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Monday, December 9, 2013

Fucked In Strange Places

My wife and I were talking this evening about some of the places she's been fucked.  She's met lovers in under $50 per night motels, $100+ per night hotels and even $500+ per night resorts.  She's been fucked in men's homes, apartments, condos, etc.  When she was seeing Roy several nights a week, she was fucked in every room in his house, the garage, Roy's car and truck.  She's fucked at the beach, in a vacant public park, in a hot tub, in a pool, in a backyard on a blanket looking up at the stars and in a backyard using a lounge chair by the pool during the day.  She's been fucked with somewhere around 20 people watching and she's been fucked with only me watching.  On a Saturday, she fucked 6 different men in 5 different locations (two were roommates) and then added me, her sissy husband late that night giving me sloppy sevenths.

Probably the strangest place she got fucked, and one I had forgotten, was the sleeper of a semi.  And many times in that sleeper.  The story behind it is, a truck driver answered her add.  She liked his picture plus he could spell and punctuate a sentence, something quite important to her when people wrote her.  You would be amazed at how many replies she received which should have been three separate paragraphs but were written as one sentence with no punctuation or capital letters.  So back to the story, she decided to meet this driver for coffee to see how they got along (this was always the way of her first public).  Well it turned out she liked her trucker so they ended up in the sleeper of his cab and, according to her, the fact of vehicles driving by along with people walking close in around the truck produced some huge orgasms.  His route brought him through town once a week for about 40-45 weeks a year.  Generally he would try to work it so that he could stop in our city on his way to his destination, meet her, continue on to his final point, unload and get a few hours sleep.  Then he would get up early, head back for our town and he would make his major break at the truck stop 1.5 miles from the house.  He would shower at the truck stop, they would meet for breakfast and then back to the truck for another round of fucking.

He drove that route for about four years so lets use the conservative estimate of 40 times per year he drove through.  That would mean she met him twice each trip for a total of 80 times per year.  Of course she wasn't able to meet him every time as normal life does get in the way.  So lets just say that she met him 65 times per year.  Over a four year period that would total to around 260 times she was fucked in the sleeper cab of a semi.

We tried to think of any but it seems like that's the most unusual place she had sex.

With me, the most unusual place I ever had sex was bent over the side rail of a bridge on a side road over an Interstate Highway.  This road used to be an old country road but since a four lane highway led from a industrial development to the Interstate and beyond to where this road came in, nobody used it any more as it became the long way around. In fact the last time I remember that road being used before, the President was visiting town.  So what we did park on the side of the bridge, walk out to the rail and watched cars going west away from us.  I bent over the rail, he lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and slid into my previously lubed ass. We just took our time an he finally came in me.

So which is more unusual, my wife in the cab of a semi or me bending over the rail of a very busy interstate.  If you read this comment on which you think would be more unusual.


  1. Definitely Bent Over The Rail!
    I Am SOOOOOO Jealous!!!

    1. Thank you Rachelle. We made sure we were on the railing where cars were going away from us rather than toward us. Even though that road wasn't maintained and had lots of potholes, we didn't want someone coming toward us seeing us and calling the police or state patrol to report someone on the bridge.

  2. Wow very hot I have watched my wife fuck 45 men makes my Ricky hard every time I am a cuckhd faggot

  3. Take my sissy ass on the bridge, lift my skirt up and yank my panties down...I don't care who sees

  4. I agree with sissy terri, take me, bend me over and fuck me. If someone wants to watch it only adds to my sissy thrills!!!