doctor attended by a highly eroticised fetish nurse who would be tasked with performing a very clincical rubber-glowed and lubrictaed 2 minute wee-wee squirting just prior to the operation. The idea of having the dingle-dangles replaced by a silver ring embedded in a piercing from which two little silver bells are attached is also very exciting as one's Mistress would always know when Her sissy was coming mincing along to attend to Her when she imperiously summons it LOL !