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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Most Perverted Character In Television (Humor)

It was George Jetson.  Yes, old doofus himself, the generally incompetent George.  Why, you ask would I say something nasty like that about Mr. J.  Well, in the original episode of the cartoon it was revealed that George is 40 and Jane is 33.  Now that means that George is seven years older than Jane.  Not that uncommon, right.  But wait, now how about Judy.  There is some question about Judy's age because we are not told in the show like we were for George and Jane.  Estimates though have Judy anywhere from 15-17.  If Judy is 15, that means that Jane was 18 when Judy was born and George was 25.  Even if that's correct, it's possible that Jane was 17 when Judy was conceived which means that a 24 year old George was fucking a 17 year old Jane.  Now start backing this up and if Judy is 16, then George was most likely fucking a 16 year old Jane and if Judy is 17, well then we have a 22 year old George maybe dipping his wick in 15 year old Jane's pussy.  Which makes George Jetson a molester of an underage girl!  But that brings up another point.  Why would a girl as hot as Jane, whether 15, 16 or 17, mess around with a guy that much older than her.  Especially someone like George?  Didn't she have a lot of guys her age hitting on her?  Didn't she have a high school boyfriend?  Makes you think doesn't it?  Was Jane fucking around, got pregnant and blamed it on George.  After all neither Judy nor Elroy looks anything like George plus both he and Jane have reddish colored hair while Judy and Elroy are blond.  Does Jane have lovers and ran a couple children belonging to other men in on George without him knowing?  Or is Jane fucking around with George's permission?  Yes, I realize it was only a cartoon but did the writers put one over on America back then.  Was America's favorite space age cartoon dork a child molester or was he a willing cuckold?  Was America's favorite space age MILF really a slut who would land on her back with her legs spread every time?  Well, the writers will never tell us but I kind of like to think they put a huge joke over on the television censors and America.  Wouldn't that be hysterical?

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