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Saturday, March 5, 2011

For Wannabe Cuckolds - Part 4

Well what better time to start part four of this blog than right now.  Now when my wife is getting her second serious fucking by a second man in an 18 hour period.   Last night she spent about 3 hours with one of her current steady boyfriends and today is with another.  The boyfriend she's meeting this afternoon, who I have talked about before, is the one she's been seeing the longest time of any of her current four men.  So by tonight, having had the two of them in less than a day, she should be as satisfied as she ever is.  Of course two men in 18 hours isn't even close to being a record for her.  Not counting any gang bangs, orgies or trains, as far as I know her record is six men during five fucks in a space of about 14 hours on a Saturday.  Man number one was someone she knew from out of town and she had spent the night with him.  He was leaving on a flight but before he left, they got one in about 8am.  On her way home, another fuckbuddy called and wanted her to cum visit so to speak so she stopped at home for a quick shower and was on her way by 10am.  She was back home and we were having lunch about 1pm when another friend called so off she went again.  This particular friend had a roommate and she almost always fucked both of them.  That Saturday was no different.  So after a twin killing in the bedroom, she did a little shopping at the mall and was home by 6pm and was looking forward to some relaxation when Jay called.  Now normally she wouldn't have gone out after the day she already had but Jay was special to her and he lived fairly close by.  As tired as she was off she went again for her fifth man of the day because she always enjoyed Jay.  He had one of those pump implants that lets you actually pump up the cock to get it hard and for some reason, she loved being able to inflate it.  Now as many of her men as she had fucked that day, Jay was also the only one allowed to cum in her...everyone else had to use condoms.  After she got back from Jay's house, I was thinking about the fact she had fucked five men that day and currently was full of Jay's cum.  I thought what the heck and decided to see if she would go for number six, me.  I'm sure by this time that she was absolutely exhausted and probably getting a little sore also but she didn't hesitate and shortly thereafter I was deep in her pussy.  Well okay, I was in her pussy but with my cock I was not nearly as deep as the men who had fucked her earlier that day.  What I did notice though was how wet she was and of course it was because I was fucking her through Jay's cum.  Now me being me and loving being a cuckold, it always made me so much more excited to know that to get to my wife's pussy, I had to go through another man's cum.  In the days when we still fucked, it always made me cum so hard.

I actually started this a couple of weeks ago and, for a number of reasons, hadn't finished it which I will do now.   When I started, I knew my wife was being fucked right then but today I don't know if she is being fucked at this very moment or not.  What I do know is she has been with one of her boyfriends since last night because there is a possibility that this bf may be promoted in his company and have to move to another city.  So she spent the night with him in case it's their last time together.  He has been so excited about last night and today that he has been exchanging text messages for the last week with her planning all the things they were going to do.  Apparently he really enjoys my wife's enthusiasm and the way she works every way she can to please a man.  Of course when she's being fucked by a real man she gets a lot of pleasure out of it too which is clearly demonstrated by how she gets wet so fast and the noise she makes cumming over and over again.  It will be interesting, when she finally gets home to see if she's walking like she's sore.  I'm sure that he will have fucked her at least three times before she leaves and, since she took some of her toys along, it's a pretty good bet that he used some of her vibes and dildos on her.  In other words, the kind of fucking she only gets from some of her boyfriends and never got from me.

This is going to be the last one for wannabe cuckolds.  I think I've given you enough to think about and you just need to decide if you can handle it if other men take over your role as your wife's stud. leaving you in the dust as just another cuckold like me. A cuckold who loves the thought of his wife screaming in pleasure as a real man takes her pussy for his own.


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