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Saturday, June 7, 2014

WOW My Wife's Car Was There

I was playing around with a map site which uses the Google Street View.  Just for giggles, I put in the street Roy lives on.  If you haven't read some of my previous posts, Roy was the third man to fuck my wife after we were married.  He was the first man with whom A) she had a long term relation(almost two years), B) she spent the night, C) she spent the weekend and D) traveled out of town.  Roy was also the first to not be required to use a condom and the first she swallowed when giving him a BJ.  Anyway, I put in the street Roy lives on just for giggles as I said, moved down to Roy's house and there was his truck.  But parked right next to his truck was my wife's car! Now, having been in his house, I know the layout and that the front window is his bedroom.  So whenever the picture was taken, just three or four feet on the other side of that front window, my wife was in Roy's bed with Roy's eight inch cock fucking her brains out.  What an amazing feeling to know even Google Street View can remind me I am a cuckold!

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